Recent Amazon Purchases: August 2020

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I have a few Amazon purchases to share with you today.

Kinetic Sand.  This was to be a birthday gift for my nephew.  I say was, because it didn't make it in time.  The package was lost, and then refunded, only to be delivered a few days later.  It was a bit frustrating because it didn't come in time for his birthday, but I do appreciate Amazon's customer service on this.  Even though I did receive it, the refund had already gone through, so I did not have to return it.  And my nephew essentially got double the kinetic sand for half the price, since I had gone out and bought some.  This stuff is great, and perfect if you have a monster truck loving kid in your life...makes for the perfect track!

Portable, Rechargeable Fan.  This handy fan is not just for strollers...I purchased it to use in my office area!  I didn't have a space for a fan to sit on my desk, and thought this would be perfect to hook on to either the legs of my desk, or the railing of the loft area.  And it is!  I like the fact that it is smaller, it's rechargeable, and it has those handy, flexibly legs on it, making it work pretty much anywhere!

Navy V-Neck Tunic Dress.  I was influenced by Lindsay on this dress.  She did a post about it in pink, and thought it was just so darn cute on her.  The price point is good, and I feel like you can never have enough simple, comfy dresses.

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  1. That sand sounds amazing, I would even like playing with it, LOL! The dress is so cute!

  2. Our kids love kinetic sand!! It keeps them busy for hours! And I hope you love that dress!! I'm so excited to wear mine. I just need a dang place to wear it. Haha.

  3. I want one of those fans for my office...when I go back in. My girls love Kinetic sand. It is sooo fun to play with. Even as an adult.

  4. I just added kinetic sand to Mason's Christmas wish list-- I'm hoping it will maybe be less messy than the DIY kind, lol. So glad you had good customer service with the shipping mishap, it seems like that only happens when you need something for a special occasion.

  5. My kids used to love kinetic sand. I think the mail/shipping is crazy right now. I had two packages "disappear" from Have a good week!

  6. Oh, goodness! That kinetic sand looks so fun!