Garden Glow at Missouri Botanical Garden: 2020

 Hi all!  I hope everyone's Christmas week is going well so far!

Today I wanted to recap one of the things my mom and I did when she came to visit earlier this month - the Garden Glow at Missouri Botanical Garden.

I have been to the Garden Glow a few different times, and it's always so neat.  This year was a bit different due to COVID, but so much was the same that it actually felt pretty normal!  In a year that is anything but, the sense of normality was welcome.

There were precautions, of course.  There was a limited number of tickets sold for each time slot, and you were encouraged to stay no more than 90 minutes.  That gives you plenty of time to enjoy all the Garden Glow has to offer, and the limited amount of people was actually kind of nice since it cut down on the crowds.  Masks were required, and social distancing was encouraged.  There was one area that was a bit of a bottleneck, but a worker was there to help with the line, and get people through the tunnel of lights.  While there were a few food and drink booths, it was minimal compared to past years, and the restaurant wasn't operating as normal, either.  I didn't feel like that took away from the experience, though.  The one thing I did miss was the tour of the historical home.  However, instead of the tour, they did a light/music show on the side of the house which was my very favorite part - so neat!

Here are some of the pictures we snapped while there...

There was so much to see with all the lights, and the festive worth a trip if you are local to the area!  

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  1. It looks so pretty! We visited a botanical garden last year and it was beautiful. We didn't try to go this year but I'm glad that yours still felt pretty normal and you were able to enjoy it. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!

  2. Those lights are all so pretty!

  3. This is just so beautiful!! We never got around to going to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, but I'm hoping next year for sure! I'm glad you were able to get out and do this safely this year!

  4. How beautiful. I love looking at Christmas lights!

  5. I love all the lights! So beautiful!

  6. I'm from STL and Garden Glow is one of my favorites! Unfortunately, I wasn't able to make it home this year but hoping to next year. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!