May Goals & Habits

We are almost half way through the month, but I still wanted to share my monthly goals and habits.  I like making these, because they give me a few key things to focus on throughout the month!

Here's how my April goals & habits went...

1.  Clean out sweaters.  Done...ish.  Third time wasn't fully a charm, but I did get through all my sweaters, and pulled out the ones I need to try on to see if they go in the keep pile, or in the consignment shop pile.  But I did at least get a start on it!

2.  Clean out desk space.  Done...ish.  I went through all my paper files, and cleaned up the space around the desk, but I never got around to doing the desk drawers.  Again, some progress, but not completely complete! 

3.  Put Christmas decor on shelving in basement.  Done!  I can fully check this one off the list.  It's amazing how much more floor space I have in the basement with those decorations up off the floor and on shelving!

4.  Clean out under the kitchen sink.  Done!  Everything is back to being organized and in its place under the sink.

1.  Daily devotional.  I still am not doing this 100% on the weekends, but better than before!

2.  End the night with a clean kitchen.  I feel like I am doing so much better about this.  Like the above, it's still not 100% of the time, so not fully a habit, but it's definitely more often than not.

3.  Weekly yard work.  Whomp, whomp...I did yard work I think once this month.  It's gotten pretty bad, and has me wishing I had done it weekly.  Hopefully this month will be an improvement!

4.  Delete junk mail at the end of each day.  This really wasn't a priority at all last month, and my inboxes just keep building up.  

I think I overestimated my ability to get things done during a super busy time at work.  Luckily things should be slowing down soon, so hopefully this second half of the month will be a productive one!

1.  Clean the microwave.  I always think I need to do this each time I use the microwave, but then forget about it the second the food is heated up!

2.  Clean out desk drawers.  A carry over from the month before. 

3.  De-pill sweaters.  I ordered something from Amazon to help with this, and I am hoping that it works as well as the reviews say!  

4.  Clean out dresser drawers.  Since I (sorta) got through my sweaters, I figure it's time to tackle the rest of the dresser drawers!

1.  Daily devotional.  

2.  End the night with a clean kitchen.  

3.  Weekly yard work.  

4.  Delete junk mail at the end of each day.  

That's it for May.  Again, I am hoping for a productive month!  Are you hoping to accomplish anything this month? 

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  1. I think you're going to have a great productive month! I need to go through my sweaters too! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  2. I love your habits for this month! I am trying to focus on using what I have this month and getting back into a routine as some of my usual commitments are winding down for the summer this month.

  3. I never remember to clean our microwave and it ends up getting really bad before I finally do it. You did really well with your goals this month!