Friday Favorites: Winner, Winner, Lavender Cedarwood, Battery Lights, Peppermint Chocolate Chip Milkshake & Unroll Me

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Happy Friday!  It's so very happy, because next week is Thanksgiving.  Cue all the family time, good food, and shopping!  I can't wait.

But back to this week - I have some favorites to share!

1.  Honey We're Home Giveaway Winner!  Megan from Honey We're Home is hosting a giveaway, where if you like all her instagram photos from November, you are entered to win one of her favorite 25 under $25 items.  Well, I figured chances of winning were slim, but I went ahead and made sure to like all the pictures from the start of November (LOVE this type of giveaway), and much to my surprise when I was reading her post last Friday, I see my instagram handle as one of the winners.  I was so darn excited!  I was like wait, what, is that me?!  It just really brightened my day.

2.  New Scent.  I forgot to mention in my post on Monday, but I discovered a new scent at William Sonoma - Lavender Cedarwood.  I have been wanting to get a diffuser for my upstairs, and was bummed when they didn't have one for the Lavender Cedarwood in stores.  So, of course, I went home and looked online and was able to get one there.  The sales associate had said it was super popular, which is definitely true because it still has at least another week before it will ship, but I am super excited to get it after then.  The description of the scent is 'soothing lavender with the refreshing scents of pine and eucalyptus'.  I just really like it, and bonus, it ships for free.  If you want to wait to get it at a discount (as I was able to do over the weekend), they usually have 20% off around Thanksgiving.  It'd make a great gift - both for someone on your list, or for yourself. 

Williams Sonoma Lavender Cedarwood Essentials Oils Collection

3.  Battery Christmas Lights.  If your home is like mine, you don't have outlets in all the places you may want, especially when it comes to decorating.  Last year I used these battery lights found on Amazon, and when I decorated this year, I was reminded again how handy they are.  I have them all over the place - on my front door wreath, on the mantle, on the banister, on Christmas trees - basically every 'lit' place except for my big Christmas tree and my shiny brite tree.  They have a bunch of different settings, so you can chose blinking, a slow glow, solid, etc.  Another great feature is they are on a timer.  I have mine set so they come on right before I come home (it's the best opening the door and seeing the lights!), and they pretty much stay on until I am off to bed (depending how late I stay up).  Just super handy.  

I will say, I did have to replace a few of the batteries last year before the end of the season, but I figured that is a small price to pay.  Also, on the weekends when I am home more, I just turn them on as I want, and then make sure to reset them on Sunday afternoon so that they are timed to go on when I want for the week.

Another Amazon find from last year, are these battery operated candles.  I love the look of candles in the windows at Christmas, and these are perfect.  Again, you don't have to deal with any cords, and they are also on a timer.  You get 4 candles for just under $22, which I think is a pretty good deal, especially when you consider you will be pulling them out year after year.

4.  Chick fil A Peppermint Chocolate Chip Milkshake.  I first saw that Chick fil A had a peppermint milkshake on Lindsay's instagram stories.  I discovered my love for peppermint ice cream last year, and was super excited to try a milkshake.  I had Chick fil A for dinner last night, and grabbed a small milkshake to go with it.  SO good.  For some odd reason I crave ice cream when it's colder out, and have a feeling that this will be my go to treat this next month or so.

5.  I learned about a year or two (maybe more?) ago from either a blogger or a friend - obviously I cannot remember!  It's a website that you can use to unsubscribe from certain email lists you are on.  It took me all of 10 minutes to go through and unsubscribe from those email lists I might no longer want to be a part of.  I am hoping to see a nice difference, and be able to keep a better handle on my inbox.

And to wrap up the post, here is a look at what was on the blog this week and last...
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Hope you all have a great weekend!

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My Favorite Thanksgiving Recipe + An App & A Dessert

I keep mentioning this over and over again, but Thanksgiving is my very favorite holiday.  One of the things I love about it is the food.

Today I wanted to round up and link three of my favorite holiday recipes that would make a great addition to any Thanksgiving meal.

