Weekend Recap: A 1st Birthday Party & Taxes

This past weekend was a whirlwind, but such a fun one.  We celebrated my nephew's first birthday, and I so enjoyed all the family time!

Friday was a bit of a bear at work.  Just a whole lot busier than anticipated, but the day ended on a good note, making it halfway to Indy and enjoying a yummy dinner.

Saturday I was up wayyyy too early.  But it worked out, because for some reason I totally forgot to factor in the time change the night before when I set the alarm.  I would have felt so terrible being late to the party!  The drive was relatively uneventful, thankfully, and then it was time to celebrate.  

It was so nice being there together with everyone.  It's been since Christmas, and I was missing them all pretty terribly!  We had the best lunch, which included my mom's baked mostaccioli, which I shared on Monday.  Such a crowd pleaser!  Then it was time for dessert, which was hilarious.  My nephew wanted nothing to do with the cupcake and frosting at all.  The look of disgust on his face was just the best.  If only he knew, haha!  He wasn't having any of the little bit of ice cream my brother tried giving him either.

After he got all cleaned up, it was time for presents.  His favorite things off the bat were by far the tissue paper and the books.  A boy after my own heart.  I got him some clothes, and a little mower.  I actually got one for my older nephew when he was one, and he's loved that thing to death and has since moved on to the bigger mowers.  I felt it was only fitting to get the same thing for his brother, especially since he is moving and grooving.  He played with it for a little bit on Saturday, so I think it was a success.

My 4.5 year old nephew recently learned how to play the card game, golf, and we all just had to play with him.  My family is big on cards - we almost always play some type of game after dinner at any get together, and always, always play when we vacation together.  It was especially neat this time, because my grandma was there.  She's the one who helped to instill the love of cards in us all!  We were all absolutely blown away by his card skills.  Although he had an affinity for jacks (given his name), he knew which cards to play and which not to.  It was so much fun and again, just mind blowing.  I am obviously a bit biased, but goodness, he is one smart cookie!

And if you aren't familiar, golf is a game where you have 6 cards, 2 rows of 3, and you try to match the top card to the bottom.  That will cancel out the points, and like golf, you try to get the lowest score by the time your cards are all face up.  You start with two cards face up, then pick up / discard each turn.  It's really a lot of fun, and I actually think I ended up being the winner.  It had been years since I played (usually our card game of choice is Blitz), and I got a few rounds of complete 0's!

The party starting closing down, and since my parents were there to watch the boys, us 'kids' ducked out for a quick drink.  It's rare to get that time together, and while super fast, it was so very nice.

Before we knew it, my parents said so long, and we all parted ways.

The drive back on Sunday was again uneventful (thank goodness!), and then it was back to reality.  The weather made it a bit easier, though, because it was absolutely gorgeous.  I immediately got out for a walk to enjoy the temps and sunshine.  We've been getting all these hints of spring in St. Louis (offset by some snow, haha), and while I am definitely a fall/winter/cooler weather gal, the sun was a nice change.  Taxes got done that evening, which was nice to have checked off for the year.  That and renewing my license were two things that I feel like are hanging over me, so knocking 1 out of 2 off the list felt pretty good.  Plus I still have time with the license.

Anddddd with that, we're closing out on another week and already onto the next weekend, just as I got finishing recapping the last.  Guess that's what happens when you get off your blog schedule, haha.

Hope you all have a good one!

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Baked Mostaccioli 
What's Up Wednesday: February 2020 

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What's Up Wednesday: February 2020

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I am not sure what is up with me and these What's Up Wednesday posts.  I can't seem to get one out during a normal time, haha.  At least I made it on the same day this month, albeit a bit later in the day than my normal posting.

What I'm eating this week... 
Sunday - Chipotle
Monday - Sausage Vodka Pasta (vodka sauce, sliced Italian chicken sausage and red lentil pasta - all from Trader Joe's) & Green Beans
Tuesday - Leftovers
Wednesday - Leftovers
Thursday - Pork Chops
Friday - Out or Leftovers
Saturday - Out of Leftovers

What I'm reminiscing about...
Past Mardi Gras.  St. Louis has a really big Mardi Gras celebration, and while I haven't joined in on the festivities in many years, having it be this past weekend reminded me of all the times I did!

