Friday Favorites: Snow, Snow Boots, Lilly, Little Blue Truck & Beef Stew

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Happy Friday!  I hope everyone's week has been going well.  Mine was one of those that both flew by and dragged on a bit...which is pretty odd how that seems to happen.

1.  Snow.  My VERY favorite thing this week was the snow we had on Wednesday.  I have been eagerly awaiting snow this winter.  I always like a good snow, but with it usually comes anxiousness about having to drive in it.  Well, with no place to be but home, I welcomed it with open arms!  It snowed for most of the day, and my area ended up getting just a bit over 2 inches.  Enough to blanket everything in a layer of snow for a winter wonderland!

2.  Sorel Boots (Amazon | Zappos).  With the snow, I was able to break out one of my favorite winter weather accessories - my Sorel boots.  A friend recommended them a few years ago, and at the perfect time, too, because the boots I had were literally crumbling from age.

3.  Lilly Pulitzer Dress.  Earlier in January, Lilly Pulitzer had their After Party Sale.  I grabbed this Billie Ruffle Swing dress.  I love print, and the dress fit is super flattering.  It's no longer on the Lilly site, but both Nordstrom and Zappos have it.  Of course, I am in no hurry to see winter go by, but I am looking forward to being able to wear this when the warmer weather does hit!

4.  Little Blue Truck's Valentine.  My nephews love the Little Blue Truck books, and when I saw they had a Valentine's Day one, I immediately ordered it for them.  A little Valentine's Day gift from Auntie Em!  My brother and sister in law both sent me the cutest picture and video of my youngest nephew reading it, and my heart just melted.

5. Persian Inspired Herb and Beef Stew from Half Baked Harvest.  I have shared this recipe before, but I made it again last night and was reminded by how good it is!  I make it in the slow cooker, but there are directions for the instant pot or stove top.  The flavors are just so darn good, and it is comfort food at its finest, but not heavy in the least bit.  So, so good.  One tip - if you aren't one that messes with a lot of fresh herbs, consider looking for the herbs in the squeezy tubes at the grocery store.  They make dishes like this easy peasy!

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  1. I'm so glad you finally got some snow! I want some toooo!! That Lilly dress is beautiful. I love the ruffles. I'm such a sucker for ruffles. And we love Little Blue Truck! Sadly, our kids have pretty much outgrown it, but I'm still tempted to get the Valentine's Day book... that's the only one we don't have!

    1. Winter has hit us full force - we've had some kind of snow the past few days. And I am loving it! I thought the ruffles were really fun, too! It would be a sweet book to have - I can totally see why you are tempted!

  2. I just picked up the Little Blue Truck book for my 2 year old. He loves the others that we have. I really like the "guarantee" that I'm getting something he'll enjoy, instead of just buying something *I* like :)

  3. I love Half Baked Harvest recipes! I haven't tried this one. I need to get my girls some Valentine's stuff and that book is so cute.