Christmas 2020

 Hey all!  I spent last week at my parents', celebrating Christmas.  I always love the build up of Christmas, and while so much was different this year, that past was not.

Sunday, December 20

I headed back home on Sunday morning.  The drive was pretty smooth, and I had my Christmas music to accompany me.

I snapped this picture of my mom's table when I arrived - I always love her table decorations, and the sun was shining through just right.

We spent a good portion of the afternoon wrapping, with a little help from Camille.

Monday, December 21

My mom and I both had a few last minute things we needed to get, so we braved the stores to finish up our shopping.  We grabbed Portillo's for lunch (one of my favorites!), had a little car picnic, and then got in and out of the stores we had to make stops at.  We made the trip a little more enjoyable and checked out some decorations - I just love seeing homes dressed up for the holidays!  We got another one of my favorites, a gondola, to go with dinner, and headed back home to finish up the wrapping.

Tuesday, December 22

My brother and his family were set to arrive on Wednesday, so we were in prep mode on Tuesday.  We made homemade Chex Mix to snack on throughout the next few days, as well as the dough for our sugar cookies.  As my mom was getting out some toys and books for the boys, she showed me these wooden puzzles that were hers growing up - how cool are they?!

That evening, my mom and I headed out to look at lights - one of my favorite Christmas traditions.  One of the subdivisions in town lined their streets with lighted trees and it was such a sight to see.  I snapped this picture of the tree when we got home - I just LOVE my mom's tree - I think I told her that at least once a day while I was home, haha!

Wednesday, December 23

Wednesday morning was spent getting ready for my brother and his family.  I got in a quick run (I just love running at home - Missouri has so many dang hills, and central Illinois is quite flat, making things quite a bit easier), and then we cut out and baked the sugar cookies to decorate once they arrived.  Christmas is the only time we make these cookies, and it feels like the first time every time, haha.  It always takes a bit before we figure out the right amount of flour needed when rolling and cutting out!

Once they arrived, we visited for a bit, then got down to business with the cookies.  They aren't the prettiest, but goodness are they delicious!

My sister in law and I headed to check out Charmed, my favorite local boutique.  There have been SO many cute things there lately, I have had to restrain myself from buying everything!

My brother and I headed out shortly after that, to play disc golf.  He's big into that, and while I am pretty terrible, he puts up with it, and tries to help me along.  It was especially interesting playing this day, because it was windy as heck.  Luckily none of the discs ended up in the river, although to be honest, I passed on the holes close to the banks.

It's always so nice to get one on one time with them.  It doesn't happen all that often, so I jump at the chance!

Thursday, December 24

Since we wouldn't be doing our normal Christmas day celebrations, we headed to my grandma's to drop off and pick up presents.  We had a quick, masked visit in the garage before heading back home.  It was so cute - my grandma had gotten donut holes, which my nephews devoured, and she had thermoses with hot water to make hot chocolate.  We were basically in and out, but it was still so good to see her and my aunt even for just a short time.

The boys got to open one present when we got home, and it was so cute to see their reaction.  We actually ended up opening more later that day, because we knew it would be overwhelming if we waited to open them all on Christmas.  The rest of the day was spent playing, eating, and getting ready for Santa's arrival!

Friday, December 25

Christmas!  Funnily enough, I was the first one up and ready to go, haha!  My mom and I got started on breakfast, while the rest of the crew woke up.  We opened some presents, took a break to eat our traditional breakfast of monkey bread, and opened some more.

We watched Klaus in the afternoon (loved it!), and had a delicious Christmas dinner of ham and different sides.  Different than our norm, but so very good!

That evening we visited some more, played some more, and of course, ate some more.  My mom always makes a cheeseball for Christmas, so we grazed on that and other goodies to tide us over.

Even though we had a slower Christmas than normal, it seemed like it just flew on by! 

Saturday, December 26

My brother and family left that morning.  It was sad to see them go, but I was thankful we were able to spend the time we did together.  We were all a bit tuckered out from the last few days, so it was a pretty relaxing day.  The weather had been so cold Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, but it finally warmed up enough to get out for a walk on Saturday, which we did.

Sunday, December 27

Sunday was another relaxing and slow day.  I decided that I would head back first thing Monday, so I wanted to soak in all the time at home I could, before it was back to reality.  Another walk, lots of Christmas movie watching, and a lot of Christmas book reading.  After being in a bit of a reading rut, pretty much all year, I finally got it back right around Christmas with all the holiday books.  To top off the day, my mom made one of my very favorite dishes, meatloaf!  It was soooo good.

Monday, December 28

It was back to reality (aka work) come Monday.  As much as I love being home, it was nice to get back to my home, and settled in for the last bit of 2020.

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  1. It sounds like you all had a wonderful visit together!

  2. I had no idea you cut your hair! It looks great! And it sounds like it was a wonderful Christmas and time together with family!

    1. Thank you - I cut 7 inches off! It was a good Christmas. :)

  3. What a wonderful, wonderful week!! I love that last picture of you with your nephew. Your hair looks so good that length! And your mom's old puzzles are the coolest!! I've never seen puzzles that have rounded cutouts like that... so so neat. And I hear ya on the flour for the rollout cookies... you know how badly we struggled! Lol.

    1. Thank you!! It took me a bit to get used to having it all chopped off, but I think I will keep it for awhile. :) I thought those puzzles were so cool - definitely neat shapes!! And yes...allllll the flour, haha. Next year we are going to try adding more flour to the dough initially to see if that will help!