Weekend Recap: Louie & A Visit from Dad

Hey all!  I hope everyone had a great weekend.  Mine was a good one - I wish it weren't over!

Friday we had a really fun event at work.  Our United Way campaign has come to an end, and each year we hold a thank you reception, to thank all those that participated in the United Way related events, and made donations.  Part of the event included a visit from the St. Louis Blues mascot, Louie!  The St. Louis Blues won the Stanley Cup earlier this year, so everyone is still riding that high and being able to get a picture with Louie at the event was a really fun draw.

Saturday morning I had a little picking up to do before my dad arrived.  He decided to make a bit of an impromptu visit, and I am so very glad he did!  It was great to see him, and we got so many things done.  He brought over the cabinet that my grandma and mom had found at a garage sale for me.  It's perfect for my upstairs hallway.  After getting it all leveled and secured to the wall, we moved downstairs to install my new kitchen shades!  They look so clean and bright.  And it's so nice not to have to stare out into a black hole in the evenings, haha.  Next on the list was reorganizing my garage.  We made a trip to Aldi's (they have an awesome storage shelf there for only $40!) and Home Depot to grab some supplies, then got to work.  I so wish I had gotten a 'before' pictures, because it is such a difference.  We worked on a few other odds and ends before my dad packed up his tools and headed home.  It was a quick trip, but it was so nice to spend that time with my dad, and get so many things accomplished at the same time!

Sunday was pretty low key.  Other than Sunday School and church, I pretty much laid low.  I didn't get quite as much done to prep for the week as I should have (I know I will be regretting that this morning), but it was nice to relax and watch some shows and read.

If only the weekend were just one day longer!  But, we are here for another Monday, so let's make it marvelous.

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Friday Favorites: New Blog Design!

Hey there!  I hope everyone had a good week.  I had a few days off at the start of the week, and then again on Thursday.  It was a great few days, but I am all out of sorts.  I am back at work today, because it is our United Way Thank You reception.  We have some fun events planned, and I didn't want to miss out!  

I spent a good portion of today (Thursday) working on my new blog design.  As you can see, I went with a super simple design.  I am still trying to figure out a few things, but I have to say it is a big improvement over all those errors pictures, haha!

I am feeling a bit brain dead after spending so much time on making updates and am ready to put my computer away for the evening so I am going to keep this short and simple. 

I hope you all have a fabulous Friday, and a wonderful weekend.  I will be back next week with a 'regular' schedule!

Fall Favorites: The Perfect Fall Day

Thank you to all who have joined me and Sarah in sharing our love for fall with our annual Fall Favorites link up!

Today is the last installment, and the topic is our perfect fall day.  So join me, as I dream up my day.

First, it would start off with waking up to no alarm, and the windows open, with a nice chill in the air.  I'd head out for a walk / run, enjoying the sound of the crunching leaves under my feet.  I'd get ready for the day, then enjoy a cup of coffee.  Probably while watch The Pioneer Woman.  

From there, I would head to some kind of fall market.  Something that would be a mix of shopping, food, and music.  Kind of a cross between a farmer's market and a flea market.  All outside, with weather that would be cool enough to wear a sweater, but not need a jacket.  After perusing the market, I would head home to do a do a little baking.  And reading.  And enjoying another cup of coffee, because why not?!  A nap would be up next.  Between the residual smells of the baking, the chill in the air, and the warmth from a coffee, I think that would be a lovely nap, indeed!

The evening would bring friends, pumpkin carving, and a bonfire.  Complete with s'mores.  

A perfect way to end a perfect day.
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Home Hack: Shelf Fillers

Over the past few months, I have been sharing what I am calling 'home hacks' - which are basically just budget-friendly tips and tricks I use when decorating my home.

This week I am covering shelves.  Whether it be a bookshelf or a regular shelf, these are things are my go-to's for decorating.  Really, they all work for any flat surface.

Books.  This is a bit of a no brainer, I am sure, but books are SO handy when decorating.  The are great space fillers, and they also are perfect for stacking.  Want to raise and item a bit?  Place a book or two under it.  Want to separate two decor pieces?  Stack a few books between them.  You can get different looks by using the same books, too.  I like removing the jackets from my hardback books, and getting a little pop of color from the binding.  You can also place them so that you just see the pages, rather than the spines.  They don't have to be hardback, either.  I have used paper backs plenty of times.  If you want to go for a certain look, too, you can always make your own book jacket with paper.  The possibilities are endless!

