Friday Favorites: Tree Removal, Midwest vs Everyone, Caramel Dip, Box Tops & Fall Favorites

 It's FRIDAY!  Sometimes short weeks can seem long, and while this one wasn't, it was a full week at work and I am ready for the weekend (as always).  

1.  Tree Removal & Trimming.  This week started the scheduled tree removal and trimming in my neighborhood.  While it was sad to see some of the trees go, the process had me enthralled!  Maybe I am just starved for entertainment, but I could have watched them all day!  It amazed me how one of the workers could just hang up there in the tree, and chainsaw the limbs down.  The usage of rope to direct the limbs down and make sure they fell a bit softer was, again, amazing.  And then when they fell the tree, well that was a sight to see!  It just was really neat, and probably one of my favorite parts was hearing them encourage each other, as each piece came down - good job, way to was really nice!

They also removed some sidewalk portions - lots of excitement around the neighborhood this week!  It just helped mix things up a bit, which in these times, is welcomed.

2.  Instagram Account - Midwest vs Everybody.  I discovered this awhile ago - I think through my cousin - and it has been cracking me up since.  If you are from the Midwest, you need to follow this account.  While it's not 100% accurate with my experience, there is a ton of it that is spot on.  Especially the fact that we say 'ope'.  Something I have never noticed before, and honestly didn't think was true, but sure enough, I have caught myself saying it wayyyyyy too many times.

3.  Caramel Dip.  It's that time of year for one of my favorite snacks - an apple and caramel dip!  I just get the caramel dip that is by the apples in the produce section, and it just always hits the spot.  I love how the freshness of the apple offsets the sweetness of the caramel.  So good!

4.  Box Tops.  I am sure many of you (if not all) are familiar with Box Tops for Education.  But, if not, Box Tops for Education allows you to earn money for your designated school with things you already buy at the store.  It used to be that you had to cut the little coupons off product boxes (like granola bars, or taco shells).  As of last year, though, (at least I think it was last year...) they switched to an app, which makes it even easier.  All you have to do is scan your receipt, and if you have purchased something that qualifies, you earn cash for your school.  And you can pick whatever school you'd like.  For example, I have mine set up to go to the elementary school I attended growing up.  While I haven't earned a ton of money for the school, I figure every little bit counts!  A receipt I scanned the other day had qualifying purchases, which made me think to share it this week.

5.  Fall Favorites Link Up.  This week kicked off the Fall Favorites link up Sarah and I are hosting this month.  We shared our favorite fall scents.  I really appreciate those that linked up with us!  I didn't have a chance to read all the posts yet, but that is on the agenda for this weekend.  If you want to join us next week, we will be sharing our fall home tours.  I love home tours, and even more so when they are seasonal!

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  1. I had never noticed that we say “ope” either!! Lol

  2. I am enthralled by trees coming down as well, we are going to be having two removed in a few weeks and I was mesmerized with our neighbors did it. I also like watching trees get planted, LOL! have a beautiful weekend!

  3. I love caramel dip. I need to buy some when I go to the store next.

  4. We had two trees taken down a couple years ago and it was highly entertaining! I could never be that person in the tree... just.. no!

  5. Ope?!?! What in the world does it mean???

  6. Oh, I loooove caramel dip. I need to get some the next time I go to the store. We've been saving box tops foreverrrr. We used to cut them all off of the products and give them to my SIL who is a teacher in Alabama. Then when our kids started school, we started giving them to our school. Our school usually makes a couple thousand dollars a year from those, so they really do add up! It's a great (and easy) way to support schools!

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