What I'm loving...
The weather!  It's been a little crazy here of late - 60 on Sunday, and now snowing and freezing today, but I feel like we are getting the best of both worlds at the moment.
from my walk on Sunday...

...to my walk to the car today!

What I've been up to...
I started out the month with a trip to the antique mall (one of my favorite things), and getting into some good Netflix shows - Cheer and Spinning Out. (post here)

I shared last month's Amazon purchases, as well as a few I made in February for Valentine's Day. (post here)

I was once again late with my WUW post, and shared January's in February. (post here)

My first favorites of the month included some new Starbucks favorites, an Etsy store with an inspiring 'why' behind it, and a new grocery store find that gets you fresh herbs without any of the storing/chopping. (post here

I shared my recent reads, all of which were by Nora Roberts!  No surprise there, as she is one of my favorite authors (if not my very favorite).  Luckily I have gotten out of my reading rut in the past few weeks and have more of a variety to share come March! (post here)

I participated in a trivia night at my church, which raised money to help feed those in needs, and rounded out the weekend with a yummy brunch and catch up session with friends. (post here)

I shared a few things on my birthday wish list, which let's be honest, is probably going to turn into a few 'happy birthday to me' presents. (post here)

After sharing my guest bedroom in January, I moved along on my home tour with my master bedroom. (post here)

Last week marked one month since I have had my Peloton.  I shared all my lots on it - both pros and cons - and how I am liking loving it so far! (post here)

I spent the long weekend shopping, going to brunch and watching Chicago Fire.  Even though most of my shopping trips were a bust, it still was a nice and relaxing weekend. (post here)

I made up for my failed shopping trips by shopping the LOFT sale online.  And I had a few other favorites for last Friday, including one of the cutest pictures of my parents' little kitten. (post here)

This is going into my favorites for Friday, because the last few days have been too busy and the recap I had set for yesterday never happened, but this past weekend I headed to Indy to celebrate my nephew's first birthday.  The weekend was so very fun, and I absolutely loved seeing my family!

What I'm dreading...
At the moment - nothing!

What I'm working on...
Same old, same old.  Monthly goals and habits (this is February's), New Year's Resolutions (trying to keep these at the front of mind as the year goes on to continue to work on them), my fitness...all that jazz.

What I'm excited about...
This may sound pretty lame, but I am super excited that tonight I have ZERO plans after work.  Well, other than a store pick up (gotta have my mascara!).  I've gotten a bit behind on things after traveling last weekend, and then having evening meetings the last two nights.  My hope is to be super productive right when I get home to knock out a few things, then sit and catch up on a few shows...followed by an early to bed.

What I'm watching...
I mentioned last week how I recently started watching Chicago Fire.  That's been thrown in the mix, as well as my other regular shows - A Million Little Things, This Is Us, New Amsterdam, Manifest, RHONJ, Very Cavallari...the list goes on - I want a lot of TV, haha!  And I am trying to enjoy the new Modern Family shows while they last.  SO sad the show is ending!

What I'm reading...
I am just about the start a new book, and on deck is The Tattooist of Auschwitz.

What I'm listening to...
Still mostly Pandora.  The Standards, Chicago and Jazz for Studying stations are still my usual go-to's.  

What I'm wearing...
Well, now that winter is back once again, I am still wear all my 'staples' (post here) I shared last WUW post, and I also just purchased some items from LOFT (post here).  I received the package yesterday, but haven't had the chance to try on yet.  One of the things on my to do list after work today!

What I'm looking forward to next month...
A work trip to Florida, girls nights, my birthday - it's (hopefully) going to be a good month!

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Baked Mostaccioli

This recipe is one of those classic, crowd-pleasing recipes.  It's tried and true, and works for all occasions!  And, it's perfect to double, making it even easy to have an extra on hand in the freezer, or to share with a friend.

It's kind of funny the timing I am sharing this recipe.  We just had it this past weekend at my nephew's birthday party.  And prior to that, we had it for our traditional pasta dinner on Christmas Eve.  I tell you, it works for all occasions!

It's easy, too!  The only thing hard about this recipe, is remembering how to spell it.  I so feel like it should have an 'h' in there, rather than a second 'c'.

