What's Up Thursday: January 2020

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I am a week and a day late on this January's What's Up Wednesday post, but still wanted to pull together to share, since it's a nice way to wrap up the whole month.

What I'm eating this week... 
Monday - Miso Ginger Wonton Soup
Tuesday - Tomato & Roasted Red Pepper Soup with Sausage Bread
Wednesday - Meatballs, Peppers & Pasta
Thursday - Leftovers
Friday - Out

What I'm reminiscing about...
Nothing, really!

What I'm loving...
Netflix (Cheer & Spinning Out)
J.D. Robb 'in Death' series
Oversized Sweaters
A Clean House
Low-key Weekends

What I've been up to...
I feel like January gets a bad rap for being forever long.  For me it tends to be the opposite.  Sure, it's pretty low-key, but I enjoy the slowness of it after the holidays.  And work is a bit of a blur for me during this time, so it feels like it flies on by!

Other than work, work, work, work, work, here's a look at my January...

Started the month off with a new set of resolutions for the year. (post here)

I shared a bunch of random favorites, including my friends' annual crab boil for NYE, and the best pair of pajamas! (post here)

Took down my Christmas decorations and put up winter...although I did leave the tree up for just a bit longer.  And didn't mind it one bit! (post here)

Shared my favorite Amazon purchases of the past year.  I always find it so interesting what people find on that site.  There is just so much stuff! (post here)

I set my month goals and habits, and while I will be sharing more on those next week, I did pretty darn good last month! (post here)

More favorites were shared - new clothes, earrings, and a few others. (post here)

I had a nice, low-key weekend, complete with a successful trip to the antique mall. (post here)

The month wouldn't be complete without a book review post! (post here)

After completely forgetting to do so earlier on, I recapped my Christmas Bucket List.  It was a good Christmas, indeed! (post here)

Another bunch of random favorites for a Friday, which included my favorite tea, lunches, and other.  (post here)

I got back on track with my home tour, and shared my guest bedroom. (post here)

During the long weekend, my parents came to visit, and we got a TON done.  Such a productive weekend! (post here)

This week's favorites included a TV show, a podcast, and the comfiest joggers! (post here)

After the busy weekend with my parents, I welcomed a slower one, with a night with friends, a trip to Trader Joe's, and watching The Gentleman at the theater. (post here)  

Then, the last favorites the end the month with included a good customer service experience with Lilly, how I try to keep my mail clutter at bay, and a few others. (post here)

What I'm dreading...
Not much!   

What I'm working on...
My monthly goals & habits, New Year's resolutions, organization & my fitness / eating better!

What I'm excited about...
My nephew turns one this month!  Super excited about that.  And I have an work trip planned in (hopefully) sunny Florida.  I really don't mind the cold, but getting away for a few days, even though it is mostly work, is always nice!  Oh, and I cannot forget the newest addition to the family - my parents' new cat!  I am sooo excited to meet her.

What I'm watching...
All the shows that have come back on and Netflix - I absolutely loved Cheer and Spinning Out!

What I'm reading...
J.D. Robb's 'in Death' series.  I have had a hard time getting into many other books lately, so these have been my go to.  Right now I am on Witness in Death.

What I'm listening to...
Pandora - Chicago, Jazz for Studying & The Standards.

What I'm wearing...
My post from yesterday covered my Winter Wardrobe Staples...pretty much wearing all that on repeat!

What I'm looking forward to next month...
Same as what I am excited about - my nephew's birthday and an upcoming work trip to Florida!  I also have a few brunches planned with friends, as well as a church trivia night coming up.  Always fun!

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  1. I have heard good things about Cheer and Spinning out. I will have to check them out. I saw your sausage roll picture on IG and wanted to try to make that.

  2. It seems like Cheer has been making the rounds and everyone is obsessed! I need to check it out! I cheered for four years and LOVED it.

  3. I love the In Death series!! She's coming out with a new one in a few months too.

  4. Tomato & Roasted Red Pepper Soup? YUM!
    and yay for the in death series! i'm only on #7 lol

  5. I really enjoyed Cheer!! And am catching up with your blog now, been so behind... I love how the guest bedroom turned out - the bedspread is super cute!! And I've recently discovered Sandra Brown, so am going to check out the one that you read!!