What's Up Wednesday: February 2020

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I am not sure what is up with me and these What's Up Wednesday posts.  I can't seem to get one out during a normal time, haha.  At least I made it on the same day this month, albeit a bit later in the day than my normal posting.

What I'm eating this week... 
Sunday - Chipotle
Monday - Sausage Vodka Pasta (vodka sauce, sliced Italian chicken sausage and red lentil pasta - all from Trader Joe's) & Green Beans
Tuesday - Leftovers
Wednesday - Leftovers
Thursday - Pork Chops
Friday - Out or Leftovers
Saturday - Out of Leftovers

What I'm reminiscing about...
Past Mardi Gras.  St. Louis has a really big Mardi Gras celebration, and while I haven't joined in on the festivities in many years, having it be this past weekend reminded me of all the times I did!

What I'm loving...
The weather!  It's been a little crazy here of late - 60 on Sunday, and now snowing and freezing today, but I feel like we are getting the best of both worlds at the moment.
from my walk on Sunday...

...to my walk to the car today!

What I've been up to...
I started out the month with a trip to the antique mall (one of my favorite things), and getting into some good Netflix shows - Cheer and Spinning Out. (post here)

I shared last month's Amazon purchases, as well as a few I made in February for Valentine's Day. (post here)

I was once again late with my WUW post, and shared January's in February. (post here)

My first favorites of the month included some new Starbucks favorites, an Etsy store with an inspiring 'why' behind it, and a new grocery store find that gets you fresh herbs without any of the storing/chopping. (post here

I shared my recent reads, all of which were by Nora Roberts!  No surprise there, as she is one of my favorite authors (if not my very favorite).  Luckily I have gotten out of my reading rut in the past few weeks and have more of a variety to share come March! (post here)

I participated in a trivia night at my church, which raised money to help feed those in needs, and rounded out the weekend with a yummy brunch and catch up session with friends. (post here)

I shared a few things on my birthday wish list, which let's be honest, is probably going to turn into a few 'happy birthday to me' presents. (post here)

After sharing my guest bedroom in January, I moved along on my home tour with my master bedroom. (post here)

Last week marked one month since I have had my Peloton.  I shared all my lots on it - both pros and cons - and how I am liking loving it so far! (post here)

I spent the long weekend shopping, going to brunch and watching Chicago Fire.  Even though most of my shopping trips were a bust, it still was a nice and relaxing weekend. (post here)

I made up for my failed shopping trips by shopping the LOFT sale online.  And I had a few other favorites for last Friday, including one of the cutest pictures of my parents' little kitten. (post here)

This is going into my favorites for Friday, because the last few days have been too busy and the recap I had set for yesterday never happened, but this past weekend I headed to Indy to celebrate my nephew's first birthday.  The weekend was so very fun, and I absolutely loved seeing my family!

What I'm dreading...
At the moment - nothing!

What I'm working on...
Same old, same old.  Monthly goals and habits (this is February's), New Year's Resolutions (trying to keep these at the front of mind as the year goes on to continue to work on them), my fitness...all that jazz.

What I'm excited about...
This may sound pretty lame, but I am super excited that tonight I have ZERO plans after work.  Well, other than a store pick up (gotta have my mascara!).  I've gotten a bit behind on things after traveling last weekend, and then having evening meetings the last two nights.  My hope is to be super productive right when I get home to knock out a few things, then sit and catch up on a few shows...followed by an early to bed.

What I'm watching...
I mentioned last week how I recently started watching Chicago Fire.  That's been thrown in the mix, as well as my other regular shows - A Million Little Things, This Is Us, New Amsterdam, Manifest, RHONJ, Very Cavallari...the list goes on - I want a lot of TV, haha!  And I am trying to enjoy the new Modern Family shows while they last.  SO sad the show is ending!

What I'm reading...
I am just about the start a new book, and on deck is The Tattooist of Auschwitz.

What I'm listening to...
Still mostly Pandora.  The Standards, Chicago and Jazz for Studying stations are still my usual go-to's.  

What I'm wearing...
Well, now that winter is back once again, I am still wear all my 'staples' (post here) I shared last WUW post, and I also just purchased some items from LOFT (post here).  I received the package yesterday, but haven't had the chance to try on yet.  One of the things on my to do list after work today!

What I'm looking forward to next month...
A work trip to Florida, girls nights, my birthday - it's (hopefully) going to be a good month!

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  1. I still need to watch Cheer. I feel like I'm the only one who hasn't!

    1. I haven't watched it yet either so there are at least two of us! But I feel the same way...

  2. I love me some Nora. She is definitely my comfort read. However, sadly, I couldn't get into her last trilogy so I can't wait until she has a new one. I am currently working my way through the "In Death" series for the third or fourth time. Every time I get to the end, I go back to the beginning and start over!

    And what you're excited about isn't lame at all. I'm thrilled that my husband said he'd take my daughter to dance so I can catch up on laundry. Thrilling plans, right?!?!

  3. I love the arrangement of empty frames above your bed, what a great idea!

  4. Hey I am all about a night in. I love when I don't have plans during the evening and I can just focus on me. We had penne vodka this week too!

  5. I have been so behind on blog reading but feel like this post is all I need to go back to all your best for the month! I would not know what to do with all that dang snow. The Tattooist seems to be on everyone's reading list..adding to mine!