Jars.  Plain jars, or jars full of items are great additions to any shelf!  Whether they be big jars that used to house candy, or smaller Mason jars, they all make great options!  

In my apartment, I used these old jars my mom had on the shelf in my dining area.  Fun fact - my grandma and another relative had a candy store way back when, and those jars were from there!  Now in my condo, they house my flour and sugar.  

A fun filler for a jar is buttons.  Any time I would buy something that came with an extra button, in the jar it would go.  It's both added decor and practical, because if a button ever falls off, I know exactly where to go to find the replacement.  Other filler ideas are sea glass, marbles, or even pennies.  When my grandpa passed away, each of us began to find pennies on the ground...usually right when we really needed a sign from him.  Occasionally I leave them on the ground, because you never know who else may need a sign like that, but I have a little collection of those that I have picked up, and instead of keeping them in a drawer, I put them on my bookshelf, in a jar.  Heck, even rocks work as a filler!  

Sometimes, though, just a plain glass jar is all you need.  Mason jars are pretty inexpensive, but you don't even have to buy them.  Odd are you have some type of food or a candle in a Mason type jar (or other style jar) that can just be cleaned and repurposed when you are done.

Bowls.  I think these make a cute addition to decor.  You can find all kind of different decorative bowls, and most of the time, they are relatively inexpensive.  A bowl can also be a vessel for other decor - a candle, pine cones, or even rolled up towels / napkins.  You could also stack a few - keeping the color the same, or doing a variety to add even more color.  

Greenery.  I prefer faux plants on shelves, simply because they are less work.  That said, I tend to be a bit picky, because while I know they are faux, I don't want them to look too fake, if that makes sense.  I have a handful of little faux plants from IKEA, and they are the best at adding touches of green.  I like setting them in different containers, too, to change up the look a bit.

Frames.  Of course, frames are perfect for a shelf.  I listed all my favorite frame fillers last month (post here), and really the options on endless.

Baskets.  Baskets add so much texture to decor.  And they don't have to be expensive either.  Even The Dollar Store has some really cute options.  Depending on the size, you can even use it for some extra storage, which is always a good thing!   

I think that covers it - if you have any go-to's I missed, please!

And if you want to check out the previous home hack posts, you can check them out below.

Weekend Recap: Girls Night Out, Home Purchases & The Last Indycar Race

Happy fall!  Even though it's been fall in my mind since the start of September, it's officially here.  And it's actually semi-fall weather, too.  Can't beat that!

This weekend was a good one.  It started off with a night out for a friend's birthday.  We all headed to a local bar/restaurant/game place, called Westport Social, and spent the night drinking, eating and dancing.  It was a ton of fun.

Even though I was out way later than normal on Friday, I was up and at 'em Saturday morning.  And feeling pretty sore from my night out.  Between my feet, back and knees, I am not sure which hurt more, haha.  I met a friend and her daughter for lunch at Panera.  It was really nice to catch up, and see her little one.  One of the local boutiques was having a tent sale, so I headed that way after lunch.  I had considered not going, but I am so glad I did, because I found the cutest chair for my bedroom!  Since I was right there, I figured I might as well check out the antique mall.  I am collecting a few milk glass vases to display on a cabinet, and was able to find two new ones on this trip.

Sunday morning came too early.  It always makes me wonder why I could sleep in when I have to be up, but those days I don't have to (like Saturday), I am up early on my own, wide awake.  After church I got down to business at home, finishing up some laundry, baking, and cleaning.  I got it all done in time to watch the last Indycar race of the season.  And guess what?!  Colton Herta won!  Early in the season, before I really got into it, my nephew picked out a racer to be my favorite.  He's a rookie and has had a really good first year - the youngest racer to win P1 and an Indycar race.  Pretty cool!  I was texting my dad about the race, and he sent me a picture of 'who' was watching it with him...my parents' cat, haha.  I thought it was too funny.  She is so intent on the TV!  The rest of the evening was spent catching up on some shows, and watching the Emmy's.  