First up, my very favorite - broccoli, cheese and rice casserole.  I may be biased, but my mom makes the best broccoli, cheese and rice casserole.  I think it was last year, or maybe two years ago when we were cooking, and she said that it doesn't quite feel like the holidays until she smells the celery and onion cooking in butter...or maybe it was that it finally feels like the holidays when that starts cooking?  I can't remember the exact words, but you get the gist.  

It's the perfect side - you get a little bit of everything.  And it reheats well.  If you are lucky enough to have leftovers! 

You can find the broccoli, rice and cheese casserole recipe here.

Backing up to the 'pre-meal' eating, the second recipe I want to share is my mom's cheeseball.  The addition of the olives adds a bit of salt that helps to offset the richness of all the cheese.

You can find the cheeseball recipe here.

And now moving all the way to dessert.  I have mentioned how much I love pumpkin squares for quite awhile now.  They even please those that aren't pumpkin fans!  You can get a good sized pan out of these, which is great for large get togethers.  Although having extras is never a bad thing, haha!

You can find the pumpkin squares recipe here.

Do you all have a favorite recipe for Thanksgiving?  

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Time for some confessions...

I confess...the rest of my home tour is going to be pushed to the new year.  I swore I had taken pictures of everything before I decorated for fall, but I was wrong, because I have zero pictures of the upstairs in its 'normal' state.  And since I decorated for Christmas, I don't feel like they really are true representations of how things look, at least on a regular basis.  So, home tours will be back come January...after all of Christmas is down.

I confess...speaking of Christmas, I just want to be home and surrounded by all the lights and decorations.  I actually don't have a ton planned the month of December, and although I know things will pop up, I am looking forward to a more low key few weeks after we get by Thanksgiving! 

I confess...I hate computer update day at work.  I know it's necessary but goodness gracious, can they make it a little less painful?  I find it so hard to believe that with all the technology out there, they have not improved upon these updates.

I confess...the other week instead of getting my 'nighttime' stuff out of the bathroom closet to wash up with, night after night I would grab my makeup bag.  I mean, where did I think I was going?!  Out on the town?!  I could definitely tell it was a busy week - I was losing it!

I confess...I don't understand why TV channels put scary commercials on during 'regular' TV.  That should just be a thing where they don't do that.  Or there should be a special channel that only plays scary things for those who like it.  Kind of like Hallmark, but for scary stuff.  I honestly have to change the channel or close my eyes when some commercials come on because they freak me out so much.  It's a bit ridiculous, I know, but I feel like that should just be an unwritten rule.  Or at least it should be after 9:00 or 10:00 that they play. 

I confess...I still haven't ordered my Christmas cards.  I feel like in years passed I have always been on top of this, but it keeps getting pushed back.  Goal of the week - order the darn Christmas cards!

I confess...on the topic of Christmas cards, I think I want to bring back an address book.  It seems silly given how convenient things are in excel, or the like, but honestly, I kind of miss the idea of an actual book.  I sort my mail in my kitchen, and I feel like keeping a book in my 'junk' drawer would be super easy to just pull out and update as needed.

I confess...every time I feel like I am out of a rut with reading, I get right back in one.  I have not finished so many books lately, it's ridiculous.  I even get pretty far into a few and then decide it's just not worth it...and the process starts over and over again.  Hopefully I will get through one good book soon!

I think I should cut it off there.  Do you have any confessions to share?

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Weekend Recap: It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas...

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Hey all!  I hope everyone had a great weekend.

Mine was full of decorating and shopping with my mom - one of my favorite ways to spend the weekend!

When I got home from work on Friday, my mom was already here.  And she had already gotten a huge jump start on what we had planned for the weekend - decorating for Christmas.  My mom had taken down all my fall items, and got to work fluffing the trees all while I was at work.  How wonderful is that?  I wanted to go through my fall decor to see if there was anything I could get rid of, and did actually part ways with a few strands of garland I had from back in college.  Otherwise everything was packed up and stored away.  Then it was time to get down to business with Christmas.

One thing I love about having the blog is pulling up picture of the previous year's decorations.  It's nice to look at them and know where things went.  The pictures also help show which areas I am not in love with anymore - I will think oh I thought that was so cute last year, but looking at it this year I think to myself hmmm, we can do better.

