Holiday Gift Guide: Her, Him & Kids

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As much as I love receiving a good gift, giving a good gift is right up there, too!  It's one of the things I love about the holiday season.

To keep things organized, I wrapped up my gift ideas for the gals, guy and kids into one.  Some of the items are the list are repeats from prior years, but I do think they make great gifts, hence the repeat!

First up, the ladies.

1.  Oventure Ring.  I feel like you cannot go wrong with one of these rings.  It's great for those of us (me!) who tend to lose their keys in their bag, and it also great if you want to just carry around your keys and a small wallet - it's easy enough to clip on and off as needed!  Plus, it's super sturdy.  I have the navy silicone, which I have used for almost two years now, and it looks as good as new!  The Oventure Ring comes in a variety of prints/colors and even materials (silicone, leather, vegan leather), plus they have quite a few accessories (wallets, id cases, door openers) if you want to do a little something extra.  

2.  Saranoni Blanket.  The Lush blanket is the BEST blanket I have ever owned.  It's so very soft, and washes extremely well.  I have the extra large size, but you can get smaller ones if you are shopping for a baby gift, toddlers, teens, etc.  Their Black Friday sale is coming up next week, and is a great time to shop.  You can also find the blankets on Amazon, but I am not sure if sale prices are reflected on Amazon.    

3.  Cookbooks.  You all know I am a sucker for a cookbook, and I think they make great presents.  Some of my favorites include: Magnolia Table (Volume 1), True Comfort, Half Baked Harvest, Skinnytaste, In the Kitchen with Kris, and anything from The Pioneer Woman.

4.  Wine Stopper.  I absolutely love these wine stoppers from Crate and Barrel.  This would make a great gift along with a bottle of wine, or some wine glasses.

5.  Amazon PJs.  These pajamas are so good.  I am kind of picky when it comes to pjs, because I get really hot when I sleep, but these are great for chilly nights.  The fabric is so soft and silky (but not silk), and they are very comfortable.  Plus, the look is just so classic.  They come in a ton of different colors, too.  Definitely would make a great gift!

6.  Glass Nesting Bowls.  These bowls are such a good, and practical gift.  I honestly think I use at least one everyday.  The smaller bowls are perfect for dipping sauces, or when you are prepping recipes, and the large bowls are great for salads, popcorn, name it.  So handy!

7.  Apple Watch.  I had no idea how much I would love my Apple Watch, but I truly do.  It's an expensive gift, but I think one that would be well received should it be under the tree!

8.  Apple AirPods Pro.  Same with AirPods.  One of the things I didn't know I would enjoy so much, and albeit pricey, well worth it!

9.  BruMate.  If someone you know enjoys a good seltzer, this makes for a great gift.  I have one myself, and absolutely love it.  This one also comes with an adapter so that you can use it with regular cans, too.  Perfect for sparkling waters!    

10.  Gift Cards.  Cannot go wrong with a gift card!  Whether its for a meal, or drink, or some post-Christmas sale shopping, they are always appreciated!

For the guys.

1.  O'Keeffe's Working Hands Cream.  I think this would be a great stocking stuffer, and as of 11/17, it's currently on sale for almost half off!  

2.  Tough Ties.  I saw these on Shark Tank, and thought they were so neat!  Tough Ties are machine washable, liquid and stain repellant, snag proof, and they even have a microfiber cloth at the tip for your phone or glasses.  And they come in a variety of colors and prints!

3.  Portable Charger.  It seems like there a fifty million things to charge here of late, and this would be the perfect gift to help with that!

4.  Workout Clothes.  One of the things I think this year has taught us is the benefit of getting outside and getting fresh air.  But, with the weather getting cooler, proper attire is required.  Some cool weather workout gear would definitely be a good gift this year!  I always like to check out Macy's for these types of things since they usually have sales going all the time.

5.  Shop Vac.  Years ago, my dad got my brother and I little shop vacs for Christmas, and they have been so darn handy.  It's really a perfect gift for anyone.  I truly think a shop vac is one of those things everyone needs!

6.  YETI Rambler.  Pretty much anything Yeti makes a great gift.  I have a few different ramblers myself and love them.  My dad is constantly using his Yeti, too.  There are a ton of color options, so you can pick a favorite color, or a favorite team's color...lots of options!

7.  Meat Thermometer.  Both my dad and brother like to use meat thermometers.  This one on Amazon has great reviews, and is currently on sale for $5.00 off!     

8.  Apple Watch.  Like I said above, I think anyone would be happy to see this under the tree!   

9.  Apple AirPods Pro.  Another repeat - another great gift!

10.  Gift Cards.  Something that is always on my dad's list.  Usually it's gift cards to put towards tools, or some other bigger purchase.  Always a good idea!      

For the kids.  These are aimed towards younger kids, since that is what I am familiar with because of my nephews.

1.  Games.  We are a big game family, and one we like to play together that is great for kids is Pop the Pig.  It helps with colors, counting, and the linked option from Amazon includes a puzzle!  Another is Outfoxed!.  This is a really fun 'whodunit' game, and uses strategic thinking.  

2.  Melissa & Doug Sound Puzzles.  Both my nephews have loved playing with these sound puzzles.  The vehicle puzzle is a favorite, and I think they have the animal one, too!

3.  Karen Katz Lift the Flap Books.  These lift the flap books are favorites, and there are so many different ones to choose from!  

4.  Stacking Blocks.  I've played with these with the boys so many times.  Whether it was making a tower for them to knock over, or helping them stack up, or put in each other...lots of fun has been had!  

7.  MAGNA-TILES.  These seem to be a win with all ages!  Target has them on sale for $10 off right now, too!

8.  Cardboard Building Bricks.  My brother and I had these bricks growing up, and we had so much fun playing with them.  Fast forward 25 (or so) years, and my nephews have just as much fun with them, too.

9.  Play Kitchen & Play Food.  This play kitchen from Pottery Barn is absolutely gorgeous, and on sale for $100 off right now, too!  I think this would be such a great gift, paired with some play food.  I like this little set from Melissa & Doug - perfect to go in that PB kitchen refrigerator!

10.  Kinetic Sand.  I grabbed a few bags of these for my nephew's birthday this year.  He loved them!  I feel like there is so much you can do with them, and it's good for indoor play.

That's it for this year's gift guide!  If you are looking for more gift ideas, or ideas for yourself, I will be sharing my wish list this Friday!

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  1. I was actually thinking it may be time to upgrade my airpods with how much I use them - i've had them for three years so it may be time! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  2. You have SO MANY great ideas here! I agree with you on the Apple Watch. I can't even believe how much mine has exceeded my expectations... I couldn't live without it now. How have I never seen those Crate and Barrel wine stoppers? Those look awesome! And those ties for guys look so cool. Now that you mention it, I think I remember seeing them on Shark Tank, too. And yes to all of those gifts for the kiddos... we have Pop the Pig and the kids love it! And you know they love their kinetic sand, too! They will play with it for hours on end.

  3. Hi, I found your post through Lake Life State of Mind!
    I love reading what others put on their gift guides. I'd say pjs and comfy blankets never disappoint!

    IG @ms.meranda

  4. That tough tie is sooo cool. I wish Rory still had to wear them so I could get him one. I have never used airpods. Everyone seems to love them. I agree that Saranoni blankets are the best!! I have 3.