Baked Mostaccioli
1/2 package mostaccioli, cooked
1 1/2 lb ground round
1 medium onion, chopped
32 oz spaghetti sauce
8 oz tomato sauce
8 oz shredded mozzarella cheese
parmesan cheese
dried oregano

Brown beef and chopped onion.  
Drain grease.  
Add spaghetti sauce and tomato sauce.  
Simmer uncovered for 30 minutes.
Add cooked pasta to meat sauce, stir.
Place in a 9x13 baking dish.
Top with mozzarella cheese, and sprinkle with parmesan cheese, and dried oregano.
At this point, you can either bake right away, uncovered at 350 for 30 minutes, or refrigerate for up to 24 hours.
If refrigerating, remove from the refrigerator 30 minutes prior to baking.
Bake uncovered at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.

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Friday Favorites: Camille, Forming Habits, Chicago Fire & LOFT Sale Purchases

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This week really flew on by.  It was so nice having Monday off, but goodness I didn't know what day was what the rest of the week.  And I think I could have used that extra day, haha!

Camille.  My parents' new cat is just so precious.  My dad sent me this picture not too long after they got her, and I thought it was the cutest thing.  Look at those big eyes!  I still haven't gotten to meet her in person, but I cannot wait!

An article on creating habits.  Each week, my trainer sends out an article to all his clients.  The topic varies week to week, but I thought last week's was very timely, considering I posted my monthly goals and habits the same day.  It covers achieving goals by starting small.  I thought it was a good read, and something I could totally relate to.  I know I am guilty of going all in, which sometimes that does work, but other times, when you are trying to create sustainable behaviors, you have to start really small, and work up to it.

Chicago Fire.  Given how much I love Chicago, and the fact that my cousin does stunt work on all the Chicago shows, you'd think I would have watched this series from the get.  And while I have seen shows here and there when my cousin has had a part (in addition to the stunt work), I have never watched it consistently.  I was reading one night with the TV on in the background for some noise, and it just so happened to be on and I kind of got sucked in.  Luckily, Amazon offers it on Prime for free with a few commercials, so I was able to start from the beginning and have been steadily making my way through since.  And I love it!  The actors and actresses are all so good, and it doesn't get much better than the Chicago backdrop.

LOFTIMIST Sale (now through Sunday).  I feel like right about this time each year, I start getting the urge to refresh my work wardrobe a bit.  Luckily that feeling (and need - my work pants are looking pretty worn!) coincided with the LOFT sale going on right now. (Funnily enough, I went to LOFT last weekend and had terrible luck.  I am glad it worked out like that, though, because this sale is better than the one they were running at the time!)  With the code LOFTIMIST, you get 40% off, plus an additional 20% off.  I grabbed two pant styles (high waist skinny ankle and slim pants), a black flippy skirt, a blush blazer, and two potential tops (floral v-neck and flower chain split neck).  Plus, I went through Rakuten, so I am able to get cash back on my purchase.  Items aren't supposed to arrive until next week, but I am hopeful the majority work - fingers crossed!

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Home Tour: Master Bedroom 
1 Month with One Peloton: My Peloton Review 
Weekend Recap: Shopping Fails, Brunch & Chicago Fire 

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Weekend Recap: Shopping Fails, Brunch & Chicago Fire

This past weekend was a good one!

I started off the weekend with a little bit of shopping.  And quickly remembered why I rarely shop in stores anymore.  The selection online is just so much better.  After a flop of a shopping trip, I headed home and settled in the for the evening.  I started watching Chicago Fire, and quickly was hooked the whole evening!

I was super excited for Saturday, because it was my favorite antique mall's warehouse sale.  You never know what goodies you will find!  Before that, though, I got in a quick Peloton ride.  I knew if I didn't do it first thing, it probably would not happen.  Unfortunately, the warehouse sale was a bit of a bust.  I was looking for a few specific things, but nothing caught my eye.  I was in and out, before heading to Target.  My nephew's first birthday is coming up, and I was on the hunt for some warm weather clothes.  I tell you what, I just love shopping for my two favorite little guys!  The picture below is one I sent my mom for her opinion, and I ended up with both those little outfits, and a shorts onesie.  

We had another break in at church over the weekend, but thankfully this time, they didn't get away with anything, and the police were on it.  They didn't catch the person, but they were at least able to keep him from taking any items.  It just blows my mind that this has been an issue.  Given the neighborhood, and the fact that it is a church!  I mean, come on.  Just really sad.