Just a little housekeeping before I go.  I purchased a blog design off Etsy, and I am hoping to get it all updated in the next few days...so all the weird little pictures should be gone soon!  Wish me luck, though.  I am so tech-challenged, and even though it seems like it should be super easy, I wouldn't put it pass me to mess it all up.  So fingers crossed!

Hope everyone has a great Monday!

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Friday Favorites: Fall Food, More Water, A New Follow & Sweater, and This Year's Fall Home Tour

This post may contain affiliate links, meaning that any clicks/purchases may result in a small commission at no additional cost to you.

Happy Friday!  This week was a good one, but busy.  While there are a few things on the agenda for this weekend, I am sure looking forward to a slow Saturday morning.  It is supposed to rain this weekend, and a cozy start at home with a pumpkin spice latte sounds like just the way to begin the day.  

But first, a few favorites from the week.

ALL the fall foods.  If you read Mix & Match Mama, then you saw her post about Trader Joe's fall items.  I was thinking of making a Trader Joe run that night, and seeing her post solidified that plan.  I grabbed some of the items she recommended, as well as one of my favorite things from last year.

Here's a look at the the fall / pumpkin things I bought:

Pumpkin Joe-Joe's.  This is my first time trying Joe-Joe's and these were SO GOOD.  I took them to a girls night, and we all ate them up.  I ended up leaving what was left, because I knew if they came back into the house they would be gone in an instant.

Pumpkin Rolls.  I tried these last year, and absolutely loved them, hence the two containers.  I can't wait to make some this weekend.

Pumpkin Bread.  Yum, yum, yum!  This has been perfect toasted for breakfast.  I don't find it to be too pumpkin-y, just enough.  I spread mine with a little butter, and I think adding cinnamon and sugar, or a pumpkin butter would be great, too.

Autumnal Harvest Pasta Sauce.  I bought this to go with the two items below.  I plan on cutting up some Spicy Italian Chicken Sausage to go in it, and serve over the ravioli and pasta below.

Pumpkin Ravioli & Fall Zucchetti Pasta.  I love pasta, and thought both of these sounded great.  Can't wait to try!

The next three aren't Trader Joe's buys, but from Target.  

Werther's Caramel Apple Caramels.  These are so good.  Very reminiscent of the caramel apple suckers, but in a soft bite.

Pumpkin Pie Kit Kats.  Lindsay shared these kit kats, and I took note for my next Target run.  They did not disappoint!  They are pretty rich, too, so one or two satisfy my craving.

Yasso Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars.  I grabbed a box of these, and am so sad that I didn't grab more, because the next time I was at the store, they were all out.  These are SO good.  Reminds me of the DQ pumpkin pie blizzards but oodles better for you.     

If you have any fall food recommendations, I am all ears!

Navy YETI Rambler 30oz.  One of the habits I am trying to create is drinking more water.  I actually do pretty well with this during the week, especially at work.  It's when I am home I tend to fall off the wagon.  I will fill a cup, but once I drink it all, I am not the best about refilling it.  I thought if maybe I got a larger cup, that would help the issue.  I have the YETI Rambler 20oz that I love and use at work, so figured I would get the 30oz to keep at home.  When I got my smaller one, I got it in gray, and was so bummed because right after I bought it, they came out with the navy option.  So, of course, that is what I got!  With Amazon Prime, they offered it with free one day delivery - even better!  I have already noticed an uptick in my water intake in just the few days I have had it.  And yes, I do know that I basically just used this as an excuse to get another YETI (could have used a cheaper option!), but it is working and that's the whole point, so I don't feel too bad about it.  

Mrs. Southern Social & Ann Taylor Sweater.  I recently discovered mrssouthernsocial on instagram (can't remember who linked to her, but she is a hoot), and go sucked into her insta story try-ons this week.  Icould not resist one of the tops she shared.  It's one of those that look like layers, but is just one top.  I immediately swiped up to check it out.  Ann Taylor was offering a sale, so I figured it was meant to be and quickly purchased.  This is actually my first Ann Taylor piece - usually I am a LOFT girl, but I am excited to give this a try.  She had it styled casually, which is super cute, but I am thinking it will also work well for business casual, too, at work.  Just pair it with some dress pants and heels, and I will be set!

