Weekend Recap: Weekend 2 at Home

This past weekend was one of pure relaxation.  I had a few house things I thought I would do, but instead, I plopped myself on the couch for pretty much the entire weekend and enjoyed it to the fullest.

Friday night, about 6:30, I settled in on the couch for the night and proceeded to watch a few episodes Chicago Fire.  I am still absolutely loving that show!

Saturday was much of the same, although I did take a break from Chicago Fire to watch the Indycar iRacing Challenge with my brother, nephews and dad via Zoom.  Indycar is a family favorite.  I have attended the Indy 500 the last three years with my dad and brother, who have been attending it for a lot longer than that.  It's always been a neat thing, but what has really gotten us all to be big fans is my nephew.  He is so into it, and in turn, so are we.  I initially started watching the races because it was so fun to talk to my nephew about them afterwards, but as I did that, I found I enjoyed them a lot, too!  So I went from having them on in the background to actually watching them for myself, haha!  Since the start of the season has been postponed, Indycar is doing a few iRacing Challenges, where the drivers are in simulators, doing a race.  I had no idea what the expect, but it was pretty darn neat to see.  The graphics were amazing - at just a glance you would think you were watching the real deal.  I think we will be watching a few more of the challenges together via Zoom, and I have to say I am pretty excited about that.  

Sunday was a beautiful day, albeit a bit windy.  I went for a long walk in the morning, soaking in the fresh air and sunshine.  The skies were just so darn blue!  I opened the windows at home, did a bit of laundry, and just enjoyed the end of the weekend.

It truly was the laziest of weekends.  Sometimes when I have weekends like that, by the time Sunday evening rolls around I start cursing myself for not doing enough or not being product.  Not this time, though!  Thank goodness for that.  Guess it was just what I needed!


  1. Love that you were able to truly enjoy your relaxing weekend! My husband has been doing iRacing for several years so its been fun for us to see Indycar & Nascar embrace the situation and broadcast their own races - even with commentators & the National Anthem lol!

  2. Your house is so cozy! It's so nice to still be able to virtually enjoy things with family when you can't be together. It feels like it has been cloudy or overcast here forever, we had a few hours of sun the other day and it was such a nice treat!

  3. I love the beautiful sunshine you had! My husband iRaces and has really been in to watching them now too!

  4. Somebody else posted about the iRacing that all of the Indy and Nascar drivers are doing and it's just so cool! It's amazing, the creativity that comes out of people during times of craziness like this!