5 Summer Wardrobe Favorites

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When I sat down to come up with some of summer wardrobe favorites for this post, I wrote down jean shorts, and then four different pairs of shoes.  Which, I have always love shoes, so that isn't all that surprising.  What was surprising, though, were the shorts.  I always was more of a summer dress girl, but I have fallen back in love with shorts again, after getting a pair from Abercrombie (of all places)!

Favorite Shorts: Mom Shorts from Abercrombie (size up).  I mentioned these before, and I continue to love them.  I was on the hunt for jean shorts this year, and was striking out.  I usually would just go get a pair or two from Old Navy, because, honestly, I didn't wear jean shorts all that often.  Previously, my summer wardrobe was pretty much work clothes, comfy clothes, and then dresses.  But, since being at home, it's quite different - a combination of comfy clothes, and then casual clothes.  I still throw on a dress every now and then, but I would say my 'summer uniform' these days consists of these shorts paired with some kind of top.  I love the higher waist, the looseness around the leg, and the 4 inch inseam - not too short but not too long.  The material is a true jean material, with no real stretch, which helps them keep their shape and good fit.  I cannot recommend these enough!

Favorite Shoes: 
Adidas Slides.  I grabbed these earlier this year to slip on during my 'fresh air breaks' during work.  I like to wear socks around the house, so I was specifically looking for a slide option so I wasn't always taking my socks on and off.  While I will probably wear these all throughout the year (stepping out quick to take the trash out, etc.), they are great for this time of year.  And would make really great pool shoes if you are in need of some!

Birkenstocks.  I have had these shoes for years, but feel like this year I have been reaching for them more and more.  I think the fact that I can slip them on is probably why, but they also go well with my 'uniform' of shorts and a casual top.  I haven't been out all that much, but for times when I have, or ever when I was back home and we were outside playing with my nephews, these were the sandals I wore!

Natives.  As I am typing this, I am sensing a theme...slip on shoes!  Guess the simpler the better these days?  I reach for these when I want something to cover my whole foot, but am not wear socks.  These were my disc golf shoes when I went out with my brother.  They got a bit dirty from the grass and dirt, but it's easy peasy to clean them, since you can basically just hose them off!

Woven Sandals.  I had the suede pair of these last year, but when I saw they had this more neutral option on sale earlier this year (on sale now, too!), I snagged a pair.  These shoes are extremely comfortable.  Extremely!  If I were to go out and about and be walking around somewhere, I wouldn't hesitate to put these on.  I like that they go with everything, and again, the comfort level is what gets me with these shoes.  Of course, I haven't gotten to wear them quite as much as I might have initially thought, but I know they will hold up to next year, and they do get pulled out for my 'big' outings, like trips to the dentist, haha!

Obviously I need a little help in the tops department.  If you have any favorites that are casual, but have a little something of interest to make them just a bit prettier than a plain tee, please send recommendations my way!

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  1. Do the Natives make your feet sweat? Harrison has a pair but, like you said, I love the fact that you can just hose them down when they get dirty.
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. The espadrille sandals are a proper summer essential, aren't they? I could do with about 10 pairs! The ones you featured are fab!

    1. Yes, I totally agree! Thank you - I love the ones I got last year, but these might be my favorite. :)

  3. Sophia's summer shoe is the native sandal - it's seriously the best and I had no clue there was adult sizes!! Love it! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  4. Oh, I used to have the black and white Adidas slides back in high school when they were all the rage and I LOVED them. It hasn't ever occurred to me to see if they still make some. I love those pink ones you posted! So convenient for slipping on with socks like you said. And yes, girl, NATIVES. I'm obsessed with mine. They are seriously some of the best shoes I've ever put on my feet. I love them. And they hold up so well! Mine are a couple of years old now and they still look great!

  5. i'm struggling with the tops too. it feels like there are just tank tops and tshirts, which are fine, but they get boring. then there are fancier/going out/crop tops/weird things and absolutely nothing in between the two.
    i am very intrigued by those jean shorts. i have a lot of trouble with shorts, with my shape and height. but they look super cute, long enough but not bermuda and high waist???? PERFECT. lol

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