Spring Home Tour: 2021

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Hey there!  I hope everyone is doing well!  Before I get into the post, I just wanted to say thanks so much for your kind comments on my last post about where things are at blog-wise.  They were so appreciated!  Onto the post!

Today I am sharing my spring home tour.  My parents were in town a few weekends ago to celebrate my birthday, and during that visit, my mom and I set out to 'spring-ify' my house.  And I love how it turned out!  Gone are the whites of winter, and in their place are the greens of spring.  Plus, more milk glass!  My collection continues to grow - my parents found me some really neat pieces for my birthday - and I love finding new ways to display it.

It's no secret I love a good tablescape.  I always get excited to pull out my season plates, and the bunny ones always signify the end of winter.  Which, fall and winter are by far my favorite seasons, but there is something about the freshness and lightness that spring brings.

To add a little more depth and color, I added my extra blue and white plates under my bunny plates.  I only had two extra on hand, and of course, when I went to look at the local antique mall for two more they had none, but my mom found one at a local shop by her, and another in her stash of pretty plates normally used for showers, etc.  I will be grabbing them to bring back next time I am home!

The buffet came together in a mix of silver, white and green.  The egg mold was an antique find, and the silver of the bunny and birds tied it all together.  The wreath got a white ribbon, which helps it pop a bit more, and works really well with the milk glass pieces.  A little story about that ribbon - it was actually part of the wrapping of my birthday presents I had just opened the day before decorating.  I never throw ribbon away, because you just never know when you can reuse it!

In the living room, I swapped back in my everyday pillow covers, added a 'spring' banner, and switched up the mantle.

I think I say this each time, but I just love how the mantle turned out!  I have had this antique corbel in storage for a few years now, and I was so excited to finally find a place to put it again.  It compliments the candle holders on the opposite side perfectly!  Books are a go to when decorating (just use what you have on hand, and remove the jackets), and I try to grab some that work with the colors of the season - in this case, blue.  Things were rounded out with greens and of course, milk glass.

The story for the bookshelf was much of the same - milk glass and greens.  Plus a little birds nest.

With my spring decor up, everything feels so fresh and renewed!


 Hey there!  I hope everyone had a great weekend.  I am coming off a whirlwind of a trip to see my family.  I got in time at my parents', my grandma's, and my brother and sister in law's.  Again, a whirlwind for sure, but oh so great to see everyone.

You may have noticed that things have been super quiet over here, with a random blog post thrown in there.  Going into the start of the year, I was looking to get back to blogging consistently.  And that lasted a good month...but then started to fall off as we got further into February.  

As I am sure I have mentioned way too often over the past year or so (and probably before that, too), work has been BUSY.  I am very appreciative of my job, and enjoy the work, but it's demanded more and more of my mental capacity and bandwidth (to throw in some corporate jargon in there!).  I know part of feeling that is due to the pandemic, but there is also a part that is due to the natural growth and changes one experiences in their career.

It's gotten to the point with blogging, where opening my personal computer to work on a post is one of the last things I want to do after being on my work computer all day.  Blogging has always been a hobby I enjoyed, but right now it feels more like a 'have to do' on my list, rather than a 'want to do' for enjoyment/a creative outlet.  The fact that it feels like a chore, even with limiting my posting days, has made me think hard on whether or not it is something I want to continue doing.

At this point, I am not quite ready to say goodbye.  It's hard to completely be done after blogging for so long - almost 6 years!  But, I don't know exactly what things will look like going forward.  I may continue to take 'time off', I may pop in here and there as the 'want to' feeling hits, or I may realize that I do want to be 'done'.  Or heck, I may miss it way too much and come back full force.  I think it's one of those time will tell things.  Whatever happens, though, I will forever be grateful for blogging.  I have made some of the best friends, and have learned so much - both from blogging myself and reading other blogs.

It kind of bothers me not having a good plan in place, which is one of the reasons I have dragged my feet in getting this post out there, but even with things being up in the air I wanted to provide at least a bit of an update on the changes you've seen and will continue to see around here.

With that, I will close out this post.  If you've made it to the end of my rambling, thanks for sticking it out!  Hope you have a wonderful day!