Fall Home Tour.  This week's Fall Favorites link up topic was fall decor - my favorite!  I haven't had a chance to look at those who participated, but that's definitely on the agenda for this weekend.

With that, here's a quick look at the blog this week:
Weekend Recap: Errands & Cinderella 
Home Tour: Dining Room 
Fall Home Tour 2019 

Have a great weekend!

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Fall Home Tour 2019

This post may contain affiliate links, meaning that any clicks/purchases may result in a small commission at no additional cost to you.

My favorite of all the fall favorites...fall home tour day!  If you have been reading for a bit, than you know how much I love to decorate.  Even more so when I get to fill my home with the warmth and the coziness that fall decor brings.

Last year was my first fall in my condo.  Since I had just moved in July, I was still kind of bare bones by the time fall decorating rolled around.  Looking at the pictures then compared to now, I am struck with the difference a year has made in my place in general!  Hanging items on the wall, adding in furniture...it's all just made a world of a difference in making my house a home.

That said, the fall decor also looks quite a bit different compared to last year, too.  I went for more subtle, yet still rich, colors on the mantle, and incorporate more white and green with my filler pumpkins.  I just love how it turned out.  I think this every year, but it is my favorite yet!  All sources have been linked below.

Chairs - Pottery Barn
Pillows - Pottery Barn
Clock - World Market
Flameless Candles - World Market

Coffee Table:
Glass Pumpkin - Pottery Barn

Glass Pumpkin - Pottery Barn
Flameless Candles - World Market

Tiered Tray - Amazon
Glass Pumpkin - Pottery Barn
Wood Charger - Pottery Barn

Pumpkin Plates - Pottery Barn
Napkins - Pottery Barn
Chargers - Pier One
Flameless Candles - World Market

Dining Room Vignette:
Faux Pumpkins - Pottery Barn
Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig - Pottery Barn

I always like looking back at old home tours - they either are great for a good laugh (as in what was I thinking?!), or great for some inspiration.  And it's just fun to see the change.  To check them out, just click on the links below.

Now for the link up.

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I confess...today was supposed to be the day I recapped my Summer Bucket List.  You know, what I did this summer, what I didn't do.  But there isn't really anything to recap.  Because I did a total of 2 items out of the 10 I had listed.  Definitely not a worthwhile recap! 

I confess...the other day I thought I had broken my door.  I went for a walk, came back, and it wouldn't shut properly.  I had NO idea what was going on.  It had closed just fine when I left.  I kept opening and closing to see what was the issue.  I finally just was able to lock it.  Well, I went to see if it was still having issues and I found the culprit - I had left my key in the door!  I cannot believe I didn't not see that right away, and I cannot believe that it was able to full lock with it in the door and I did not break anything.  I felt so silly once I realized that!

I confess...after breakfast one morning, I ran the dishwasher.  A total of 10 minutes later, I was putting together my lunch and had an empty container.  I thought to myself, oh good, I can get this in the dishwasher, too, because I need to run it...not remembering I had already started it 10 minutes prior.  Well, I remembered as soon as I yanked the dishwasher open...ugh.  Luckily it didn't seem to mess anything up, but goodness gracious.  I can be so darn forgetful!

I confess...I still don't know what to do about my blog design.  Attempt something myself?  Buy a cheap template to tide me over?  I feel so technologically challenged sometimes and honestly am unsure of where to even start on fixing this.  Any suggestions, please send my way!

I confess...September has already flown by.  How are we in the third week?  I wish there were some way to make this portion of the year move sooooo muccccccchhhhhh slllllloooooowwwwer.

I confess...the bugs around my front door/porch are intense.  I feel like I have so many bug bites, I look like I have chicken pox.  Ok, that may be an exaggeration, but the ones that I do have itch so bad, it feels like chicken pox.  I actually don't use the front very often, but I have added mums out there now and I am not letting them die.  With this heat, they need more watering than normal, and it seems like the whole five minutes I am outside, I am offering the bugs a feast.  As with the blog dilemma, any suggestions on bug control, please send my way!

I think that's a good amount of confessions for now.  Don't forget, tomorrow is our third fall favorites link up - we are sharing our fall home tours!