We had to run out the store for batteries, (note to self, majorly stock up on batteries prior to decorating) which worked out because before we went, we tested out the lights and needed a few additional strings of those, too!

Decorating was a little slow going for me Friday.  My mom did a lot of the heavy lifting creatively - I think I was worn out from a busy week, and traveling the weekend before.  We called it a night and decided to start fresh in the morning.

And starting fresh we did!  Saturday morning we redid some things from the night before, and it really started to come together.  

We took a break to do some shopping, checking out RF Home, The White Rabbit, and Pottery Barn.  I got the cutest little light up house from The White Rabbit, along with another rolling pin to add to my collection, and made out nicely at Pottery Barn, grabbing two pillow covers (furplaid) which were both 40% off, and a cute little mercury glass votive which was 20% off (linking the set - in store you can buy them individually, but the set is on sale and really you can use these things anywhere and everywhere!).  Love a good deal.  At PB, I also decided on what dishes I will be putting on my Christmas list.  If you read here last week, I shared my personal Christmas wish list (post here), and was between two sets.  After seeing them in person, I am for sure going with the Classic Rim.  I chose by the looks, but they are a heck of a lot cheaper than the other, so that was a nice little bonus!

After stopping home for lunch, we headed on back out, checking out Michaels, Kirklands and Target.  No luck at Michaels or Kirklands, but at Target I found a really nice white bowl to hold some ornaments.  We found out at the check out it was on sale, which was a nice little surprise.  Never hurts to save a few bucks!  Another stop back home, we headed to Hobby Lobby.  That place was pretty crazy, but we found everything we were looking for - silver ball ornaments, a green wreath for the living room, and something to hang on my back door.  Plus an extra little something - the cutest Santa.  I have seen like figures at various boutiques for a heck of a lot more money than I wanted to spend, but at $10 (50% off Christmas), I couldn't say no!

We got back to decorating, stopped for a dinner break (I introduced my mom to the goodness that is Chipotle), and continued decorating until late.

The big tree was left until Sunday, as well as the outside, and the garland for my new, little kitchen tree.  We tackled those first thing, and by 11:00 all was done.  It was finally time to sit down and enjoy!

Everything looks so magical - I just cannot wait to share my home town.  Here's a little peek I shared on instagram of my shiny brite tree.  Gosh, I really love it!

I ran out to my favorite antique mall after a quick lunch, because I wanted to grab a cookie cutter for my kitchen tree.  Well, I did find the cookie cutter I was looking for, but also left with a box of shiny brites, a precious little drum/train shiny brite and a music puff.  Antique malls are my weakness, haha!

As I was getting out my last fall candle a week or so ago, I realized that I only had one Christmas candle!  I knew I would go through that very quickly, so when I saw Bath & Body was having buy 2, get 2, plus $10 off $30, I knew I needed to go stock up.  

And that's where my weekend stands as I write this.  It was so wonderful having my mom in town, and getting all the Christmas decorations up.  She is the best!

On deck for the rest of the afternoon is relaxing and catching up on some TV.  

Happy Monday!    

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Christmas Gift Guide: Something For Everyone

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Over the years I have come to realize that as much as I love receiving gifts, I love giving them even more.  The whole gift giving process can be so fun - coming up with ideas, shopping, wrapping, and finally the giving, which hopefully comes with a big smile from the recipient.

Below are some gifts ideas that I think will get that big smile.  From family to friends to coworkers - there is something for everyone!

Starting with the little ones...

Being an aunt is one of my favorite things.  And spoiling my nephews with gifts is something I know that will never get old.

Books.  I am a big fan of getting books for kids.  I loved (and still love) books myself, and feel like they usually are something that gets looked at over and over again.  This year, I am looking at Good Night, Little Blue Truck & The Spectacle - Celebrating the History of the Indianapolis 500.

Stomp Rocket.  I have heard over and over again how these gifts are the best for kids.  I bought one for my nephew for his birthday, and it was so cute seeing him stomp on it!

