Home Tour: Loft

Today is my final home tour post!  If you remember last month, I shared a home decor post (link here), because the one space I still had to share in my home tour, my loft, was a bit of a mess with starting to work from home.

My office area still isn't decorated, but it was cleaned up enough for pictures.  Part of the reason I wanted to do a home tour on my blog, was because I wanted to document things as is, because it really does take time to make a house a home.

This little loft area was a big seller for me when looking at this condo.  I had originally wanted three bedrooms, so that I could have a guest room, and an office.  My place is only a two bedroom, but the loft gives me the office space I was looking for.  And now, it also serves at the home for my Peloton bike, too!

I am getting a bit ahead of myself, though, because what I first want to share is the little vignette at the top of the stairs.

I knew I wanted some type of table at the top of the stairs, but with the space up there, it needed to be narrow.  My grandma and mom came across this cabinet at a garage sale, and for $40 (or maybe it was $45?) it was mine!  It's the perfect size for the space, and I love the rich wood tone.  

The wicker mirror is something I already had from Target.  I was thrilled to find a home for it!  I had started collecting milk glass vases, and my mom had the idea to use this galvanized tray to house them all.  Books, topped by a little battery candle finish off the space.  It's simple, and can be dressed up for any occasion.

To the side is another great garage sale find.  I think my mom and dad found it at a local garage sale for $5, or so.  It's just super neat, and so very old.  The coolest things about it, is the paper at the top.  There are a bunch of different 'pages' if you will, and the condition it is in, given the age is just remarkable.  I settled on the math page, because that was one of my favorite subjects in school.  I'd like to do some neat chalk art on the board, but I can't quite decide what to put on there.  

I just recently added my LV boxes underneath.  It add some color to the space, and I like seeing them every time I go upstairs, or in the hall.  It's important to me to decorate with things I love, even if they are old purse boxes!

Moving to the actual loft area, as you can see this is both my office, and my gym.  It's really nice to have my bike in a normal spot in the house, and not in the basement.  I honestly don't know if I would use it, or enjoy it as much, if it were down there.  

The office area is pretty special, because the desk came from my parents' best friend's house after he passed.  My dad painted it for me, going a few shades darker than my wall color, and I really loved the way it turned out.  I still need to organize it a bit better, but it's been so handy the past 5+ weeks.  

Right now, the chair is just one pulled from the dining table, and as soon as I make it through my massive pile of papers I am shredding, the shredder will go upstairs by my desk.  

This space still has a long way to go, but right now it is very functional, which is all I can really as for, especially during this time!

That wraps up my home tour.  If you want to check out any of the other spaces, you can click on the home tour page here, or at the top of the page and each post is linked there.

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  1. We had a loft in one house that we used as an office and as a movie room (projector onto the wall). We loved that space!
    I love the easel too. I have an old school desk that I hope to find a home for like this some day.

  2. What a great little space to work out in an use as office! Great garage sale find and I love the story behind your desk. I have a desk in my office space that used to be my grandparents before the passed. I love it.

  3. That cabinet is just gorgeous! Y'all always find the best stuff!! And what a great space to keep your Peloton!! I'm with you, if I had my exercise equipment hidden away, I probably wouldn't use it as much.