Book Review: June 2020

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When Less Becomes More by Emily Ley
.  I flew through this book.  One part especially really spoke to me.  She describes a normal morning, full of technology, and a bit rushed.  Then she describes another morning where instead of checking an app for the weather, you step outside for a minute.  Just little changes that lessen the day, while making it the title says.

Big Summer by Jennifer Weiner.  This was one of the books on my spring/summer reading list.  And my first ebook from the library.  I still am shaking my head at myself for taking so dang long to download the app.  Anyways.  I thought the premise of this book was really interesting.  When I started reading it, though, I had to double check that it was the right book because it seemed so off.  But then it got to the description as shared online...followed by this big twist I had no idea was even coming.  About half way through the book you get a 'plot change' and I was just really surprised by it.  I wouldn't say this was a great read, but it did keep me intrigued and it's an interesting look at influencers.

Girls of Summer by Nancy Thayer.  I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley.  This book will make you try to plan a trip to Nantucket, haha.  It truly sounds like such a neat place.  However, there were some part of the book that were a little eh for me.  Either things happened way too fast, or they were way too sweet and cheesy.  I should note that I do enjoy a good cheese and happy ending, but this seemed to be a little bit too much.

The Honey-Don't List by Christina Lauren.  I have really been enjoying the authors behind Christina Lauren.  Just very enjoyable reads!  You have a husband and wife DIY duo who has taken the world by storm, only to find out that maybe everything isn't as perfect as it seems.  And then you have the people behind them trying to hold it together.  Like I said, very enjoyable.  I read this one real quick.  I was thinking throughout the book that two of the main characters just need to talk to each other, communicate and things would be so much simpler, but then I guess you wouldn't have a book would you?  

Seduction in Death by J.D. Robb.  Since I finally figured out the app my library uses, I have been able to continue with the 'in Death' series.  I really like these books - the settings is just so interesting and I love the love story, as well as the friendships surrounding the main character.

Recommendations to read out of this bunch?  When Less Becomes More (if you enjoy lifestyle books), and The Honey-Don't List.  And if you want to start in on a series, on that has a ton of books you can fall back on, I definitely recommend the 'in Death' books.

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  1. I'm very slowly reading Grace not Perfection right now, When Less Becomes More sounds really good too! Yay for using your library app.

  2. Did you pick up on the main characters' reference to that famous couple? I kept trying to remind myself that it wasn't who it was supposed to be haha!!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  3. I am reading Big Summer right now, and totally agree with your review. I want to finish it, but it sure won't be a 5 star read for me.

  4. I've seen so many people reading Big Summer but had no idea what it was about. Sounds intriguing.

  5. stepping outside to check the weather instead of the app kind of blows my mind? haha. i'd have to turn my alarm system off to open the door to check the weather, and i'd need to open an app to do that so kind of defeats the purpose but i do like the idea lol.
    look at you using the ebooks from the library, i'm so proud lol.
    oh how are you enjoying netgalley? there's a new nora roberts one on there! the awakening it's called!

  6. I enjoyed the Girls of Summer mostly for the Nantucket references! I thought it was a cute story and while I am not a huge fan of loose ends I thought they got tied up just a bit to quickly.

  7. I loved the honey don't list. Made me think of chip & johanna.

  8. I didn't love Big Summer but I didn't hate Big Summer.

  9. When Less Becomes More was my absolute favorite read so far this year! It spoke to me on so many levels and really made me examine the way I do things. I made some changes already this year and it has done worlds of good for me! The Honey-Don't List Sounds really cute, too! I have a book for you to read if you haven't already... The Thousandth Floor. OH MY WORD, it's so good! I read it at the beach in just over 1 day and it's really long. I couldn't put it down!! Literally! And it's a trilogy so there's more!! I'm dying to get my hands on book 2... just waiting on my hold to be available at the library!!


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