Mower.  This is one of my nephew's very favorite toys and has been for years it seems. 

Puzzles.  I think these Melissa & Doug puzzle boxes are great (Vehicles / Construction Vehicles) .  You get 4 puzzles, and then all the pieces are housed within the box - great for traveling!  Their sound puzzles are also always great, too - they even have a Mickey one!

Games.  You can't go wrong with a good game.  And there are just so many options for any age!  Last time I was home, we played Pop the Pig over and over and over and over again.  My nephew got such a kick out of it, and we all had fun playing, too!  We played games a lot growing up, too, and still actually play some at family get togethers now, too.  My favorites are Trouble, Sorry! and Monopoly.

Gear Magnets.  I think these are super cool, and they work for multiple ages, too.  My baby nephew loves to look at them go, while my older nephew can actually play with them.  And heck, I even like putting them together and spinning the gears, too!

Jewelry.  I was a bridesmaid in a family wedding years ago, and received a locket as a gift.  It's one of those pieces of jewelry that even though I can't wear it anymore (my neck isn't quite child sized, haha!), that I will never get rid of it because it's just one of those things that I love.

Clothes.  While not as 'fun' of a gift, I usually buy a few gift or two, then some clothes for a more 'practical' gift.  I am a big fan of Cat & Jack at Target.  

The ladies...

Candle.  I love candles myself, and think they make a great gift.  Depending on your price point, you can get a smaller size, or go big and get the larger candles.  At Christmas, I have a few different favorites, but I don't think you can go wrong with the Smell of Christmas.

YETI.  I have two different sizes of YETIs and love them both.  I have the smaller one for work (that way I have to get up and away from my desk more often to refill it), and the larger one at home (that way when I am lazy, I don't have to refill it as often).  They have so many colors to choose from, you can tailor the choice to the person!

Oventure Ring.  I received one of these last year and really like it.  I was terrible at finding my keys, and having them on a big old ring definitely helps that!  It's also great if you are out and about and need to hold your keys, but don't want to carry a fully purse.  As with the YETI there are oodles of colors, and even different materials, too!

Meaningful Ornament.  I am a huge fan of ornaments, and think they make great gifts.  You can find an ornament of almost anything, and gifting one that is meaningful just really takes it over the top.  Maybe it's an ornament of a place you went together, or their favorite food or drink - whatever, there are endless options.

Magazine Subscription.  This is one from my personal Christmas with list.  It's a super easy gift, and it's one that gives all throughout the year!

Cookbook.  One of my friends gave me a cookbook a few years ago, and I just loved it.  It was one of her favorites, which made it even better to me.  I love talking cooking, and sharing a cookbook that she loved with me, was like sharing all her favorite recipes, if that makes sense.  The Pioneer Woman just came out with a new cookbook, and you can't go wrong with Skinnytaste.

Barefoot Dream Cardigan.  This cardigan is the BEST.  I actually have three Barefoot Dreams pieces - what's been dubbed the blardigan, the short robe, and the pocket cardigan.  The pocket cardigan is my favorite of the three, and is actually 50% off right now in a few colors!  It's so soft, the pockets are nice and roomy, the length is longer but not overly long, and it's just so dang cozy.  

Festive Plates / Bowls.  Crate & Barrel is a favorite store to browse, and I especially love it at Christmas.  They have so many neat little bowls and appetizer plates - perfect for someone who loves to entertain or decorate.

Jewelry.  You can do no wrong with jewelry, whether it be a nice piece, or something cheaper, but oh so cute.  My recommendation for this year would be Kendra Scott hoop earrings.  I got these for myself about a month ago and I love them.

Gift Cards.  I feel like gift cards get a bad rap, because they get touted as 'not meaningful gifts', but I think they are great.  The options are endless, for one, and it's such a nice treat.  Take Starbucks for example - I love having a gift card there because it makes me feel not so guilty spending money on coffee, rather than making it at home. 

The guys...

Books.  Obviously if someone is not a reader, this is not a good gift.  But, if they are, then finding a book about their favorite president, or musician, or whatever their interests may be, makes for a great gift!  For example, my brother has always been big in running, so this Steve Prefontaine book would be a fun gift for him.

