March Goals & Habits

Well, somehow February has come and gone in an instant!  It wasn't too bad of a month in terms of productivity, and looking back on my goals and habits list from the last month, has me feeling pretty good!  Here's a look.

1.  Clean out sweaters.  Nope.  I kept meaning to do this, but honestly, I just was not in the mood to get out ALL the sweaters, separate them, try on ones I wasn't sure about, etc.  That said, it still needs to get done! 

2.  Clean out bathroom closet.  Check!  I spent the last day of February working on this little clean out. It took hardly any time at all - makes me thankful for the big clean out/reorg I did last year! The old stuff is gone, packaging has been recycled, and everything is put away nicely, ready to be used.  I also took this as an opportunity to restock some items.  I always try to have one extra on hand, that way I never actually run out.  I have learned the hard way on this!  And since I often buy toiletries at Target, I always like to try and take advantage of their deals where you buy multiples of something and get a gift card.  A little off topic, so going back to the main point - I can check this one off the list!

3.  Freezer clean out.  Check!  Goodness, this one felt SO good to do.  The joy I get out of opening the freezer with everything neatly organized is a bit ridiculous.  I made a list of all the frozen meat in the freezer and have been making sure to meal plan based on what I already have.  Makes things a bit easier when coming up for meals for the week and also saves money!    

4.  Walk at the gym 1 time per week.  Check!  Or at least I think...haha!  I know I missed the gym one week, but I got in a walk outside, so I would say that is still a win.  

1.  Daily devotional.  Well, this was a bit of a fail.  I think I only did it 1, maybe 2 weekend days this month.  Which is better than none, but initially went I wrote this as a habit I would like to create, I thought it would be more of a no brainer.  I am so good during the week, but once I get out of that routine, it goes out the window.  Hoping to improve on this going forward!

2.  End the night with a clean kitchen.  Getting better!  One day this will be a regular habit!

3.  Make lunch the night before.  I truly am not doing well at this, haha.  I don't know why?!  I know it makes the next day so much smoother.   

4.  Meal plan (realistically) & make grocery list by Saturday afternoon.  Another one I am getting better at, although it's still not quite yet a habit.  Meal planning with simpler meals in the mix has been super helpful this month.  I don't dread meal planning quite as much as I used to.  I can't seem to always get it together by Saturday afternoon, though.  I used to be much better and would even start planning the week before, but I got totally off track with that, and so far it's been tough to get even a little more ahead with it.  

Great Expectations Charles Dickens Quotes

Here's what I am hoping to do this month...

1.  Clean out sweaters.  Take two!

2.  Reorganize the pantry.  My pantry has always been pretty organized (I shared a look inside last year - post here), but I have moved a few things around, since and it could use a little refresh.  The top shelf has some space open, and then the bottom is more open, too, since I moved the food processor and a few other things to the basement.  I am sure things won't change dramatically, but taking a fresh look to see what can be done to utilize the whole space more efficiently can't hurt!

3.  Closet clean out - bottoms.  I am not quite ready to tackle a full closet clean out, so I plan to do little by little, starting with my bottoms - pants, shorts and skirts.  I only wear a couple pairs of jeans, but have more, and I also have a bunch of leggings that probably haven't see the light of day in at least a year.  Time for them to go and lighten up that section of the closet!

4.  Clean out seasoning drawer.  As I was putting away groceries last night, I could barely get the drawer that houses all my seasonings to close!  Time to clean it out.     

1.  Daily devotional.  

2.  End the night with a clean kitchen.  

3.  Make lunch the night before.    

4.  Meal plan (realistically) & make grocery list by Saturday afternoon.   

Do you have any goals you'd like to complete this month?  Or any habits you'd like to integrate in your routine?

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  1. I did the seasoning/spice cleanout last month. I couldn't find ANYTHING. I felt so much better afterward lol.

  2. Ending the night with a clean kitchen is such a big deal for me as well.
    It changes the way I approach my morning!

  3. I so need to do some organizing/purging. I’m pretty good in most areas but then sometimes When life gets hectic I have a tendency to just start shoving stuff behind closed doors!! Baby steps...keep trying and eventually you’ll have your meal planning and lunches done without a second thought

  4. Lunch packing tip for you - I pack my family's lunches right after I clean up dinner. That way I can kind of shut down the kitchen for the night after that and mess with all the food at once. I find that I'm much more likely to happily pack lunches at that time than if I wait until right before I go to bed.

  5. Ending the night with a clean kitchen feels amazing. It's my one absolute must do.

    I also pack lunches as dinner is being cleaned up if I haven't packed them before (I try to pack them on Sunday but some things like salads I won't).

  6. Thanks for the reminder about the freezer. I so need to add that to my March goals! It is such a good feeling when you open it up and it's all organized and clean.

  7. I keep saying I want to make the kids' lunches at night, too, and I never do it. I just can't find a good time to and then after they're in the bed all I want to do is go sit on the couch and watch TV. haha.

  8. I just organized our pantry is January and am amazed at how well my family is doing keeping it that way. I've been wanting to go through my closet and pull out all my spring/summer clothes and see what still fits but I have not had the energy to tackle that yet.

  9. I need to be better about doing a monthly target run for toiletries, paper products, and cleaning supplies ... I tend to grab them willy nilly and end up running out of the things I actually need and sometimes have an excess of other things. lol.
    Have you ever done a household budgeting post? As you live on your own (like me), I'd love to get tip on how to get a grip on my spending!

    1. I did share how I budget awhile ago ( I kind of got away from it but actually just started tracking things again. I find that it's helpful to break expenditures into categories and then pinpoint some of the 'problem' areas and see what can be done about them to reign in spending. I also find that just writing everything down makes me be a bit better about money since I actually see how much is going out. I'll definitely keep this in mind though for a post idea! Thank you!!

  10. I wish I had a pantry. Lol I have like one cabinet with two shelves where I feel like I just stuff things in. Should try and organize it a bit more! And also sort out the spices. The woes of having a tiny, tiny kitchen. Rather, a tiny, tiny flat altogether!

  11. Ending the evening with a clean kitchen makes a huge difference to your morning the next day! I love waking up to a clean and organised kitchen - it feels like my day gets off to a good start.

  12. going through clothes, trying them on, decluttering etc etc is way more work than it sounds like. i have had my jeans in a pile for like 2 months waiting for me to go through. i just can't be bothered trying them on.
    the clean kitchen is something i try and do every day too. i normally do it when my bath is filling up or when i'm getting ready for the next day - so it feels less like i have to do JUST that, i'm doing it with something else? if that makes sense. meal planning is a bit tough when you're own i think. i definitely have a few easy meals to go to all the time, and i try and just prep a few things on sunday that can be added to other meals, if that makes sense? less like strict meal planning, but more like prepping a bunch of ingredients and making into meals. i admit it helps that i don't eat meat, so i don't have to worry about thawing and stuff like that.