I had brunch plans with a friend after church, and we tried out Boundary.  It's a neat restaurant, that has a really cool atmosphere.  It's kind of dark and moody, and they had a fire going which was neat.  

Granted, it turned out to be 50+ degrees outside Sunday, but it worked for the restaurant setting!  The food is good, but I wouldn't say it's the best.  I forgot to grab pictures, but we had the cinnamon rolls to start, and then I had the frittata.  Again, both were good, but not something I will necessarily be going back for.
 I could not get over the weather on the way home, and opened the sunroof and the windows.  It sure felt like spring!

I was off on Monday, which was so nice.  I spent the day taking it easy, alternating between getting stuff done around the house, and watching Chicago Fire.

It was a nice and easy weekend - just what was needed before some upcoming busyness!

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1 Month with One Peloton: My Peloton Review

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Last month I got my Peloton.  It's been exactly one month since my first ride, and having one month under my belt, I thought I would share my thoughts on it thus far.

Rewinding way back to before Christmas - I knew that I wanted a piece of workout equipment to have at home.  A Peloton was at the back of my mind because I really enjoyed spinning, but I thought a treadmill would be best.  I had one previously, and used it all the time, plus I thought even on those days I didn't really want to workout, I could get on to walk while watching a show.  It seemed to be most practical option.

Then I kept seeing Peloton commercials.  And hearing of people getting one.  And even one of my cousins mentioned how much he liked having his at Christmas...it just kept hitting me and hitting me.  So, I ultimately decided just to go for it.  I was getting a Peloton.  

And I love it.  Zero regrets.  (Or as that commercial says, regerts!)

Here's what I love about it:

  • Convenience.  It's right there.  There is no time to talk myself out of going to the gym.  All I have to do is throw on workout clothes, and get on.  Whenever I want.  It's sooooo convenient.
  • Size.  If you want some type of exercise equipment at home, I feel like this one is a good size.  Not too big at all.  I was able to keep it upstairs in my loft area, which also holds my desk.
  • Options.  You can do a live class (I have only done the on demand classes, but they do have live classes, as well), you can choose the length, you can choose the music, you can choose the instructor (my favorites thus far are Robin and Leanne), you can choose if you want a  HIIT workout, or a low intensity workout...there are just SO many options.  Plus, you don't even have to do a cycling class.  You can do a strength training class, yoga, or meditation...the list goes on.  Again, so many options!
  • Leaderboard.  When I did classes in a cycling studio, I never really paid attention to the leaderboard.  And honestly, with the Peloton, I didn't start out paying much attention to it either.  But now, after a few rides, it has turned into such a great motivator.  
  • Large Screen.  I know of a few people that have gotten the Peloton app, and use that with a different bike.  It can definitely be a more cost effective option, but I really love having the big screen, right there in front me.  I think it keeps me focused on the ride and workout.
  • Stats.  Within your account, you are given a rundown of your stats.  How many active days you have had, hours, mileage.  I'm a numbers person and it's really neat to see that.

What I don't love as much:

  • Cost.  It's a big purchase, plus you have to pay a monthly subscription to get access to all the classes, etc.  I understand that equipment costs a lot, and the subscription fee isn't all that different from some gyms, but I still feel like it's a bit expensive.  That said, my experience with it so far has made it worth the cost.
  • No Pause.  When my Peloton was delivered, one of the guys noted that you are unable to pause a workout.  Which isn't that big of deal, but I did notice during one yoga session, I really wish I could have paused while I was getting some extra stuff together for my makeshift equipment.  
  • Unclipping.  This is kind of silly, and I know it's user error, but sometimes I have trouble getting unclipped from the pedals.  Honestly, I can be super uncoordinated at times, and I think this is one of them, haha, but since I was sharing my experience, I wanted to note it.  I will be so worn out from a workout, and ready to get off the bike, only to struggle getting my darn shoe unclipped!  

If you are considering a Peloton, they do offer a 30 day home trial.  If you decide it's not for you within 30 days, they will come pick up the bike, free of charge, and you get a full refund.  Click here for the details.  Knowing this, it made me feel a lot better with my decision to get one in case, for some reason, I ended up not liking it.   

