Fall Home Tour 2020

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It's fall home tour day!  This is one of my favorite posts of the year.  I love decor, and I love fall, so pairing the two together is the best.

By the time Christmas and winter is over, I enjoy a clean look at home for the spring and summer.  But nothing beats pulling out all the fall decor.  The rich colors and the added layers around the house just makes everything seem so warm and cozy.  Plus it signifies that the start of my favorite part of the year is here!

My mom came down to help me decorate, and we were done in record time.  It was really fun, and went so very smoothly.  Everything just came together, and I really love how it turned out.  It's kind of funny - going into decorating I thought we would do basically what was done last year.  But that wasn't the case at all.  Sure, some things are the same, but there are quite a few things that are different, and I have to say (as I seem to say every year), it's my favorite yet!

bowl (similar) - Pottery Barn | pumpkin spice coffee - Target

This little spot of the kitchen has gotten more use than ever these past months!  I am loving Starbucks Pumpkin Spice coffee with a bit of Chobani Vanilla Coffee Creamer.

Instead of the whites and greens I incorporated last year, I went back to the richer colors I had in previous years, and added in additional pops of blue.  I love how it all works together!

tray - Amazon | bowls (similar) - Pottery Barn

glass pumpkin - Pottery Barn

charger - Pottery Barn | flameless candle - World Market

I switched up the table centerpiece, and used the charger normally found on the buffet...and put the cake stand that's normally on the table on the buffet.  I like the lower profile of this for a change, as well as the berries with the bark.

plates - Pottery Barn | napkins - Pottery Barn

I do love a festive plate!  Since I switched up the centerpiece to be lower, the chargers I would normally use were a bit too bulky.  Plain white plates did the trick, though!

pumpkins - Pottery Barn | fiddle leaf plant - Pottery Barn | basket - Pottery Barn

This wooden bowl was a hand me down from my mom, and I have been trying to figure out a use for it ever since I moved.  It's the perfect vessel to hold these pumpkins, and I love the different textures of the wooden bowl, the crock, and the basket.  

The pumpkin pillow was a local boutique find (The White Rabbit), and I just layered it on my 'everyday' pillows.  And, the blue striped pillow is actually from The White Rabbit, too!  

One of the little touches I love is the candle rings on the light fixture.  I have had these for years, and I don't know what it is about them that makes me so happy when I pulled them out of storage!

flameless candles - World Market

I love how full this area looks, and the mix of textures with the pumpkins, lanterns and crock.  The icing on the cake is the vintage wool blanket my grandma gave me.

glass pumpkin - Pottery Barn

Another glass pumpkin cloche - I just love these things!

The view from the couch...

plaid pillow covers - Pottery Barn

These plaid pillow covers add an extra bit of warmth to this area with the colors, and I love how it compliments the mantle decor.

glass pumpkin - Pottery Barn | flameless candles - World Market

I absolutely love this garland I got at Hobby Lobby last year.  It's so full with leaves, pumpkins and pinecones.  The colors are muted, yet rich.  The hardback books add a bit of fall color, as does the old orange box found at an antique mall years ago.  Of course, I have another glass pumpkin cloche clustered with the candle holders always on the mantle, topped with my favorite flameless candles from World Market.  I like a more 'collected' look when it comes to decorating and I think this mantle hits the nail on the head with that!

Ever since I had my Christmas cards on this clip holder, I have liked having this in front of the fireplace.  I don't actually use my fireplace, so this adds a bit of interest.

pumpkin - Pottery Barn | glass pumpkin - Pottery Barn

It's been so nice having a bookcase to be able to display different odds and ends.  I tried to add a little something to each shelf, and it's become one of my favorite spots in the room.

This little area behind the chair got a touch of fall as well, with a few odd pumpkins.  I keep mentioning texture, but I love having the different materials together for added interest.

I still am so very thankful that my grandma and mom saw this piece at a garage sale.  It has quickly become one of my favorite areas to decorate.  All it takes is a few touches, and it's dressed up for the season!

The printable was free online, and what really sold me was the quote and the buffalo check - perfect for fall!  My mom suggested layering these two candle rings here, and I really like how it turned out.  It keeps things from being too matchy matchy with the leaves in the milk glass vases.


As you can see from the links, a lot of items are from Pottery Barn, which is no surprise given it is one of my favorite stores.  While PB can be pricey, they often have sales, which is when I buy.  Plus, the items are good quality, so they get used year after year.  I am also a big fan of Hobby Lobby when it comes to seasonal decor, which is where all my pumpkin filler sand leaf fillers came from - and my garland!

One thing I really love about this year's decor is how we played off my normal decor.  For example, keeping, and even adding some of the blue touches on the buffet, and more layering decor into what I already have (like adding pumpkins to a bowl already on the bookcase) instead of replacing it completely.  I feel like it gives things that layered and collected look, which again, is my preferred way of decorating.

That rounds out this year's fall home tour.  Thanks so much for stopping by!

Before I go, a quick reminder about next week's Fall Favorites link up with Sarah.  We will be covering fall fashion.  I am pretty excited about this one, as we are starting to actually see some fall temps!

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  1. So many cute fall touches and I really love that it can all be taken all the way up until the holidays!! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  2. That garland on your mantle is just amazing. I remember when you were thinking about it last year and I'm glad you decided to just go ahead and get it. It was worth it! So pretty! I also love the fall leaves in the glass pumpkin. That is such a nice touch. I need to start decorating with more fall leaves again. After my garlands fell apart a few years ago, I never got new ones.

  3. Wow, I love all your fall decor! It's beautiful. I especially like the touches of blue with the orange.

  4. I love your autumnal decor this year! It makes your home feel so warm & cozy - exactly how we all want to feel as the days grow shorter and the temperatures drop!

    1. Thank you! That is exactly what I was going for. We are supposed to get a cold front this weekend and I AM EXCITED, haha!

  5. I love those pops of blue with the deeper orange and rust accents. So pretty.

    1. Thank you - I am really loving that this year, too. Growing up, my school colors were orange and blue...guess I never really outgrew that, haha!

  6. Oh Emily - would you please come decorate my house! Your home is lovely - and I would be tickled if mine looked just like it:) Thanks for sharing! And how fun that your mom can come and help you!!

  7. Okay, please tell your mom to come help me decorate, too! I love your house every season! And I really love those clear glass pumpkins so much!

  8. I LOVE your Fall decor. The velvet pumpkins are my favorite! You do such a great job decorating for each season!

  9. I'm also doing a lot of blue in my decor this year...it's so much more subtle than HALLOWEEN. I like that it has longevity!

  10. I could probably gush about every single picture, but your mantle and the chairs are my favorite! I love the colors and the plaid, and as always basically everything.