Friday Favorites: Free At Home Workouts, Scholastic Freebie, Cookies, Chili & Coffee + Creamer

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Happy Friday!  This week has been another interesting one, and I am sure they will continue that way for the foreseeable future.

Working from home is going well, although I have been way more tired in the evenings.  It feels silly because I haven't really left home much at all, but I guess the stress of everything going on, plus adjusting to all the changes has taken its toll and plum wore me out!

We were treated to the prettiest skies Thursday night, and with everything going on, it served as a great reminder to me of the beauty that can come out of a storm.  Hoping I can continue to keep that in mind as the days go on!

Now, onto some favorites from the week!

1.  At Home Workout Trials.  Personally, I need to workout on a regular basis for my overall health - not just physical, but mental, too.  I have been a big fan of at home workouts for a long time now, and it seems like it is easier than ever to workout at home!  Which thank goodness for that, especially during these times.

If you are on the hunt for some at home workouts, below are a few options!

  • Peloton App - 90 Day Free Trial.  If you have read here for a bit, you know that in January I got a Peloton bike.  I did a full review on it in this post where I share a more in depth opinion about it, but long story short, I love it.  And with the bike, you need an app membership, which gives you access to all the workouts available from Peloton.  This includes (in addition to the cycling) strength, stretching, cardio, yoga, and meditation.  So far I have done a few yoga classes and one cardio class.  I have enjoyed all of them, and look forward to checking out all the other options, too.
  • obé fitness.  For this streaming service, the workouts are 28 minutes long, and it looks like from the website they even have an 'express' option, where the workouts are 10 minutes long. One of my favorite bloggers, Caitlin at Southern Curls & Pearls, has a code for a free month (CAITLINMONTH).  I believe their normal free trial option is 7 days, so a whole month would be great.  
  • Youtube.  Youtube is a great source for free workouts.  I used to do Walk at Home, which was great for those times when you just want to move, but don't want to have to think too hard about it.  Really, the options are endless on Youtube.  The only thing I would suggest if using this option, though, is to plan your workouts in advance.  I feel like I would waste so much time finding a good workout prior to actually working out.  Since I like to workout in the morning, it would waste some of that time, and I would end up having to do a shorter workout.

2.  Scholastic Freebies.  I feel like everyone on instagram has been sharing free resources to help keep kids learning while at home.  I don't have kids myself, but I have been paying attention to see if there is anything I could pass along to my brother for my nephews.  I came across this free Scholastic resource via Brittany, and shared it with my brother, just in case they would want to give it a try.  They ended up trying it, and seems like it's been good thus far!

3.  Magnolia Table Chocolate Chip Cookies.  I have made the chocolate chip cookies from the Magnolia Table cookbook a few times, and each time people have just raved about them.  As in saying they are the best chocolate chip cookies they have ever had.  Personally, I prefer my Aunt Becky's recipe, but these are still good, super easy, and really, people love them!  A friend asked for the recipe today, and then as I was on instagram, I saw that Joanna Gaines was actually making them with her kids today, too.  I thought the timing of that was too funny!  Plus, Joanna posted that she will be sharing a new activity / challenge each day for the next few days that everyone can get on and then share.  Just another place to look for inspiration during these days, and connect with each other via social media.

4.  White Chicken Chili.  Speaking of recipes, I made one of my favorites last night, White Chicken Chili.  And goodness, was it so darn good!  I served it with cornbread muffins and cucumbers.  And thoroughly enjoyed every last bit.  I kept some to eat on now, and then put that rest in the freezer for a later date.  It's a great recipe, because most of the ingredients are pantry items, and it also makes a good amount so you do have leftovers to eat on.  I am already looking forward to tonight's dinner!

5.  Coffee & Creamer.  The other day I was watching instagram stories, and came across one Lauren Bown posted.  She shared that when she makes her coffee, she puts the cream in first, then brews the coffee in the cup.  For some reason, this particular story had me really craving coffee.  I haven't been drinking it much, because I would feel really terrible after it, but thought I would give it another go to see if once again it could be a nice little treat.  And, I wanted to see if her tip of adding the creamer first made a difference.  I gave it a go yesterday afternoon as a pick me up, and sure enough, it tasted fabulous.  Now, I don't know if this was because I tried a new creamer (Vanilla Oat Milk Creamer), if it was because I hadn't had coffee in awhile, so it tasted even better than normal, or if it was truly because putting in the creamer first makes a difference, but whatever it was, it was great!  I have a feeling that an afternoon coffee break is going to become part of my daily routine, now that I am working from home.

Before I go, here's what's been on the blog lately (including last week since I didn't round up those posts last Friday):
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  1. Thanks for blogging during this time!

  2. The white chicken chili looks delicious.
    At lot of people I follow on Insta are posting daily workouts. On facebook, one of the group classes I was taking, the instructor is posting daily workout challenges for us. I definitely need that too. I've been so stressed about working with the public still and I need an outlet.

    1. That's great!!! With all this disruption, it's really neat to see how people have come together and are trying to connect how they can. And destress. Stay healthy!

  3. Oh - that picture of the white chili makes me want some! I'll have to try to make a pot over the weekend. Stay safe!

  4. I just put white chicken chili on our menu for next week thinking I really don't need much of anything from the store to pull that off. I am definitely finding that even though I don't feel stressed much of the time my body is acting like I'm under stress in that I am much more tired each day.

  5. What did you think of the vanilla oat creamer? I've been trying the nut pods creamers and they're an adjustment after coming off of Orginal Coffee Mate creamer. I'm trying to adapt though since it's a healthier creamer but tbh, I've never been a huge fan of cocount, which is what the base is. It's not my favorite, but I'm making it work lol. White Chicken Chili soup sounds delicious. I made a tumeric vegatable soup last month that was pretty good too! I never think to add cornbread as a side. That's a good idea!

  6. I have always put creamer in first - it mixes more evenly and stays warmer in my experience. I didn't realize this wasn't something everyone did.

    I've been feeling more tired in the evenings too - but keep trying to move more to help get some energy back.

    Stay healthy!