Weekend Recap: Weekend 7 at Home

Well...this is kind of funny.  I wrote this on Monday morning, thought I posted it, and realized I never hit publish.  Whoops!

Hey all, happy Monday Wednesday.  I had a really good weekend.  The weather was gorgeous, I got out for a few walks, and I was a cleaning machine!

It didn't start out the best.  Work has been super busy, and then Friday morning I learned about an incident that had happened at my brother and sister in law's house.  I don't want to go into details since it happened to them, but it was pretty scary and while thankfully everyone is ok, it could have been a lot worse.  As I kept thinking about it, I just got more and more upset of the 'what if's' and just the fact that it happened, and adding that with the stress of being at home, plus the stress of work, well it just all kind of hit at once.  I spent most of the day working, stopping for a quick dinner, and then finally capping the night off with a show.

Saturday was a welcomed new day, and I quickly pulled on some workout clothes and set out for a walk.  I have been enjoying the Peloton Outdoor exercises on the app, and did a walk.  I even jogged a bit during some of the power walk intervals, and somehow thought that because those little 40 seconds jogs were not too bad, I could attempt a run.  Well, that lasted a whopping 2 minutes, haha!  I still did the 'run', except made it into a walk.  It had intervals as well, and I did jog during those which felt like a huge accomplishment!  Baby steps!  After a super yummy breakfast, I got down to business.  I spent a lot of the weekend cleaning (stress cleaning, I think, haha!), and goodness I can't remember a time the whole house has been this spic and span.  I tackled some of the items that had gotten out of control, like the freezer, and even flipped the couch cushions.  I did take a break during cleaning to watch the last iRacing challenge with my family via FaceTime.  It was such an exciting race.  My fantasy team did terrible (my 4.5 year old nephew killed out butts!), but it was really fun to watch.  There were quite a few crashes, and while you never want those, in this case they are kind of ok because no one has a risk of getting hurt!

Sunday morning I woke up to sunshine, so I headed out for another walk.  It was a welcome surprise, because when I had last looked the day before, the app was showing rain.  I took a bit to relax, enjoying a cup of coffee and watching The Pioneer Woman - one of my favorite ways to ease into the day during the week.  After, I continued on with my cleaning, and spent the entire day either cleaning and working.  One of the highlights of the day was getting a FaceTime from my brother.  My nephew wasn't eating his dinner, and I used to do that myself when I was younger, haha.  My parents would tell me I would have to eat X amount before I left the table, and I was so stubborn so I would still be sitting at the dinner table after everyone else had finished, and cleaned up after dinner.  I relayed that story to my nephew, and while I don't know if it helped that much, he ate his dinner and I got a call after to let me know.  

All in all, it was a super productive weekend.  It felt great to get things accomplished, and I think keeping busy helped keep some of the stress I was feeling Friday at bay the rest of the weekend.

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  1. So great that you could enjoy the nice weather - I think that is an instant mood booster for me! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  2. So sorry to hear about the incident, but glad to hear they are okay and thankful for ways God protected them. Glad the rest of the weekend was good and I love the Pioneer Woman show too, especially these that are made with her family. Have a good day.

  3. So glad your family is ok! Sounds like you had an awesome, productive weekend. Happy Wednesday!

  4. I'm still just so glad that your brother and SIL are okay. So much craziness going on in this world so that was the last thing they needed! At least there was a happy ending, though! Thank goodness!

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