Sweater.  If the guys in your life are like the guys in mine, they don't buy clothes for themselves all that often.  Christmas is a perfect time to help them update their wardrobe.  I feel like everyone looks good in a half zip - Macy's always has good deals on them around Thanksgiving, but they are even on sale right now!

Button Up.  Same reasoning as the sweater - sometimes they NEED a new shirt.  Macy's again for the win, too.  Always have great deals on my personal go to - Polo.

Belt.  Can you tell that the people I shop for need a little refresh come Christmas time?  A belt is a good option, especially one of the ones that is reversible with black on one side and brown on the other.  That way it goes with everyone!  

Socks.  Socks have gotten so fun, with lots of neat patterns and colors.  They make a great stocking stuffer.

Wallet.  A classic wallet is a great gift for those that tend to overstuff their wallets and therefore wear them out quickly.

Meaningful Ornament.  Again, I think a meaninful ornament is a great gift.  It can be relatively inexpensive, and is a gift that keeps on giving, because year after year you will get to see it on the tree!

Adult Legos.  For the guy who still has a deep love for Legos.

Beer / Alcohol.  I like this as a stocking stuffer.  You can grab a pack of seasonal, make your own 6 pack at most stores, or if beer isn't the drink of choice, a bottle of alcohol works just as well!

Gift Cards.  I think a gift card to their favorite lunch or dinner place, is a great idea.  Or if they are a Starbucks or other coffee shop fan, I don't think you can go wrong there, either.  

The coworkers...

I remember the first time I did gifts at work - I was newer to the department and had absolutely no clue they all exchanged gifts.  You can imagine my surprise when I came in to find goodies on my desk.  I was so unprepared that year, I hurriedly made some chocolate covered pretzels to bring in the next day before everyone was on vacation.  It was a bit of a disaster, haha, I felt really bad about it!  Since then, though, I have a few gift ideas I keep in my back pocket for when the time comes.

Candle.  Always a good choice!  

Hand Cream.  I actually did a whole post on this coworker gift idea a few years ago (post here).  I paired a hand cream with a little 'helping hand' note as a thank you / Christmas present for some of the ladies that really help me out at work.  Super simple, and super cute.

Beer / Wine.  I think this gift speaks for itself!

Harry & David.  I have gotten my boss a Harry and David box for the past few Christmas and plan to continue to do so for the foreseeable future!  They have so many different options at so many different price points, so it can fit anyone's tastes and budget.

Gift Cards.  We have a cafeteria at work, so giving someone a gift card there is a no brainer of a present.  That said, any restaurant will work.  If you know someone likes to frequent a restaurant for lunch, get them a gift card and then lunch will be on you!

That rounds out my gift guide for this year.  Happy shopping!   

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Thanksgiving / Black Friday Outfits

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Thanksgiving is only two weeks away - it will be here before we know it!

I am super excited, because it is my very favorite holiday.  It's a time to be with family, enjoy all the yummy food, and it kicks off the holiday season.  I just love the lead up to Christmas!

Today I am sharing two Thanksgiving outfit options (still trying to decide which one I will actually go with), and also, an outfit for Black Friday, which is almost like another holiday to me!  My mom and I have a tradition of shopping on this day.  Even though it is kind of crazy and hectic, it's one of the only times I don't mind large crowds and all the craziness.  All that just adds to the fun of getting a great deal!  And, of course, there is spending that quality time with my mom.

For Thanksgiving, our family is relatively casual.  My normal go to is a comfy sweater, jeans and boots.

In keeping with that, my first option is just that, albeit with booties.  Comfy, casual, with colors perfect for Thanksgiving!  (Some of the items I have at home are already sold out, so I linked and grabbed the picture of the most similar items.)  

Madewell Sweater (similar - suggest going one size up for a more oversized look) | Wit & Wisdom Jeans | Sam Edelman Booties (similar) | Kendra Scott Hoops

Option two is taking comfort to an extra level with leggings.  Again, comfy and casual with a bit more room for all the yummy Thanksgiving food.