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Home Tour: Dining Room

My dining room is one of my favorite rooms.  It was came together pretty quickly, and easily at that.  While everything else was looking sparse and bare, this was the space that gave the feeling of 'home'.  

To start the room off, I had my IKEA table and chairs.  This set has been with me for the last 12 or so years.  I got it in college, and have been using it ever since!  While eventually I would like to upgrade to a bigger table and some nicer chairs, I am quite happy with my old faithful.  

The bench was one that my grandma and grandpa got from a law office.  I think it used to be in their basement, until it was replaced with another piece, and handed it down to me.  I have always loved this piece, and after storing it at my parents for the last 5 years, I was so excited to have a place for it again!

The buffet was a house warming present from my parents.  We found it at a local shop called The White Rabbit.  It serves as storage for my votives, season plates, cloth napkins, extra decor pieces, and it one of my favorite areas to decorate.  It's just a great piece to have!

A change I made after moving in was replacing the light fixture.  The original fixture seemed just that...original.  I wanted something simple and pretty, and this fit the bill and the budget, too!  It's a great price, and it even comes in a few sizes if you would need a large or smaller option.

The plate wall is one of my very favorite things.  I had imagined this in my head for so long.  And it turned out just as I had hoped.  The main platter was my great-grandmother's, and the rest were finds at local antique malls and flea markets.

As for some of the other decorative pieces, the window/mirror was at my apartment, which my dad made.  The shutter was a hand me down from my mom.  Both the picnic basket (which serves as my alcohol storage!), and the trunk were hand me downs from my grandma, as well as the wine crate that stores my magazines.  All these different pieces just add depth and texture, as well as some handy storage!  And they all come attached to a person, which makes them even more special.

Enough words, though, here are the pictures!

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Weekend Recap: Errands & Cinderella

Hey all!  Coming at you live this morning.  I was so tired last night, I fell asleep on the couch and barely woke up enough to make it to bed!  This weekend was a good, and full one, too.

Friday was pretty low key.  I started the weekend with a training session that did me in.  After stopping by the library for some new books, I was in for the night, relaxing.

Saturday I slept in!  I have been using Saturdays that I have nothing going on in the morning as my 'no alarm' day, and it's been really nice to wake up on my own.  I tried out the Pumpkin Walnut Crunch bagel from Einstein's - it was really good!  I loved the Panera Pumpkin bagels, but they haven't had those for a year (or more?), so it's nice to find a good alternative.  I had a laundry list of errands to run Saturday, so I spent the afternoon doing that.  I also hit up my favorite antique mall before my errands...wanted to get in a little fun shopping before the necessary shopping.  There were so many good finds!  I walked away with a few Shiny Brite ornaments (sent the picture below to my mom to help me decide which one - I ended up with the ornament on the right), two milk glass vases, and a creamer for my grandma.  She collects creamers, so any time I see one (which isn't all that often), I always grab it if it's reasonable.  Many of the booths already have out their holiday items, and I think these carolers are so neat!  A Christmas Carol is my favorite Christmas movie, so I love that these are some of the characters.

Sunday I did not want to get up for church, haha.  For some reason this whole weekend I was just really tired.  But I am glad I did.  In Sunday School we covered Romans 12: 9-21, which was a passage I wasn't very familiar with, but I thought it was really good.  And one I actually could understand well, haha!  Sunday afternoon was a bit if a blur - lunch, laundry, picking up a bit, and replacing the plants in my front with mums I had picked up the day before.  There was a little accident with the mums, and I couldn't help but snap a picture of the mess as a reminder, because it was pretty funny in the moment.  I was trying to get some of the dirt out of the pots to allow for the mums to fit in, and all of a sudden it ALL came out!

I was off to meet a friend and her daughter to see the original Cinderella on the big screen!  It was a special offering that one of the local theaters was doing.  Cinderella was my favorite princess movie growing up, and I thought being able to see it in the theater would be so neat and fun.  And it was!  It's funny, too, which you watch movies like that now, you catch so many more little jokes, or comments that when I was little, I wouldn't have got, or noticed.

All in all it was a good weekend, and I am hoping as we make our way through this Monday, that it will be a great start to the week!

