O' Christmas Tree Ice Cream Cone: A Gingerbread House Alternative

 I do not have the best luck with gingerbread houses.  Unless they are premade, mine tend to fall apart.  As I was thinking of buying a gingerbread house this year (and wondering if it would once again fall apart - one year I couldn't even get it to stay long enough to decorate!), I remembered something really fun my aunt had for the kids at our family Christmas a few years ago - ice cream cone Christmas trees!  Of course, us cousins couldn't let the kids have all the fun, and we got in on the action, too.


Here's what you need:

Sugar Cones

Icing (and something to apply it)



Colored Sugar

Disposable Pie Plates

All you have to do is place a cone (or cones) on a pie plate (to cut down on the mess), apply the icing and get to decorating!  We had M&M's, sprinkles and colored sugar, but whatever candy you prefer, works, too.

It was super simple and super fun!  It'd make a great alternative to a gingerbread house, or if you want to go all out, it would be a fun addition to a gingerbread house...you'd have a Christmas tree forest to go along with it.

And if you are looking for another fun activity to do while you already have the sprinkles and colored sugar out, I shared my mom's Reindeer Food 'recipe' here.  


  1. I love that you shared this because this is what I plan on doing with my kiddos!!! It seems way more doable than a gingerbread house.

  2. We did these for Jacob's class Christmas party in second grade and they were soooo much easier than gingerbread houses!! Too stinking cute!

  3. I love this idea. It sounds "stress free" compared to doing Gingerbread houses.

  4. This is such a cute idea! I keep hearing gingerbread horror stories & totally expected ours to not stay together, but it was so sturdy and easy to decorate-- even with a toddler pressing down on it way too hard, lol. The pie plates are a good idea to help contain mess & the sprinkles look so pretty.