Free People Tunic | Spanx Leggings (suggest getting one size up, petit if you are 5'3" or shorter)| Blondo BootiesKendra Scott Hoops

For Black Friday, the name of my game is warm (but not to bulky), something that works well with trying things on, and is comfortable for being out all day.

Assuming temps won't be freezing, freezing (like we have seen this week!), here's my plan...

Do you have your Thanksgiving outfit picked out already?  Are you guys a bit dressy, or keep it casual like us?  And, are you a fan of Black Friday, or will be you avoiding the crowds and shopping from the comfort of your home online?


My Grown Up Christmas List

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Can you tell by this title I have been listening to Christmas music lately?  I just love it!

And I am sure you can tell by the title, too, that I am sharing my Christmas wish list today.  

For my family, we usually need to have our Christmas lists done by Thanksgiving.  My mom then takes our lists, pulls ideas from them for some of my extended family, and then keeps the other gift ideas for her (and my dad's) Christmas shopping.

I used to always struggle with my list.  It seemed like throughout the year I had SO many ideas of things I wanted, but when it came time to actually put them on paper, they magically floated out of my mind.  A few years ago I started keeping a running note on my phone, that way I can add an idea when it pops up, no matter what the time of year.  Then, come Thanksgiving, I have a list ready to go.

Here's some of the things I am hoping to see in my stocking or under the Christmas tree...

Cookbooks.  I have a small obsession with cookbooks.  I honestly cannot get enough!  At the top of my cookbook wish list are the two Half Baked Harvest cookbooks - Recipes from My Barn in the Mountains, and Super Simple.

Dinnerware.  My plates have seen better days.  I knew when I bought them that they were prone to chips, and after about 5-6 years of use that definitely has been the case.  I'd like to upgrade to a new set.  I have my eye on the Cambria Stoneware from Pottery Barn, as well as the Classic Rim Porcelain.  I plan to scope them out on my next shopping trip to see which one I like more in person, then update my list accordingly.

Cast Iron Skillet.  With my love for The Pioneer Woman, how could I not want a cast iron skillet?!  

Round Storage Container.  My mom has had this big, round tupperware container for years and years.  I can't tell you how many times in the last few years I have wished I had one for myself.  It's perfect for cupcakes, pumpkin squares...really anything!

Southern Living Magazine Subscription.  This has been a reoccurring gift on my list for the past few years.  It's one of my very favorite magazines!       

Gratitude Journal.  Another reoccurring gift!  There are so many options out there, but when I first started asking for them, I went with the one Oprah recommended years ago.

Jeans.  I got a pair of these Wit & Wisdom jeans last year for Christmas, and have worn them non stop since.  The stitching in one of the back pockets came undone a few months ago, and made me realize I need another pair for backup, because I sorely missed them while they were being fixed!

Gloves.  My winter gloves have seen better days.  I have my eye on the CC brand in gray.  Last year I actually got some for my mom, and I am hoping we will find them on sale again this year.  Now that I am thinking of it, this may become a Christmas gift to myself, haha!

Watch.  Like my dishes, my watch has seen some better days.  I am still trying to decide which one I want, but I am looking for one that has both gold and silver.

Cordless Stick Vacuum.  I have been thinking about a cordless stick vacuum for the last year or so.  I'd love it for all vacuuming, but especially for the kitchen, stairs and bathrooms.  There are oodles of options out there, with all kinds of varying price points.  You have a Dyson which is big bucks, and then a Eureka that comes in at just under $30.  Any recommendations?

Socks.  Nothing says Christmas like a pack of socks in your stocking!  And I actually really need them this year.

That rounds up my Christmas list for this year.  At least for soon as these gift guides start coming out, I always get more ideas!

Speaking of gift guides, I will be sharing mine this Friday.  I am just planning to do one, and it'll be a little bit of everything - parents, kids, coworkers, friends, etc.

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Girls Weekend to Dallas 2019

Hope everyone has had a great start to their week!

If you read here yesterday, you know I just got back from a girls weekend in Dallas.  It was so much fun!  

