Friday Favorites: A New Coffee Creamer, Club Hip Hop, Glasses, Running & Fall

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Happy Friday!  I am super excited for the weekend!  My master bathroom is getting painted, and I cannot wait to see how it turns out.  It always amazes me how much of a difference a fresh coat of paint can make.

Onto my favorites for this Friday...

1.  Chobani Coffee Creamer.  I discovered this via Kate's instagram (@lonestarsouthern).  She always talks about her afternoon coffee breaks, and I caught a story on one where she mentioned Chobani coffee creamer.  Specifically how the ingredient list was so simple, with no added extras that you have no idea what they are, or how to even properly pronounce them.  Next time I was at the store I grabbed a bottle of the vanilla, and I was sold.  Previously I used Natural Bliss Oat Milk coffee creamer, which I thought was pretty good in terms of ingredients, but when I actually took a look at the list, it wasn't as 'natural' as the name makes it seem.  I have only tried the vanilla, but the caramel is on my grocery list, and I have my fingers crossed that they will have seasonal creamers too, like pumpkin spice!

2.  Pandora Club Hip Hop Station.  I think I have mentioned this station before, but one of my best friends told me about it some months ago.  I have been listening since, and it's just so good.  Perfect for working out, perfect for when you need to get stuff done, and perfect for having a dance party...even if that dance party is just in the kitchen while you are cooking, haha!  It has a great mix of songs that are classics and then new stuff, too.  I was always love the Jazz for Studying station, The Standards station and the Chicago station, but lately, this one has edged out those old favorites out as a new favorite. 

3.  Blue Light Glasses.  The past week and a half was one of my busier times at work, and leading up to that, I could tell I was having some eye strain.  Since I couldn't not for the life of me get my original pair of blue light glasses cleaned, I grabbed this two pack from Amazon for just under $20.  The two packs come in a few different color options, and I can't get over how light weight they are.  Definitely worth the purchase.

4.  Running Improvements.  I decided recently that I wanted to get into running again.  Running used to be my workout of choice for a long time, but I got away from it and even though I have attempted to get back to it a few times, it never really has happened.  But, I am giving it another go now.  One of the things that pushed me to start was the Peloton app Walking + Running workouts.  I figured these classes would be a great way to get me started running again, and slowly help me build up my endurance.  It's only been a few weeks, but I was feeling really good about it to start.  Then last week, I am not sure what happened, but I kind of went backwards.  I had to take more breaks, and skipped some of the running parts of the workout class.  To be honest, I was a bit frustrated with myself.  But, I want to really try and stick with it this time, so I did another class this week, one that I had actually done the week before.  And I was able to run during all the running times!  I felt pretty darn proud of myself.  Definitely was a favorite for the week.

5.  Feels life Fall.  The St. Louis area had amazing weather this week.  Usually August is hot and humid, but this week we got a taste of fall.  And it was so lovely.  While it did warm up during the days, the mornings would start in the 60's, and the evenings would end in the low 70's or even back in the 60's.  I opened up the windows one day, and there is something about that smell of that fresh air.  It's so good.  Unfortunately the heat is making its way to us, but I am going to soak in this last bit of wonderful weather while I can!

On the blog this week...

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  1. I can’t wait to see what color you picked for your bathroom!

  2. I can't wait to see if they have those Chobani creamers at my Publix. I'm going Monday and will be on the lookout for them. And thanks for the PSA about the Pandora Hip Hop station!! I've been listening to tons of old school 90s and early 2000s hip hop on my solo sunroof drives lately so I'm sure I'll love that station. It's by far, one of my favorite genres!!

    And way to go with your walking and running goals! I have noticed that you have been getting in workouts almost every single day lately so that's awesome! Your endurance will be back in no time!

    Enjoy your time with your parents this weekend! I can't wait to see the finished bathroom!! EEK!

  3. We had our first little dip in weather and I immediately started pinning to a fall board LOL!! I dont think I could have survived all the computer time without my blue light glasses!! Hope you have a great weekend! xo, Biana

  4. I need to check out this hip hop station. I love that sort of music for working out. And I haven't seen that creamer yet. I will look this weekend as now I am very intrigued. Have a great weekend!