Home Tour: Master Bedroom

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In today's home tour post, I am taking you into my master bedroom.  

I feel like bedrooms kind of get done last, or as an after thought since its not common space.  That was definitely the case for me in my apartment.  I used what I had, and just made it work, without making really any changes from when I first put it together.  And it always felt blah.  Then when I moved in into my condo, I just made it work too, knowing I would redo it.  I had said I wanted to make it a priority since I hadn't before, but things kept coming up and it ended up taking a bit longer than I anticipated.  

The wait was worth it, though, because I love it.  I think it might be my favorite room in the house!  The blues, the wood, the mix of gold and silver...I had a picture of what it would look like in my mind and it beyond exceed my expectations.

(a little bit of real life - my humidifier and fan, haha!)

I always liked the idea of a darker bedroom, and was excited to go that route.  Obviously I am a blue fan, and I feel like everything really compliments each other.  I had a minor panic attack when we painted because the color was looking periwinkle in some light, but with everything added in, the blue really took on the hue I was looking for.

I went for a medium to dark wood tone for the furniture, and love the classic look.  I think this is a set that is going to stand the test of time for me.  I did make it my own by having my dad spray the knobs black.  While just a small change, it does make a big impact.  

I saw a picture of a metal bed like the one I got on Pinterest, and knew that is what I wanted for myself.  I like a more 'collected' feel to rooms, and felt that the metal bed kept things from feeling too matchy-matchy, while still giving the room a cohesive look!

Adding to that collected look was a wooden bench that used to be at my grandparents.  I think it was just sitting in my grandma's garage, and when she asked if I wanted it, I jumped at the chance.

I wanted a large wall mirror for my room and stumbled across this one at the local antique mall.  That spurred the idea of layering gold frames above my bed.  

I had been eyeing the silver frames from Pottery Barn for some time now, and thought, well, I mix metals when wearing jewelry - I am going to do the same with frames.  

In addition to eyeing the frames, I had been wanting a print from Smallwood Farms for awhile, too.  I thought the 'be still' was appropriate for this room.

I initially had the ladder that is now next to my dresser in the living room.  When I added the bookshelf down there, I moved it upstairs.  I added a quilt from when I was a baby, and also my actual baby blanket my mom found when cleaning out some things.  

The chair was a local boutique find.  It was restored so nicely - still vintage with just staining the wood so that the details really shine through, and yet modernized with the fresh, and neutral fabric.

A few more pieces here and there, and I really think it has come together.  I still have a few things I would like to do - change out the lamps, add a rug, some more wall hangings, and some additional accessories.  Even with those few changes to come, I still am just absolutely in love with it!  

Metal Bed: Target
Dresser / Nightstands: Ashley Furniture
Navy Bedding: Pottery Barn
Silver Frames (Abigail & Rope): Pottery Barn
Glass Vase: Pottery Barn

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  1. OH MY! I love your bedroom! It's so spacious and the high ceilings are awesome. You decorated it so tastefully and clean. My room is a cluttered mess! It's way too small for our king size bed, and I always put it on the back burner since no one sees it except us. I'd love to have a nice, relaxing room like this one day. Great job.

  2. I love your master bedroom. That mirror is beautiful!

  3. Everything came together just perfectly! Those gold frames above your bed are the perfect focal point and my absolute favorite thing about the room. I would never have thought to decorate with empty frames like that, but it makes a statement like no other. Just beautiful, Emily! Now I'm off to text you because it feels like foreverrrr since we've chatted!

  4. I love your taste! What a gorgeous room. And the empty frames above the bed really stand out. LOVE!

  5. Super Cute! I love the frames above the bed!

  6. Very pretty! I like the overall look of it.

  7. LOVE IT!! I love the color of the walls and I love how cozy it feels in there. And love the frames above the bed...!! There's something to be said about having a room that is nicely decorated! I never really decorated until a couple years ago and that just really changed how I felt about home. Love being home now!

  8. It looks so beautiful and cozy! I CANNOT believe you got your bed frame from Target!

  9. Your room is so pretty! (I'm a new follower---and getting caught up on your home tour :) How tall is your ladder? I want to get one for our bedroom, but the ones I've seen appear to be too tall ? Thanks for any info!

    1. Thank you! And thanks for following! The ladder is 4 feet 8 3/4 inches. It was a find at Vintage Market Days. If you like a taller one, I think you could cut it down to make it the height you wanted it. If you do it at the bottom end, you probably wouldn't be able to tell!