Friday Favorites: Camille, Forming Habits, Chicago Fire & LOFT Sale Purchases

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This week really flew on by.  It was so nice having Monday off, but goodness I didn't know what day was what the rest of the week.  And I think I could have used that extra day, haha!

Camille.  My parents' new cat is just so precious.  My dad sent me this picture not too long after they got her, and I thought it was the cutest thing.  Look at those big eyes!  I still haven't gotten to meet her in person, but I cannot wait!

An article on creating habits.  Each week, my trainer sends out an article to all his clients.  The topic varies week to week, but I thought last week's was very timely, considering I posted my monthly goals and habits the same day.  It covers achieving goals by starting small.  I thought it was a good read, and something I could totally relate to.  I know I am guilty of going all in, which sometimes that does work, but other times, when you are trying to create sustainable behaviors, you have to start really small, and work up to it.

Chicago Fire.  Given how much I love Chicago, and the fact that my cousin does stunt work on all the Chicago shows, you'd think I would have watched this series from the get.  And while I have seen shows here and there when my cousin has had a part (in addition to the stunt work), I have never watched it consistently.  I was reading one night with the TV on in the background for some noise, and it just so happened to be on and I kind of got sucked in.  Luckily, Amazon offers it on Prime for free with a few commercials, so I was able to start from the beginning and have been steadily making my way through since.  And I love it!  The actors and actresses are all so good, and it doesn't get much better than the Chicago backdrop.

LOFTIMIST Sale (now through Sunday).  I feel like right about this time each year, I start getting the urge to refresh my work wardrobe a bit.  Luckily that feeling (and need - my work pants are looking pretty worn!) coincided with the LOFT sale going on right now. (Funnily enough, I went to LOFT last weekend and had terrible luck.  I am glad it worked out like that, though, because this sale is better than the one they were running at the time!)  With the code LOFTIMIST, you get 40% off, plus an additional 20% off.  I grabbed two pant styles (high waist skinny ankle and slim pants), a black flippy skirt, a blush blazer, and two potential tops (floral v-neck and flower chain split neck).  Plus, I went through Rakuten, so I am able to get cash back on my purchase.  Items aren't supposed to arrive until next week, but I am hopeful the majority work - fingers crossed!

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  1. Your parents kitty is so adorable! Thank you for sharing the article on creating habits. I hope you have a great weekend! Sierra Beautifully Candid

  2. Camille is just the sweetest! She has such big beautiful eyes! Enjoy your visit this weekend!

  3. So cool your cousin does stunt work on Chicago Fire! I'm not even a cat person, but I LOVE CAMILLE. She is soooo adorable and cute and fluffy!