May Flowers: 2021

Today is my annual flower post - a sure sign that spring is fully here, and summer is right around the corner.

Like last year, I kept things pretty simple, opting to have one type of flower/plant per pot.  Geraniums and petunias are my go-to's - I went with a classic pink (baby face) for the geraniums and my absolute favorite purple (bordeaux) for the petunias.  I love how the pentunias have the lighter purple, with the dark towards the center of the bloom. To complete my trio of pots, this year I went with licorice.  My mom had planted some last year, and I really liked the shape of the leaves and the color so I knew I wanted to have some for myself this year.

Also new this year, are 'mosquito shockers' (pictured below next to the geranium).  My backyard is a haven for bugs, and I really wanted to try some lemongrass this year to try and help keep them at bay.  Well, the nursery didn't have any lemongrass, but it did have these plants.  I feel like the leaves are really neat, and with the purple-ish color around the stems, they compliment my petunias.  I have three scattered around my deck, and am hopeful that they will help with the whole bug situation.  I haven't issues with bugs that much since planting them, but I also think it's a little too early for them to be super bad, so I can't credit the plants quite yet.

I took a picture of the tags, which include the specific colors, in case you are interested in looking when out picking up flowers for yourself!

Everything is already looking so great, as we have had a decent amount of rain, and it hasn't been too hot yet.  The geraniums are in full bloom, and the petunias are starting to bloom, as well.  I have already been enjoying them while out on the deck, and I love seeing the pop of pink through the windows when I am inside.  I can't wait until they grow even more, and really fill out those pots.

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  1. I need to call around and see if anyone has those mosquito shockers. I didn't see any at the nursery down the street from our house, but I'm sure somebody somewhere has some! Mosquitoes get so bad here during the summer, so we'll try anything to help! Although, I have to say, I feel like last summer we didn't have a problem with them.

  2. Beautiful! Have you ever had Forget me Nots? I want to plant those this year, but know nothing about plants.

  3. I kill plants. No lie. Desert rose? Killed it. Succulent???? Killed it. Only thing I can keep alive is a fake plant. And sometimes I question myself with those...

    I do have surprise seeds from Glossier I need to plant. But I am scared I will kill it. HAHA

  4. I hope I'm able to grow something now that we have the space... but Im terrified I have a black thumb LOL! xo, Biana