6 Months with One Peloton: My Peloton Review

Back in February, I shared my '1 month with One Peloton' review.  I mentioned in that post I would do a six month review, just to check back in, and that is exactly what I am doing today!

Rewinding a bit...in January I got a Peloton bike.  With the bike, you also need the Peloton app.  When I first started, I mostly used the bike and cycled.  I did do a few yoga workouts, but again most of my focus was on cycling.  And I absolutely loved it.  Fast forward to now, I still really love the bike, but I have a new appreciation for the app.  There are just so many great workout options on there!

Here are my current thoughts on the bike:
Again, I absolutely love it.  I love it for all the reasons I stated back in February - it's convenient, it's not too big for exercise equipment, there are loads of class options, the leaderboard helps me push myself when I am looking for that in a ride (and I can hide it I don't want that bit of competitiveness), the screen is the perfect size, and I love being able to see all my stats in my profile.

My favorite instructors are still Robin Arzon and Leanne Hainsby.  Both of them are super positive, super encouraging, and tough.  They push you, but in the best way possible.  I also have been enjoying Cody Rigsby, too.

I recently discovered artist rides, where the music for the ride is by the same artist.  I have done the Backstreet Boys ride (Cody), Dolly Parton ride (Robin), and Britney Spears ride (Cody).  All have been SO enjoyable, and leave me dripping in sweat.  Which, to be honest, pretty much every ride leaves me dripping, haha!

In terms of length, I have been doing 30 minute rides, followed by 10 minutes of arms (unless the ride has arms in it).  The arms are often done while seated on the bike, which makes it easy to hit start immediately after a ride.  Leanne has been my go-to instructor for arms.  Oh my goodness,  you will feel the burn.

As far as wear and tear on the bike, I feel like it's still good as new.  No complaints!  

If you aren't in the market for a bike, but are looking for a workout app, I highly suggestion the Peloton app.  I have tried a bunch of different workout programs / apps, but this one has been my favorite.  

It's broken down into different groupings - Strength, Yoga, Cardio, Meditation, Running, Outdoor, Cycling, Stretching, Bootcamp, and Walking.  You can filter on the length of the class, the type of the class within each grouping, the instructor, the music, and the difficulty level.  You can also sort the classes to see what is new, what is trending, what is popular, what is top rated, what's easy and what's hard.  So many options!

The Outdoor / Walking workouts are some of my favorites.  It's a fun way to switch up an outdoor walk.  I like having a voice to tell me to speed up, or slow down, stand up straight, etc.  Plus you get good soundtracks, too.

The Yoga is another one I really enjoy.  I haven't done it as much, but it's a nice option and the different difficulty levels is good for beginners like me.  I have done yoga here and there throughout the years, but I am definitely, definitely still a beginner, haha.  As far as instructors go, I enjoy Anna Greenberg.  

Most recently, I have gotten into the walk + run outdoor workouts.  I decided I wanted to get back to running, and will be using these workouts to help me get there.  You do a mix of running and walking, and as with the walking classes, I like having the instruction of when to walk and when to run.

The only complaint I have about the app is I wish they would add some new outdoor walking classes.  I enjoy redoing them, but it would be nice to have something new.  Could be that this was impacted by COVID, but I am not sure.

Overall, I really love One Peloton.  The workouts are great, and the instructors are fantastic.  There are so many different options - both with the workouts and the instructors that you can truly find a class or a person that you mesh well with.  And that makes all the difference.

Something that truly impressed me was how they adapted seemingly seamlessly to COVID.  The rides that Robin and Leanne did from their homes have honestly been some of my favorites.  I have said this to others before, but I honestly feel like having the Peloton bike and the app have helped to keep me sane during these times.

If you have any questions, please let me know!  Also, if you are part of One Peloton, I would love to hear what your favorite thing about it is!

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  1. I really wish there were more outdoor walking ones too!

  2. What an incredible purchase you made right before everything went south -who would have thought!! So glad youre still loving it. If I had the space, I would get one ASAP!xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  3. We have been debating a Peleton bike....if you have a chance I would love for you to send me a picture showing me how it looks in your space for sizing. :) but no pressure. My gym has finally opened back up so I'm getting workouts again. I suck with accountability but have always thought the Peleton might work if I scheduled some workouts with others.

  4. I agree that it's been the best purchase!! And you're right, I love how the instructors adapted and started teaching classes from their homes. I really liked seeing the different set ups ha!!! I've really enjoyed the strength classes too!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  5. Thanks for sharing your thoughts again. I don't think we would have ever even considered one because of the cost, but with COVID and being at home so much and extreme heat in the summer and then really cold winters, I feel like we need something to get more movement in.

  6. I have heard such great things about both the bike and the app! Thanks for linking up with Hello Monday! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road

  7. I like Cody as well. And Jessica is another favorite of mine. I only get to use it when I go on work trips. I soooo want to buy one!

  8. I want one soooo bad. All of you Peleton riders have made me feel like I NEED one. And they have Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears rides?! OMG, that just made me want one even more. With the gym situation in jeopardy from Covid it sure would be nice to have something like that at home!

  9. Thats sounds great - and wow sounds like you are pushing yourself! We are thinking of getting a Nordic Track running machine - but it is so hard finding them - with quarantine everyone is having the samae idea!

    1. Yes! I am so glad I got this pre-COVID, because I have heard of issues here as well!

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