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Friday Favorites: Highs & Lows of the Week

We once again made it to the end of the week - that is always a good thing.  This week was full of ups and downs.  

Ups - I made it to girls night after missing out the last month or so, got my hair cut, received lots of happy mail (my Emily Ley bundle, Three Sheep Shack knit koozie, and new shades for my kitchen!), did another great service project at work (800+ snack kits for my favorite St. Louis non for profit!), FaceTimed with my brother and my littlest nephew, and my grandma, mom and aunt found the cutest little cabinet for my upstairs hallway at a garage sale.  

On the flip side, the service project brought on some extra stress (I am such a worrywart!), I was sick on Tuesday, my blog design went all wonky this week, I spilled some red, chili-like sauce all on my favorite slippers and the carpet, a fly got in my house and is seemingly invincible to my swatting, someone is setting off fireworks in the neighborhood (it is time for bed, not fireworks!), plus just some other random things happened this week that were kind of blah.  

I type all this, fully knowing that things could be so much worse, but it still was a week.  And as I write this Thursday night, I am so ready for bed.

So, this post is going to be short and sweet and just a quick recap of my posts this week.  

Monday - Weekend Recap: Sleep, Self Defense & Made Festival.   

Tuesday - September 2019 Book Review

Wednesday - September 2019 Goals & Habits + A Look at My Calendar

Thursday - Fall Favorites: Fashion.  

I will see you all back here on Monday!

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Fall Favorites: Fashion

This post may contain affiliate links, meaning that any clicks/purchases may result in a small commission at no additional cost to you.

Today is the second installment of the Fall Favorites link up.  The topic is fashion, and boy, have I been dreaming of fall fashion for the last two months it seems.  Even though the temperatures are reminding me it still is actually summer, I am hopeful that fall weather will make an appearance sooner than later!

Hats.  I bought a brown hat a few years ago, that I just love.  While I don't wear it near enough, it's perfect for a day out at the winery, or lunch on a patio somewhere.  Since mine is a few years old, it's not available anymore, but the ones below are super cute and something I would definitely buy if I was in need of a new one!

Tops.  When fall hits, I love to break out the neutrals, and all the rich colors.  Cream with cognac accents, all the gray, black, and of course leopard (which seems to be more and more of a neutral to me!), as well as rust, mustard, teal...I love them all, especially come fall.  LOFT has some great blouse options to wear now (mustard top, ruby top) and once the cooler weather finally hits all you need is a cozy cardigan to throw over.  I also have a ton of their long sleeve blouses that are both great for work, and a dressier night out.  As far as sweaters go, I cannot wait to wear my favorite Free People turtleneck, along with the my new Madewell sweater (on sale).  And of course, my Barefoot Dreams cardigan (on sale) will be worn non-stop at home (and probably out to the movies if we are being honest)!  

I would be remiss if I didn't add a fall graphic tee to my favorites.  I had this shirt made through AddyMack Designs, and I cannot wait to wear it!  

Bottoms.  My favorite jeans are Wit &Wisdom.  I have both the jeggings and the boot cut.  The boot cut are perfect when you want to be casual, yet a little dressier.  I wear them a lot to work on Fridays, paired with pointy toe shoes.  They make my legs seem so long and lean!  New this year are my Spanx faux leather leggings, and Zella leggings.  I cannot wait to break both these leggings in!

Shoes.  Shoes are one of my 'things'.  I love them so much!  When it's still hot, I reach for my open toe booties (mine are old, but I really like the Vince Camuto brand), then when it finally cools off, I transition to my other (closed toe) booties and tall boots.  I really like the Blondo brand, because they are waterproof, and really comfortable (gray).  And these Sam Edelman booties (on sale) are the perfect tan / cognac color.  I can't wait to wear them!  I also still have a deep, deep love for my UGGs.  I break out my Hunter boots any time it's raining (and for gardening), but they are also super cute for the pumpkin patch, or any of the outdoor fall things where it might be a bit muddy.  And, of course, my favorite heels - they are worn year round!  

Well, writing this post has made me crave fall weather even more.  Here's to hoping we see it sometime this month!

Link up with us below, and don't forget to join in next week.  We will be sharing our fall decor - my 'favorite' fall favorite!


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