When I purchased the bike, I did the essentials package to go with it, which included shoes (ordered my normal size), a set of weights, and headphones.  I was told the heart monitor wasn't all that great, and I was able to find a mat on Amazon for under the bike that was a lot cheaper than what they offer at Peloton, which is why I didn't purchase one up and get the works package.

I was also able to get $100 off my accessories using a code (thanks, Sarah!).  When you have a Peloton, you are able to refer others with a code.  It allows your friend $100 off accessories, and gives you store credit to the Peloton boutique for referring them.  My code is 6X3PSW.

I thought it might be helpful to share a little breakdown of my usage.  That way you could see the experience this review is based on. 

Weeks: 6
Total Workouts: 16 Cycling, 2 Yoga
Shortest Workout: 15 Minutes
Longest Workout: 30 Minutes

I plan to do another review at the 6 month mark.  Just to check in to see if I am still using it as much, if my thoughts are the same, if I have discovered any new likes/dislikes, and if I have noticed any type of wear and tear on the bike.

If you have Peloton, I am curious to hear how you like it, and who your favorite instructors are!

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Home Tour: Master Bedroom

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In today's home tour post, I am taking you into my master bedroom.  

I feel like bedrooms kind of get done last, or as an after thought since its not common space.  That was definitely the case for me in my apartment.  I used what I had, and just made it work, without making really any changes from when I first put it together.  And it always felt blah.  Then when I moved in into my condo, I just made it work too, knowing I would redo it.  I had said I wanted to make it a priority since I hadn't before, but things kept coming up and it ended up taking a bit longer than I anticipated.  

The wait was worth it, though, because I love it.  I think it might be my favorite room in the house!  The blues, the wood, the mix of gold and silver...I had a picture of what it would look like in my mind and it beyond exceed my expectations.

(a little bit of real life - my humidifier and fan, haha!)

I always liked the idea of a darker bedroom, and was excited to go that route.  Obviously I am a blue fan, and I feel like everything really compliments each other.  I had a minor panic attack when we painted because the color was looking periwinkle in some light, but with everything added in, the blue really took on the hue I was looking for.

I went for a medium to dark wood tone for the furniture, and love the classic look.  I think this is a set that is going to stand the test of time for me.  I did make it my own by having my dad spray the knobs black.  While just a small change, it does make a big impact.  

I saw a picture of a metal bed like the one I got on Pinterest, and knew that is what I wanted for myself.  I like a more 'collected' feel to rooms, and felt that the metal bed kept things from feeling too matchy-matchy, while still giving the room a cohesive look!

Adding to that collected look was a wooden bench that used to be at my grandparents.  I think it was just sitting in my grandma's garage, and when she asked if I wanted it, I jumped at the chance.

I wanted a large wall mirror for my room and stumbled across this one at the local antique mall.  That spurred the idea of layering gold frames above my bed.  

I had been eyeing the silver frames from Pottery Barn for some time now, and thought, well, I mix metals when wearing jewelry - I am going to do the same with frames.  

In addition to eyeing the frames, I had been wanting a print from Smallwood Farms for awhile, too.  I thought the 'be still' was appropriate for this room.

I initially had the ladder that is now next to my dresser in the living room.  When I added the bookshelf down there, I moved it upstairs.  I added a quilt from when I was a baby, and also my actual baby blanket my mom found when cleaning out some things.  

The chair was a local boutique find.  It was restored so nicely - still vintage with just staining the wood so that the details really shine through, and yet modernized with the fresh, and neutral fabric.

A few more pieces here and there, and I really think it has come together.  I still have a few things I would like to do - change out the lamps, add a rug, some more wall hangings, and some additional accessories.  Even with those few changes to come, I still am just absolutely in love with it!  

Metal Bed: Target
Dresser / Nightstands: Ashley Furniture
Navy Bedding: Pottery Barn
Silver Frames (Abigail & Rope): Pottery Barn
Glass Vase: Pottery Barn

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Birthday Wish List

This post may contain affiliate links, meaning that any clicks/purchases may result in a small commission at no additional cost to you.

My birthday is just shy of a month away.  I'll be turning 33 this year.  It kind of blows my mind that I am into my 30's.  I feel like after I stopped having the structure of a school year after college, the years have just flown on by.  Mentally I don't necessarily register how long it has been and how much older I am, unless I sit and think.  It's like a mental shock every time I have to give my age!

