November Goals & Habits

Holy cow, it's November.  This last bit of the year sure does fly on by.  A new month, a new set of goals.  

But first, a look at October.

October Goals:

1.  Source bathroom decor.  Welp, that's a no on this one again.  I have been searching for a shelf with no luck.  And that's kind of the starting point, so no real progress here.  

2.  Clean out closet.  Check!  As my favorite Peloton instructor says 'done and dusted'.  I got rid of two shopping bags full of things, and it feels so good.  Plus, now, I have all the hangers I need! 

3.  Start Christmas shopping list.  Check!  I have even started shopping a bit, too!  I discovered the app called 'Santa's Bag' last year via another blogger (I forget who!) and it's super handy.  I still have a ways to go, but it's started and that's what's important!

4.  Winterize porch & backyard.  Check!

5.  Buy a new vacuum.  Goodness gracious, I do not understand why I am dragging my feet on this but I am.  No new vacuum yet!

October Habits:

1.  Drink 4 YETI's of water.  Still working on this one!  

2.  Meal plan by Thursday night.  Another work in progress.  

3.  Spend 15 minutes a day on personal email.  And another...

4.  Stay off social media until after my morning workout.  I have gotten a bit better about this, but some mornings I still get sucked into the black hole that social media can be! 

5.  Walk outside 3 days a week.  I did SO bad at this.  With the temps dropping, and the dreariness outside, all I wanted to do this past month after work was cozy up on the couch.  

All in all, not a terrible month!  Goals were pretty good, but goodness I am still a ways away from instilling those habits!

Here's what I hope to accomplish in November.

November Goals:

1.  Send out Christmas cards.  One of my favorite Christmas traditions!

2.  Order a 2021 planner.  The only problem with this is deciding which planner to order...there are SO many options!

3.  Close Apple Watch circles at least 20 days of the month.  I have gotten out of the habit of closing my Apple Watch circles.  While I don't want to always feel like I 'have' to close them, I would like to get back to doing it more often.  Especially during this time of year when it's so easy to be sedentary.  

4.  Incorporate yoga into my weekly workouts.  As far as workouts go, I enjoy more fast-paced, heat pumping, sweat inducing workouts.  But, I know it's important to switch things up, and in the past when I have done yoga, it's always been a good thing, especially when it comes to stress and relaxing.  A week or two ago, it was raining so I couldn't go out for a morning run and chose to do yoga instead.  I haven't ever been 'good' at yoga, but goodness, was I really rusty.  I'd like to start doing it at least once a week, both as a way to exercise physically, and mentally.    

5.  Source bathroom decor.  Hopefully third time is a charm with this one!   

November Habits:

1.  Drink 4 YETI's of water.

2.  Meal plan by Thursday night. 

3.  Spend 15 minutes a day on personal email.

4.  Stay off social media until after my morning workout.

5.  Walk outside 3 days a week.

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  1. I love sending out cards too! We're going to be taking our pictures soon. I feel a little behind on that. Girl, get that vacuum! Lol

  2. Good goals! It is always nice to have something to strive towards. I am still working on drinking enough water a day.

  3. I feel you on the outdoor walks. It's been in the 30's every morning this week and I'm not about to walk or run in that. Lol. I miss the gym!!

  4. I need to be better about meal planning too! I love your goals. I am always with you on drinking more water!