April Goals & Habits

The start of the new month means new goals!

First, here's how March went.

1.  Clean out sweaters.  Fail - I have had zero desire to do this!  I need to get on it, though!

2.  Reorganize the pantry.  Check!  This was so darn fulfilling to do.  And timely.  Not only does the pantry look great, but it gave me a chance to take stock of what items I have, that way I can make use of them while staying at home and keeping grocery store runs to a minimum.

3.  Closet clean out - bottoms.  Check!  I got rid of quite a few things, as well as discovered a few pants I didn't think fit anymore, actually did.  That sure was a pleasant surprise.  I reorganized my athletic/comfy bottoms in some hanging shelves, and it's kept things so much neater.  Plus, moving my comfy bottoms to there from my pajama drawer caused me to clean that, too.  I'd say that's a win win!

4.  Clean out seasoning drawer.  Check!  I was able to get rid of some old items, and immediately replaced those I needed, leaving me well stocked.  It's still a pretty full drawer, but at least now everything is well organized!   

1.  Daily devotional.  Making some good progress on this one!  I forgot a few times (maybe 2-3), but overall I improved over last month which I say is a win!    

2.  End the night with a clean kitchen.  I am definitely improving on this, too!  Still not 100%, but I would definitely say more often than not.  

3.  Make lunch the night before.  This one isn't really applicable anymore, given I am working from home.  I make my lunch at lunch each day, and don't mind it one bit!     

4.  Meal plan (realistically) & make grocery list by Saturday afternoon.  Again, another habit that isn't really applicable.  It's easier to fly by the seat of my pants while at home.  I know what items I have, and can throw them together according to my tastes that day.  

March was a bit of an odd month, given half of it was 'normal', and the other half was anything but.  However, it was a pretty successful month for me in terms of goals and habits!

I am hoping April is even more successful!

April Bullet Journal Ideas - Monthly Layout Spread | Cover Page | Setup

1.  Clean out sweaters.  Third time's a charm on this one!  At least I hope...

2.  Clean out desk space.  My desk area needs a little cleaning out.  The space was pretty much on the back burner, but since I am use it to work from now, I want to get things in order.  That means going through the drawers, and putting that pile of papers that have accumulated in the proper folders.  

3.  Put Christmas decor on shelving in basement.  I ordered some metal shelving earlier this year for my basement.  My plan is to go through all the items down there, and get them all organized on the shelves.  I have made a little bit of progress, but not as much as I had hoped.  This month I want to tackle my Christmas decor.  Since I just went through all the items when putting everything away in January, I don't need to go through again and purge, but I do need to get them off the floor and onto the shelves.  It shouldn't be too bad but I have a ton of decor, so I imagine it will take a little maneuvering to figure out the placement of everything.

4.  Clean out under the kitchen sink.  With the addition of some extra soaps, and my kitchen towels everywhere, this space could use a little attention.  It's pretty organized already, things just need to be straightened up a bit.

1.  Daily devotional.

2.  End the night with a clean kitchen.

3.  Weekly yard work.  It's that time of year again!  I want to stay on top of things this year, and do a little upkeep each week.  In the past, I would sometimes give it a few weeks, and then it would take so much longer to get things in tip top shape.  If I do a quick weeding and pruning each week, it will be way more manageable.

4.  Delete junk mail at the end of each day.  My personal inboxes are a bit out of control.  To help with that, I would like to make it a point each day to go through and delete the junk mail, that way it doesn't accumulate like it has in the past.  Eventually I'd like to get to the point where it's at 0 at the end of each day, but baby steps.  I think doing this daily will go a long way!

While all this extra time at home, and no where to go, I am hoping that by the end of April, all these items will have a 'check!' next to them.

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  1. Good luck with your goals! I'm working from home now too and thought I would be getting so much more stuff done here. Somehow that hasn't happened yet!

    1. Thanks! I have found that if I try to multitask and fit in some house stuff here and there it just doesn't bode well for a productive workday, so I haven't gotten much done either!

  2. I like that idea of tackling the yard work each week; we're good about getting it mowed but I am not so great about pulling out weeds. But you are right that tackling a bit each week would make the job so much easier!

    1. I usually wait until I can REALLY notice it, but then it seems like it takes forever. Hoping this will help things stay nicer, and be less of a 'chore'.

  3. I did the pantry today! I don't understand how that becomes such a cluster! I need to do under my bathroom sink next. Love your #1 and #2 habits!

  4. Well, you may not have tackled those sweaters, but you got so much other stuff accomplished!

  5. pantry reorganising right in the nick of time! i had a good routine with lunch the night before but like you, i am making lunch each day instead and it's pretty awesome. that part is going to suck about going back to normal lol, i forsee a lot of forgetting and eating takeout in my future. the going through your email each day is so helpful. i did about a month of unsubscribing to random emails each day and now i rarely get them. my inbox is much more peaceful lol

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