Weekend Recap: License Renewal, Organizing, Decorating & Grilling

This past weekend was a great one.  The weather was gorgeous, and I feel like I got tons done.

I took Friday off work to get some things done, like renew my license.  I had been putting it off for awhile, and it was kind of like a now or never thing.  Luckily it was pretty painless!  I got to the licensing place about 10 minutes prior to open, and got in line.  All in all, I was in and out in 40 minutes.  I would definitely call that a success!  I had a nice chat with my mom when I got home, and got to work on my March goals.  First up?  Cleaning out my bottoms.  I got through everything right before my lunch plans, which worked out well.  Plus I was able to get in my emissions test, because I have to renew my registration, too.  After lunch I headed to Kirklands for a little window shopping, and then to Target to get a hanging rack for my closet.  I wanted to come up with a better storage solutions for my workout shorts and leggings, and after consulting the queen of organization (Lindsay), I decided to give a hanging rack a try.  And I think it's going to work really well! 

I usually am good with going in and out of Target without really getting anything I don't need, but it was not the case this day.  I got some new outdoor mats to add to my backdoor (Home Sweet Home | Blue Plaid/Stripe).  While nothing something I really needed, I am glad I got them, because this little refresh makes a world of difference.

I had a few more things to do and then I got tired, haha, so it was time to relax and enjoy Friday afternoon/evening!  The icing on the day was a FaceTime call from my brother and his family.  Our Indy 500 tickets came in, which is always so exciting, and then of course getting to talk to my nephews never fails to put a smile on my face.

I slept in on Saturday, which was kind of nice, then go to work removing all my winter decor.  I was sad to see it go, but all the sunshine we've had lately was making me ready for spring!  It took me awhile to get everything up, since I was changing a few things around, and also trying to clean, too.  I missed my mom's help with decorating, but she helped remotely, giving her opinion on all the pictures I sent her.  I spent the evening relaxing, watching some Chicago Fire.

I struggled waking up to my alarm on Sunday.  Usually that hour change doesn't bother me too much, but I was a bit cranky come Sunday!  I had a few errands to run after church.  I had a picture to frame at Michaels, and I was so disappointed, because they discontinued the previous frame I had gotten.  I guess it goes to show I should have gotten them done at the same time, but I wasn't 100% certain where this picture would go, and how big I needed it.  Oh well!  Once I got home, I opened the windows and got busy in the kitchen, cooking some mostaccioli to stock the freezer with, all whilst jamming to the Chicago station on Pandora.  And I checked off another item on my goals list - the spice drawer!  

I really cannot express how perfect the weather was on Sunday.  I even got the patio chairs out and had the first grill of the season!

It was a really great weekend, and Monday brought on my birthday week!  Come on Friday - I am ready to celebrate!

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  1. I hope that shelf works well for you! I've been organizing my workout bottoms like that for years now and I still can't think of a better way to do it! Your weekend did sound truly perfect, though... a perfect mix of getting stuff done and relaxing!

  2. So glad you had a nice. relaxing and productive weekend! I'm WFH for the foreseeable future and looking forward to little things getting done around the house - spring cleaning here I come! I hope everything with Indy tickets goes on as planned - they are cancelling things left and right! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. I bought some storage containers and put them in my closet. I hope I can keep them😂

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  4. Hello Emily, your blog's so cosy... I love it! Nice to hear you have that shelf, they're so important. And yes, girl, just relax when you can. Hope to see you around! :)