My Grown Up Christmas List

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The Amy Grant version of this song is one of my favorites...takes me back to Christmas growing up.  Whether it was hanging out by the fire, enjoying the twinkle of the Christmas lights, or driving around looking at Christmas lights, you could pretty much count on Amy Grant playing in the background!

Today I am sharing what is on my Christmas wish list.  Throughout the year I keep a running list on my phone of wish list items, that way when it comes time to putting an actual list together, it's so much easier.  I would always blank when it would come time to make lists, and this helps so much!

For the kitchen...

Small Ramekins.  I have two of these that came in a set with other Corningware and love to use them for snacks - they are just the perfect size!

Round Tupperware Container.  My mom has had one of these for years and years, and it always seems so darn handy.  I'd love one for myself!

Potato Masher.  I honestly don't even make potatoes all that often, let along mashed potatoes, but I would love to have a potato masher for things like beans, avocado.  I think it would be really handy.

Large Wooden Cutting Board.  The cutting boards I currently have are tiny, and I would love to have a bigger one.  Be nice to have a larger one for charcuterie boards, too!

Service Pieces.  For Christmas last year I got new dinnerware, and I would love a few of the serving pieces to go with it.  I do have one of the platters, but another would be great to have, as well as some large serving bowls.

Immersion Blender.  I have been on the fence on whether or not an immersion blender is something I need, but I just have seen so many good recipes that require blending, and I would love to have one to try.

Frother.  I so look forward to my daily cup of coffee, and I think having this frother to use would make it even better!

The Defined Dish & Skinnytaste Meal Prep.  I would love to add both these cookbooks to my collection.  I have only heard good things about The Defined Dish cookbook, and the Skinnytaste Meal Prep cookbook sounds like a great one to have for those busy times when I need to plan ahead a bit more, as well as for when I go back into the office (assuming that will happen at some point next year).

To read...

Songteller by Dolly Parton.  Dolly Parton is one fascinating lady, that is for sure!  I would love to read more about her.

The New Southern Style.  Erin Napier has a feature in this book, which is all I really need to know!  No, but really, I think this would be a really neat book to have and flip through for inspiration.

Jesus Always.  I have Jesus Calling, and it's one of my favorite things to read each morning.  I'd love to have Jesus Always to add to the mix.

To work it out...

Bala Bangles.  It was such funny timing - I was just thinking about how I wanted to look into ankle/wrist weights, and that night/next day, I watched the episode of Shark Tank with Bala Bangles.  I think these would make a great addition to workouts and walks.

To stay organized...

Iris Clear Card Keeper.  I want to get better about sending snail mail.  I'd like this card keeper to organize the cards I do have (because, embarrassingly enough, I have quite a few I bought and then never sent out), as well as stock up with some more to have on hand to send out.

To add a little sparkle...

Maya Brenner 'E' Necklace.  I love dainty necklaces, and this 'E' one is so very pretty.  I could see it worn alone, or paired with other necklaces for a layered look.

Pearl Studs.  I have no idea what happened to my pearl earrings, but I no longer have a pair of plain pearl studs.  I would love a new pair - they are so just classic and go with absolutely everything!

Perfume.  I ran out of perfume ages ago, and just never replaced it.  And even though I am not out and about much, I do enjoy a good scent, and feel like it would add a little pep in my step for working from home.  Be Delicious has been my favorite for awhile - I like that it has more of a crisp/fresh scent, and isn't too sweet or floral.

And that rounds out this year's 'grown up' Christmas list!  I would be so happy to see any of these items under the tree come Christmas morning!

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  1. The Defined Dish is such a great cookbook! And I love that necklace!

  2. I need an immersion blender too! I actually saw one on Amazon that has a few attachments and one is a frother!

  3. Oh my goodness I have so much to comment on! I have several of those tiny little Corningware pieces and I use them all the time! I love them. That round Tupperware container looks like the perfect thing to keep cookies in. I feel like I don't have many large storage containers so we usually struggle to find something to put cookies in if we bake a large batch. Definitely get a potato masher... I've had one my entire adult life and it's a game changer. I can't make mashed potatoes without one... smoothest, creamiest potatoes ever! No lumps! That Jesus Always book is fantastic... same exact setup as Jesus Calling, but with all new readings. I had those Bala Bangles in my Amazon wish list earlier this year and now I can't find them on Amazon at all! I want some of those too! So many great things on your list this year!

  4. I asked for that Tupperware container last year! It is so nice. I use it for cookies. cupcakes, pies, etc. It keeps everything so fresh and travels great. I am asking for new baking sheets and new blinds for our house this year.

  5. I swore I needed ("needed") an immersion blender about 7 years ago. In that time, I've used it exactly once.
    For soups that need to be blended, I just use the regular blender.

  6. Amy Grant reminds me of my childhood a little bit too. I love having an immersion blender, even though we don't use it a ton, it's SO much easier to quickly clean vs having to wash out the entire blender. I just got the ST meal prep from the library and can't wait to dive in (it's still in our personal book quarantine for a few more days, lol).