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Hey there!  Happy Friday.  Goodness gracious, I think we are all thrilled to see the weekend.

Instead of my normal favorites, I am just going to do a bit of rambling.  Usually I try to keep a running list of favorites to pull into a post come Friday, and that just was not happening.

This week was a lot.  Work was extremely busy, which is normal during this time of year, but it just seemed even more so than usual.  I had some computer issues, which is always so dang frustrating.  My computer always seems to act up at the most inconvenient times.  I mean, there is no good time, but it always seems to be when I need to be online.  And of course, the election just consumed all the parts of the week not being consumed with work.  

My brother and I were talking, and we wish that election night wasn't a 'thing'.  Don't start showing us all these numbers and projections, only to then tell us that those numbers and projections are from 1% of reporting.  It's very misleading.  That said, I still tuned in way too long on election night and throughout these past few days.  As I type this, there has been no decision.  And even as more information does come out, it seems like there might be some recounts so we still probably won't know anything for sure for awhile.

As I was texting with a friend about the election, I told her we need a break to focus on the 'happy/good' going on at the moment.  So here are a few of my 'happy/good' things this week.

I did a little stress baking this week, making my Aunt Becky's Chocolate Chip Cookies.  I really think they are my very favorite chocolate chip cookies.  While I love to bake, I usually just have a little bit to satisfy my craving.  Welp, these cookies, they have been great for breakfast, for lunch, for a snack, and for an after dinner treat this week.  I cannot get enough, haha!

I am decorating for Christmas this weekend, and I cannot wait.  A little bit of me is sad to see the fall decor go, because I really loved how it turned out this year, but I am ready for all the twinkling lights.  AND, for Christmas sheets.  I went a little wild this year, because 2020, and ordered some Christmas sheets.  I suppose that's not really 'wild', but it's quite frivolous.  I have always wanted them, though, and they were on sale! 

My brother FaceTimed me this week, and seeing my nephews (and brother) never gets old.  Especially when they are listening to music and dancing.  Little ones dancing is just the cutest thing.  Definitely a happy/good thing from the week.

Southern Charm is back for a new season.  I didn't realize it was starting now, so that was a welcome surprise last week.  Provides a perfect escape from reality!

I think that's enough rambling for this Friday.  I hope you all have a great weekend!

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  1. Hi! When you talk about your brother and nephews it is very cute your close to them. Please include your sister-in-law.I'm in this situation and please don't leave her out. It hurt my heart to see what you wrote. Think of how she feels when she reads that?

    1. I do try to be thoughtful in what I put on my blog. I think you took what I wrote out of context. I was referencing FaceTime calls, and those are usually with my brother and the boys. My sister in law and I have a very close relationship and have our own things that we like to do together...FaceTime just isn't necessarily one of those things.

  2. You are so right about the election and having all of that data in front of you constantly. Technology is a blessing in so many ways, but in some ways it's stress-inducing. I think we've all been stalking those results too much this week and I'm sure it's causing anxiety for so many people. So glad that you were able to bake and Facetime with your brother and nephews... two things that definitely bring joy during this stressful time. Enjoy your weekend. I can't wait to see your cozy home all decorated for Christmas!

  3. I love those Christmas sheets! Definitely NOT a frivolous purchase because it makes you happy! And you can still use them in February haha!! And while you were stress baking, I was stress eating ha!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  4. I love those Christmas sheets. So cute. I am agreeing with you about the election. It seemed like a thing and we still don't have answers. Ugh. I am glad that you got to facetime. That makes life happier!

  5. Christmas sheets are definitely a must have :) I like to switch all the beds in our house to Christmas sheets around mid November. I am surprising my kids with new sheets for their new beds this year. I can't wait!

  6. Totally agree with you about election night. And seriously, these poor journalists are on tv 24/7 basically trying to figure out new ways to tell everyone the same thing!
    Oooo, I've never had Christmas sheets! Glad you treated yourself!

  7. I totally bought the kids PB Christmas sheets this morning! Any and all joy we kind find right now my friend!!

  8. Those Christmas sheets are adorable! I'll probably order some for my kiddo in a year or two, but definitely frivolous :)
    I kind of want to decorate for Christmas but I'm enjoying the fall decor still. PLUS, it's still in the 70s here so I'd like to wait a week or two.