My Everyday, Go-To Salad Recipe

This salad is truly my 'everyday' salad...or at least every weekday salad.  Since the beginning of staying at home, I have been making this salad for lunch.  Previously, when I went into the office, I would utilize the bagged salads you could find at the store for lunch.  They were just a whole lot simpler, not having to do all that chopping.  But with being home, I kind of enjoy the chopping that comes with making a yummy salad and actually find it kind of soothing!  This salad has been one of the silver linings of working from home these past months.  

I call this a recipe, but really it's an ingredient list.  The making it part is super easy - chop all the ingredients up, and toss together with your favorite dress!

My Everyday, Go-To Salad Recipe
Shredded Carrots
Red Pepper
Muenster Cheese
Sunflower Seeds

Notes:  I usually toss in some kind of chicken, too, whether it be rotisserie chicken (I like to buy them from the grocery store on a pretty regular basis, take the meat off the chicken, portion it in snack baggies, then freeze for later use), or if I have leftovers from a previous meal, like leftover wings, that will get thrown in there, too.

For the dressing, I really enjoy Tessamae's Lemon Garlic dressing.  It's super light and has a really refreshing taste.

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  1. I love how colorful this is! I’m totally making this and the chicken in snack baggies is such a great idea!

  2. Yum!! I try to do a couple salads a week which is what I would normally do while at work!! I'll have to try this one! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  3. Wow that looks amazing actually. So simple too!

  4. I've found myself enjoying cooking more since working from home, haha. I don't feel as rushed in the evenings. Your salad looks yummy! xo

    1. YES! Even though my work commute was nothing, it still makes the evenings feel so different just walking downstairs.

  5. Love it all minus the cucumbers ha! And you've plated it so pretty :)
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  6. I love a simple salad and I love that you add muenster cheese to it. I haven't had that cheese in awhile.

  7. This looks like such a good mix! I've just started making salads again this week & I'm definitely going to add bacon and sunflower seeds as a topping option.

  8. I love salads and I eat them frequently for lunch, too. I need some new stuff to try and this one sounds delicious. I'm not sure I've ever had Muenster cheese but now I want to try it!

  9. YES! I am loving this simple, fresh recipe! I love muenster cheese and seeds are so good on salads!