Anyways, back to the point of this post!  Given that my birthday is just a month-ish away, I thought I would share some of the items on my birthday wish list.

Wine Glasses.  I fell in love with the Tour wine glasses from Crate & Barrel.  I love how they are a little different from your traditional glasses, and the fact that they offer a smaller red wine option, which would be my glass of choice!

Pearl Stud Earrings.  I used to have a pair of pearl studs and I have absolutely no idea what happened to them.  I'd love another pair that are a bit oversized.

YETI Mug.  I can be pretty slow when it comes to drinking my tea, and having a YETI would allow me to sip on it leisurely, without worrying about it getting cold.

Luggage Tag.  While I don't travel a ton, the times I do, I think it would be super handy to have a distinctive luggage tag.  I have my eye on the Landry tag from Barrington Gifts in navy gingham.  This may be a birthday present to myself!

The Defined Dish.  I don't know if it is possible for me to have a wish list without a cookbook on it!  I have seen so many people rave about The Defined Dish cookbook.  I'd love to see what the hype is about, and hopefully find some new, healthy recipes to make.

Cutting Boards.  I'd like a large cutting board, or two!  The ones I have are super tiny and sometimes I have a hard time keeping what I am cutting on the board.  Having some bigger options would be so nice.  Plus they make great kitchen decor.  

Adjustable Bracelet.  I have had my eye on an adjustable bracelet for awhile now.  I love the simplicity of the Ott Adjusted Chain Bracelet in Silver from Kendra Scott.  I feel like it would be a great addition to my everyday bracelets!
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Weekend Recap: Trivia Night & Brunch

This past weekend was a good one.

It started out a little questionable.  I got to work, only to realize that I forgot my lunch on the counter.  I didn't want it to go to waste, and since I do live so close, I just ran home to get it.  But it put the day a bit behind.  

I also made the mistake of scheduling a training session after work.  I had gone to the gym a couple Fridays ago to walk on the treadmill, and remember feeling refreshed and so happy I did that.  So when Friday after work was the only time available, I just went for it.  And struggled the entire workout it seemed, haha.  It was like I hadn't worked out for so long!  I think a combination of the workouts I did that week, and it being the last day of the work week, was not a good mix for me.  It wasn't necessarily a bad workout, but everything seemed to hit me a lot harder than normal.  I don't think I will be scheduling anymore training sessions for Friday after work, that is for sure!  

I took it easy when I got home, with the intent to get to bed early.  Unfortunately, I was WIDE awake and didn't end up falling asleep until midnight.  It's so odd, because I am one that can fall asleep in minutes.  Lately, though, I have either been having trouble falling to sleep, or waking up in the middle of the night or early morning.  Hoping that goes back to normal quickly, because it is no fun!

Saturday morning I was still up relatively early.  I did a quick Peloton ride, through parts of France.  It was my first time trying out a scenic ride, and it wasn't necessarily my favorite.  I may have just picked the wrong 'place' to see, though.  I was really glad I got something in for the day, though.  

I had a trivia night for my church Saturday evening, which was so fun.  The trivia night raised money to help with one of the big events we do, called Feed the 5000.  During that event, we pack meals for those in need, so this money goes towards paying for the supplies.  I love a good trivia night, especially when it's for a good cause.  I actually was able to contribute a little more than normal, which was pretty exciting.  Granted the round I shined in was all about shopping, but hey, I'll take it!  Plus my table had great snacks, which is always key.

I was back at church Sunday morning for Sunday School, then out to meet some friends for brunch.  We met at The Shack, and spent a couple of hours catching up, while enjoying delicious food.  

Back home I got to work finishing up laundry, and reading a bit.  I got started on my February goals, and completed my freezer clean out.  I should have taken a before picture - it was terrible!  It looks SO much better.  I took inventory of all the items I have in there, that way I can refer to it when meal planning.  Should make things a bit easier for the weeks ahead!  

I tuned into the Oscars - my favorite part of the night was the bit Maya Rudoplh and Kristen Wiig did while they were presenting.  The song was the best.  I couldn't quite make it to the end of the show, though, and was in bed before 10:00.

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