The weekend had both an eventful start and end to it.  Friday, I realized that my main credit card had some unrecognizable charges on it...nothing says vacation like something going wrong right before you leave, haha!  Then, Monday morning I woke up to a notification that our flight had been cancelled.  Luckily we were able to catch an earlier flight, which worked out, but at the time it was a mad dash to get out of the hotel, to the airport and through security to make the flight.  But, we made it and the silver lining was both making it home earlier than planned, and beating the freezing rain/snow.

This was my first time to Dallas, and I really felt like we made the most of it.  We were able to check out a bunch of places, many of which were in walking distance - something I always hope for when visiting a city!  I felt like I kept saying over and over again how impressed I was.  

Here's a look at some of the highlights from the weekend...

Where we stayed: 
The Adolphus.  This hotel was AMAZING.  I felt it was very centrally located, and the decor was stunning.  It had a 'social lobby' which was beyond stunning.  We grabbed some drinks at the bar before dinner, and sat by the fire before dinner.  I could have stayed there for hours (and we actually did!).  The hotel also houses a really nice coffee shop, and some highly recommended restaurants.  The rooms were very nice, with very comfortable beds and bedding.  The only con was the time it took to get an elevator.  That did only seem to be an issue during busy times, which makes sense, but it still seemed more extreme than it should have been.  Overall, 100% recommend staying there if you are looking for a place in downtown Dallas.

Where we went:
Dallas Farmer's Market.  This was within walking distance from our hotel, and made for a nice little morning stroll.  The Market is an indoor market, housing a bunch of different food booths/vendors and some retail vendors.  Diagonally across the street from the market is The Shed, which is more your traditional farmer's market with produce, lots of handmade soap, food tents.  Both spots had places you could sit down and enjoy your coffee, food, etc.  In between both of these places was more retail space which was so fun wandering around.  We really lucked out, and there was another event going on - The Boho Market - which had more vendors with things like clothes, art, and jewelry. 
My recommendation: Lavender Latte from 5 am Drip, located in The Shed area.

Deep Ellum.  This was recommended to my friend by a friend, and was within walking distance, too.  The Deep Ellum area has a bunch of restaurants and bars, and made for a great brunch and drinks spot.  There are so many places to choose from, and so many outdoor options.  Our weather was perfect, and we thoroughly enjoyed this area.
My recommendations: Check out Cane Rosso and Stirr. At Cane Rosso, we had the Breakfast Taco Pizza, which was delicious, with mimosas - only $2 per drink!  Stirr offers a covered rooftop area, in addition to their regular seating, and it's the perfect place to enjoy a nice day. 

Although both the farmer's market, and the Deep Ellum area were well within walking distance from our hotel, there is also a lot offered downtown.  
My recommendations:
The Eyeball.  This is just one of those random kind of things that is neat to see and grab a picture of.  I didn't realize that it was private property, though, so you can't actually walk up to it.  But again, still is a neat sight to see!

Dealey Plaza.  The place where JFK got shot.  There is a museum, and tours offered, but I found it neat enough just walking around the area.  They have X's on the road to mark where the shots hit, as well as a memorial.

Klyde Warren Park.  While this wasn't exactly by our hotel, it was still within walking distance.  It's a bustling park in the middle of the city.  Perfect place to grab something to eat, and enjoy a day outside.

Bishops Art District.  Another recommendation - this place was similar to Deep Ellum, but busier, with more retail shops and restaurants.
My recommendation: Paradiso.  This place has the most amazing decor, and a huge outdoor area. 

Dallas Cowboys Game.  When in Dallas, we knew we had to check out a game!  We opted to go the cheapest route, and got standing room tickets.  In hindsight, I wish we had gotten seats, but neither of us are big fans, so it was hard to convince ourselves to spend the money.  The stadium was absolutely huge, and jam packed.  Honestly, it was a little overwhelming to me, and even though I love me some Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders (Making the Team is one of my very favorites shows!), I don't know if I would venture back.

As I mentioned earlier, I kept saying how much I liked Dallas - I really hope to get back there sometime!

Now it's back to reality...and snow!