Winter Home Tour: 2021

 Hey there!  I hope everyone has had a good start to the week.  Today I am sharing my winter home tour.  I think I am about a week behind Mother Nature on sharing it.  It's full on feels like spring this week, leaving the frozen winter we had the past few weeks before in the past!  But, as history has shown, we often get little tastes of spring here and there, only to be reminded late in the season that it definitely is still winter.

Last time I shares my winter decor was back in 2019 (post here).  That was my first winter in my condo, so things look a little sparse, but it's definitely the same look, using blues, creams and whites to evoke a wintery feel.

The table is super simple, but that's what I love about it.

The buffet is still one of my favorite places to decorate, even if it does give me fits season after season, haha!  I always love how it turns out, though!

I grabbed a few snowflake ornaments off the tree to add a little sparkle to the tray.

I have a variety of white/cream bottle brush trees (all from Target's Dollar Spot), and grabbed the like ones for this area.  More snowflake ornaments to add a little sparkle, and pinecones for a natural element.  I absolutely love this little crock and was happy to bring it back out this season.  I used small white ornaments as 'snowballs', which also tied in well with my milk glass pieces.

The white tree was an after Christmas find a few years ago, and adds some nice height to this corner.  More pinecones, and a little snowflake pillow for the bench round out this corner.

A simple set up by the TV...

goes well with little touches on the bookshelf - more bottle brush trees and pinecones.

I really like how the mantle turned out with the mix of textures and colors.

The printable was a freebie I found online a few years ago - such a good one!

Last, but not least, is this little wreath my mom and I made last year.  We actually made two - one is one this door, and the other on the backdoor.  The snowflakes have a little sparkle to them, which I love, but it also has that bit of natural element from the wrapped wiring the snowflakes are on.

I didn't snag a current picture for this post, but one of my favorite winter decor pieces is my front door hanger.  I was wanting something different than the typical round wreathes I have up the rest of the year, and this definitely fit the bill.  It was super easy to make, and came together in now time.  You can see the post on that here!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I love it all so much! And I always love seeing your milk glass pieces. I cannot get over that bowl on your table. It is so beautiful!! I'm loving all of the snowflakes, too!

  2. Your house is beautiful. I love the wintery feel!

  3. I truly love your decorating style. I started a winter Pinterest board last year specifically for this - to transition from Christmas to winter decor. I'm planning to start that once we (ever) move!

  4. I literally went OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO out loud just now and my husband was like "what are you up to? What are you buying????????????????" LOL!!

    Very pretty!!

  5. I love that you decorate for winter with snowflakes and snow men so cute.