1 Year with One Peloton: My Peloton Review

I have had my Peloton bike (and app) for one year!  I have done both a 1 month (post here) and a 6 month (post here) review, and I thought I would round things out with a 1 year review.

The Cliffs Notes version?  I love it.  I would (and do) recommend it to anyone and everyone.

The convenience is the best.  Having a piece of equipment at home gives me no excuse not to workout.  Plus, the size is smaller side, which allows it to work in almost any space.

What keeps me coming back, and actually enjoying the workouts are the instructors.  Peloton has a wide range of instructors, and I truly think that everyone can find a few who speak to them.  My favorites on the bike are Leanne, Robin, Cody, and Hannah F.  I pretty much stick to those four, but have mixed in others (Ben, Tunde, Alex, Olivia, Kendall...I am sure I am forgetting a few), and enjoy them, too.  I just haven't taken them enough to be 'favorites'.  Peloton has found truly special people, and it makes all the difference.

Another thing I truly enjoy is the music.  The possibilities are endless.  You can find all different genres, as well as rides that have music from just one specific artist.  You can even find holiday music on there, too!  I took full advantage of their Holiday Collection during the Christmas season.  So fun!

The Peloton community is something special, too.  I have a group of ladies I ride with regularly, and getting those high fives throughout the rides really helps make the time fly.  And I absolutely love talking rides with others.  With the massive amount of rides offered, it's a great way to find some good ones.

Along with the rides, I still am enjoying quick arm workouts after a ride.  They have 5 and 10 minute options you can do right on the bike, which is great.  Plus, Peloton just released a stacking option, which allows you to 'stack' your workouts so that you can go from one to the other seamlessly.  I haven't tried that yet myself, but I do plan on it, soon.  Gives me even less of an excuse not to get in those arms after a ride.

As I mentioned in the 6 month review, I really started utilizing the app after having the bike for a bit.  My favorites still have to be the outdoor workouts - walks, walk + run, and the runs.  I try to follow those with a quick 5 minute core session, and love Robin's classes for those.  The app has strength workouts, cardio, barre, yoga, tread, meditation...the list goes on.  Right now, they have a 2 month free trial available, if you want to check it out for yourself.

Looking back at my reviews, a few of the 'cons' have changed.  The bike is actually cheaper than it was when I bought it.  They have a bike, and a bike+ option.  The bike option is the more reasonable of the two, and I believe it's more comparable to others on the market.

I have gotten the hang of the unclipping from the bike - practice definitely helped with that!  But as I mentioned, it was just user error, and not really anything bad about the bike.

I did mention that I wish I had the ability to pause, but honestly I haven't noticed it outside that one time.

All in all, I couldn't recommend the Peloton bike more.  It's been such a life saver this past year, and it's something I truly enjoy that gives me an awesome workout each time.

If you are in the market, you can use my code 6X3PSW to get $100 off accessories.  Everyone gets a code with purchasing that can be shared with others for money off.  Then, if someone does use the code, you get $100 to use towards the Peloton boutique.  They are always releasing new collections, and I have to say, their basic tank is probably my favorite workout top of all time.

If you have Peloton, I'd love to hear who your favorite instructor is!  And if you don't, but have questions, please feel free to ask! 


  1. I'm so glad you are still loving your Peloton a year later... I can't believe it's been a whole year already!! You have probably already gotten your money's worth as much as you use it!

  2. I sooo want one still. I am glad that you still love it!!!

  3. I am so so glad that you bought a peloton and that you're willing to ride with me and my other "pelo-crazy" besties! One of our goals this year is to get in as many of the instructors as we can so when we get our year in review next year we'll be able to say we did as many as possible. <3

    1. Now it makes sense, haha! I am definitely down for that. So glad you guys have welcomed me to your little group. The high fives make all the difference!

  4. Thanks for the review on this. I've been curious to see what another person thinks about it. I don't own a Peloton but may decide to get one in the future.

    1. I searched for blog reviews before purchasing, too, so I am glad this was helpful! It's definitely been a worthwhile purchase for me!