Weekend Recap: Trivia Night & Brunch

This past weekend was a good one.

It started out a little questionable.  I got to work, only to realize that I forgot my lunch on the counter.  I didn't want it to go to waste, and since I do live so close, I just ran home to get it.  But it put the day a bit behind.  

I also made the mistake of scheduling a training session after work.  I had gone to the gym a couple Fridays ago to walk on the treadmill, and remember feeling refreshed and so happy I did that.  So when Friday after work was the only time available, I just went for it.  And struggled the entire workout it seemed, haha.  It was like I hadn't worked out for so long!  I think a combination of the workouts I did that week, and it being the last day of the work week, was not a good mix for me.  It wasn't necessarily a bad workout, but everything seemed to hit me a lot harder than normal.  I don't think I will be scheduling anymore training sessions for Friday after work, that is for sure!  

I took it easy when I got home, with the intent to get to bed early.  Unfortunately, I was WIDE awake and didn't end up falling asleep until midnight.  It's so odd, because I am one that can fall asleep in minutes.  Lately, though, I have either been having trouble falling to sleep, or waking up in the middle of the night or early morning.  Hoping that goes back to normal quickly, because it is no fun!

Saturday morning I was still up relatively early.  I did a quick Peloton ride, through parts of France.  It was my first time trying out a scenic ride, and it wasn't necessarily my favorite.  I may have just picked the wrong 'place' to see, though.  I was really glad I got something in for the day, though.  

I had a trivia night for my church Saturday evening, which was so fun.  The trivia night raised money to help with one of the big events we do, called Feed the 5000.  During that event, we pack meals for those in need, so this money goes towards paying for the supplies.  I love a good trivia night, especially when it's for a good cause.  I actually was able to contribute a little more than normal, which was pretty exciting.  Granted the round I shined in was all about shopping, but hey, I'll take it!  Plus my table had great snacks, which is always key.

I was back at church Sunday morning for Sunday School, then out to meet some friends for brunch.  We met at The Shack, and spent a couple of hours catching up, while enjoying delicious food.  

Back home I got to work finishing up laundry, and reading a bit.  I got started on my February goals, and completed my freezer clean out.  I should have taken a before picture - it was terrible!  It looks SO much better.  I took inventory of all the items I have in there, that way I can refer to it when meal planning.  Should make things a bit easier for the weeks ahead!  

I tuned into the Oscars - my favorite part of the night was the bit Maya Rudoplh and Kristen Wiig did while they were presenting.  The song was the best.  I couldn't quite make it to the end of the show, though, and was in bed before 10:00.

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  1. What a weekend girl. I loved Maya and Kristin’s bit too, they should just host.

  2. There is just no way I'd ever survive a Friday afternoon workout so props to you for at least trying. By Friday afternoon I'm so exhausted and ready for a drink/fun that I don't think I would make it through a work out. Haha.

  3. You had a really active weekend with the gym session and pelaton ride - way to go girl!! Trivia night sounds like a lot of fun too! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. I love that you got your Pelaton ride in. I still want one. My co-workers have been wanting me to do trivia night with them and I really want to. I used to love going to trivia night.