Christmas Home Tour 2019

This is one of my favorite posts of the Christmas home tour!  

Between new furniture, and new decorations, my mom and I had a big job ahead of us.  The big tree moved, I added a new tree, and we had two new spaces to decorate, with the addition of my bookshelf in the living room, and my cabinet at the top of the stairs.  But, for me, the more the merrier when it comes to Christmas decorations!  Even if it does take a bit of time to figure out how to make it all work!

My mom dubbed this year a 'shiny & bright' Christmas, which is fitting with all the little pops of 'shine' we added throughout!  

It's my favorite decor we have done yet, and I just love being at home, enjoying the glow of the lights, and all the little touches throughout.  

So, without further ado, here is my 2019 Christmas home tour...

Here's a look at the front door, and the little vignette on the front porch.  

This past year I found the little shovel to add to the outside vignette, and I love the pop of color the red gives to the front porch.

I love having a mantle to decorate!  The Christmas card holder got a new home in front of the fireplace, and I am just anxiously awaiting the arrival of some cards to fill it up!  I added the faux fur pillows to my chairs, and I think they will stay there through the winter.  I sit in one of the chairs each morning when I read my devotional and do my gratitude journal, and love 'petting' the pillows while I sit there.  Sooo soft.

The bookshelf was a bit of a challenge at first, but adding in the little bit of 'shine' on each shelf with greens, as well as the Santa grouping, bottle brush trees, a new little snowy house, and framed wrapping paper really had it allll coming together.  I just love how each shelf has a little something different.  

I bought this little nativity at an antique shop during one of my mom, aunt and grandma's Christmas 'field trips', and I love pulling it out each year.  I hope to have a full nativity (or at least the start of one) next year, but I will always love this little one.  It's so simple and pretty!

This vignette really adds something by the TV stand and I was happy to find a home for my snowman - I think it's so cute!

One of the things I was excited about when buying this condo was the partially open staircase - perfect for hanging garland!

Sometimes I am amazed at how some of the littlest things can make such a difference, like a new pillow cover.  Previously I had a ivory lumbar pillow, but this plaid adds so much warmth and color to the couch...I really am amazed at the difference.  I wanted to up the decor in the area, too, so I found a little wreath at Hobby Lobby to hang on the printers drawer for an extra bit of festiveness.

My love for mercury glass votives is still going strong!  No change from last year to the coffee table decor.

The other side of the TV stand has these lanterns year round, and the addition of the greens and ornament just give it a little touch of Christmas, helping to balance out the other side that has the crock vignette.

Moving into the dining room...

As I mentioned before, the Christmas tree got a new home, and I love it here.  It just fits perfectly into this little area.

The Santa came from my grandma, and my mom had the idea to stick this little tree in a bowl, which coordinates with the bowls on my buffet.  And, of course, a silver ornament for a bit of shine!

The kitchen saw some changes, although this little wreath (and one on the next window pane - not pictured) are from last year.  It sure makes dishes a little less terrible!

I had the idea of doing a cookie cutter tree in the kitchen - I felt like with the addition of the bench, there was just enough room for a little tree.  Well, my mom had the better idea of doing gingerbread men, instead of me buying a bunch of cookie cutters.  I still love the idea of cookie cutters, but now I can take my time collecting them over the next year.  I did get a star to go on the top, though!

This sign is hanging on my back door, and I just love it.  It was a Hobby Lobby find, and we just took it off the wire, and hung it using ribbon.  It's the first thing I see when coming into the house, and it never fails to make me happy!

The downstairs bathroom even got a bit of Christmas cheer, too!

As I write this, I keeping thinking to myself, oh this is my favorite, or this is my favorite, but I think this is my VERY shiny brite tree in my bedroom.

Over the past few years, I have been collecting shiny brite ornaments.  My grandma passed along some, too, that were from my grandparents' first Christmas - just so very special!

I love the vintage boxes, too, and keep those by the base of the tree.  I grabbed another box of shiny brites after we decorated, which will go on the tree next year, but for now have been added to the base, too.

A few little nightstand decorations...

And a little tree in the guest room round out the bedroom decor.

The top of my stairs got a little makeover when my grandma spotted this cabinet at a garage sale...for only $40!  Add a mirror I already had, and the space is the perfect place to add a bit of decor.

Trees in my milk glass vase collection, and more shiny brites.

The last area I have is my office area.  It has some of my childhood decorations.  My mom would get us a little ornament for our tree every year in our stocking, and as you can see by the water line in that snow globe, that is very well loved...aka old, haha!

Well, there you have it, my 2019 Christmas home tour!

For years past, you can click on the posts here.  


  1. I love your decorations! You and your mom are very talented. How much fun is that to decorate with your mom!?

  2. Oh everything is just so perfectly thought out and COZY!! I love how you decorate with sleds and that new addition of the shovel on the front porch could not be more perfect. I also love your gingerbread tree in the kitchen (so clever!) and love even more how you have some of your old childhood decorations. What sweet memories that must bring back! It's all beautiful!

  3. Oh wow everything looks so nice you do a good job decorating!

  4. Your home is BEAUTIFUL Emily! I am so jealous of your knack for decorating. I am currently moving into my first apartment and I am not really decorating this year because of the stress of moving BUT I am taking note of some of your tips for me to keep an eye out for next year! 🎄

  5. I love Christmas home tours. Your tree is sooo beautiful. I love the table settings the most. I always want those beautiful plates.