Friday Favorites: World of Dance, Find Your Path, S'well Bottle, Apple Watch & 4th Decor

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Happy Friday!  I hope you all have had a great week.  I have five favorites from the week to share, so let's get into it!

1.  World of Dance.  Season 4 of World of Dance started a few weeks ago, and I have been so excited about it.  I don't watch many of the competition shows, but this one, this one I watch.  And love.  The dancers are all so, so good and I thoroughly enjoy the trio of judges (Ne-Yo, Jennifer Lopez, and Derek Hough).  Like most shows these days, they include snippets of 'behind the scenes' and it's fun to see how they interact in those settings.

2.  Find Your Path by Carrie Underwood.  I purchased Carrie Underwood's book not too long ago, and spent some time during my week off reading it.  I haven't made it all the way through, but one of the key takeaways has been running through my mind this week.  The gist of it is to basically workout the days you can (even when you don't want to), because there will be days where you can't.  Pretty common sense, right?  Well, for some reason reading it in this book and how she wrote about it just really resonated with me.  It's helped me be a bit more disciplined this week.  For example, I usually try to get in a walk after work a few times during the week.  It's a great way to unwind from work, move a bit more, and soak up the sunshine and soak in the fresh air.  But, I don't always feel motivated to do it.  This week, I just sucked it up and went, because there was time to and no reason not to.  I was always glad to do it, and I think come next week, when the forecast shows rain the whole week, I will be happy that I took the opportunity to get out while I could.

3. S'well Bottle.  For Mother's Day, I got my mom a S'well bottle with a sports cap.  And then shortly after hearing how much she liked it, I bought one for myself!  

I always have a bottle of water with me when I do my Peloton bike.  I kept loosing my bottle cap, though!  I would be spinning, trying to put the cap back on the bottle, and it was like I had butter fingers.  With the athletic cap from S'well, you can just push one side of the top down to open up the cap to get water - no need to unscrew and screw back on a cap!  There is no condensation on the bottle, either, so you don't have to worry about dropping the whole thing when you are sweating.  The bottle fits really well into the cup holder on the bike, too.  

I also decided to get a handle when I ordered my bottle.  I thought this would be handy to have for my walks when it's super hot out and I need to bring water with me.

If you are in of a water bottle, too, make sure to sign up for the emails - like most places, you'll get a discount to use on your purchase!  

4.  Apple Watch 'Find Your Phone' Button.  I have had my Apple Watch for about 2 months, and still really, really like it.  One of the features I have been using lately is the find your phone button.  I am amazed at the number of times I can't find my phone, or forget if it's upstairs or downstairs.  Instead of searching everywhere, I can just hit the button, then my phone will make a noise and I can find it easily that way.  It's even handy for those times it gets lost in your purse, haha!  Not that I have ever had to do that myself...ok yes, yes I am speaking from experience with that.  Really, though, it's just a great little extra that makes me love my watch even more!

5.  4th of July Decor.  When my mom was in town, she helped me decorate for the 4th of July.  I plan to share pictures next week, but wanted to link back to my post from last year where I just used flags from the dollar section at Target to add pops of red, white and blue around the house.  Little flags are great because they are a really inexpensive and easy way to add festive touches to your decor.

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  1. Can’t wait for your July 4th decor! Monday is our red, white and blue link up. You’ll have to link it up. Love handles fir carrying on water bottles.

  2. I'm going to have to check out the water bottle. I'm guilty of misplacing the lid on mine too! Love the flag display.

    1. I really like the bottle - I just used it this morning. And thank you - the flag display was inspired by my mom's BFF. She has the same set up at her house!

  3. I use that Apple Watch feature at least three times a day! So handy!!!

  4. The find your phone button is THE BEST. B used to always make fun of me because I was constantly saying, "Where's my phone?!" and now I don't have to. ;o) I love that philosophy from Carrie about working out, too. It makes total sense! I haven't read her book but I need to add it to my list!

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