Recipe Round Up: A Review of the New Recipes I Tried in April 2019

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It's that time where I share my thoughts on the new recipes I have tried throughout the month!  This month I tried out four new recipes.  They are all on the healthier side, too, since I am on a quest to eat better and lose some weight.

Bacon-Wrapped BBQ Ranch Chicken Salad from Skinnytaste One and Done Cookbook.  In my quest for healthier meals, I checked out the Skinnytaste One and Done cookbook from the library.  I ended up actually ordering it, too, because there were a lot of recipes in there that seemed delicious and very easy to pull together.  This was one of the first recipes that caught my eye, mainly because it involved bacon.  It wasn't necessarily my favorite, but I do think I will try it again, with some tweaks.  The chicken breasts I used were rather large (although I am pretty sure they were the size the recipe called for), but I think next time I will make sure they are a bit thinner.  They took a lot longer to cook than the recipe called for.  And, I am not sure if the pan was hot enough, so the bacon didn't get as crispy as I would have liked.  The only seasoning is pepper, so I think maybe adding a little something else will be good to give the chicken more flavor.  Or even getting more of a smoked bacon would be good, too.  Overall though, it was not too bad, especially for a healthy and what should be quick meal.  And it has bacon...and is still healthy.  Can't beat that!

The next two aren't reviews, but recipes I shared earlier this month - I wanted to include them, though, because they are new recipes to me!
Roasted Pesto Sweet Potatoes.  This is one of my sister in law's recipes that I shared earlier this month.  It is so very good.  Even non-sweet potato lovers like this one!

Roasted Asparagus & Tomatoes.  Another recipe from my sister in law - perfect for a quick and easy side.

Chicken Fajitas from Skinnytaste One and Done Cookbook.  While the first recipe I tried from this cookbook didn't quite live up to my expectations, this one beyond exceeded it!  So, so very delicious!  And easy, too.  I prepped the chicken / marinade the night before, so then all I needed to do before throwing in the oven for dinner was cut up the onions and peppers...which I probably could have done the night before, too.  Next time!  And there will be a next time, because this one was a keeper.

Have you made any good (and healthy and easy) recipes lately?  I always love recommendations!

Weekend Recap: Vintage Market Days & Home Projects

Hey all!  Happy Monday.  I hope everyone had a great weekend.  Mine was really good, and really full.  My parents came to town, and as always we got lots done!

My parents got to my place right before I got off work, and by the time I got home, they were already starting on a few things!  They sure are efficient!  After dinner, we headed to Home Depot to pick out plants that we would be potting the next day.  Picking out flowers it one of my favorite things to do with my mom each year.

Saturday morning we hit the ground running with planting, and did so just in time, too.  As we were finishing it up, the rain hit.  The weather was pretty crazy on Saturday - chilly and rainy in the morning and then HOT in the afternoon.  We made our way to Vintage Market Days to check out all the booths.  The market is one weekend in the spring, and then one in the fall.  It's always neat to see what they have to offer.  I actually didn't find all that much - just a little stool, but my mom hit the jackpot.  She was looking for some stadium seating, and found exactly what she was looking for!  My dad too found some goods!  They are the best to have at these places - my mom has a relatively good idea on what things should be priced, and my dad is the one who is willing to haggle.  We had a few downpours while we were there, which just makes me sick for all those people and all their inventory.  Guess that is the risk when you have an outdoor market, but you cannot help but feel for them!  The sun came out, though, and heated things up.  We decided to check out the local antique mall and local boutique, and I made up for not finding much at the market.

As we were coming home, we saw a sign for an estate sale just a subdivision over.  After a quick lunch, we decided to go check it out.  It was my first estate sale experience and it was both super neat, and really sad, too.  Neat in that there were so many cool things - I mean it's almost every single thing someone owned.  There were so many gorgeous serving pieces, and place card holders and different china sets...I just imagined all the wonderful dinner parties they must have hosted!  There was this really neat old iron machine (never knew that was a thing), and a roaster that was about half my size (again, never knew that was a thing), and the one of the owners must have played the piano or organ, because there was so much sheet music.  I grabbed a bunch of neat ones - Christmas songs, songs from West Side Story, The Sound of Music, The Wizard of Oz, and even a signed copy of the song You'll Never Know.  Perfect for framing and decorating.  My dad found some tools (he can NEVER have enough tools), and there were even a few I was thinking of grabbing at just a few bucks a piece.  But while so very neat, it's also really sad, because you know most of the time there is an estate sale, it's the result of a death, or a move to a nursing home.  And even though it is so neat to see all those things, it's also sad to think that this family had collected all these items over the years, to then end up being sold...I don't know, it's kind of sad.

We got back to the projects after the estate sale.  There were two major projects for the evening - hanging up the rolling pins, and connecting the frames to go over my bed.  The rolling pins took a bit of time - just figuring out the spacing, but goodness do I love them.  They really warm up my kitchen and make it feel more homey.  The frames took a bit of time to figure out how to exactly connect them.  I wanted to do gold frames, layered, but I did not want to hang them by string or wire to do so.  My dad was able to connect them, and it turned out so good.  We had a bunch of other little projects that were done, like hanging the sign above my dresser, replacing the knobs on my bedroom furniture, cinching the curtains in the living room...lots going on!

We saved the hanging of the frames for Sunday morning, and that honestly moved pretty darn smoothly - more so than I had thought at the beginning of the weekend, haha!  I was pretty well beat after my parents left - it is always such a whirlwind of go go go when they visit.  I did make it outside to do some weeding.  I knew if I didn't get to it, it would bother me all week, and it wouldn't get done thing, because right now they are calling for rain every single day this week.  And I am so glad I did, because it was actually kind of relaxing.  I think the temperature was perfect, and just knowing I was getting things cleaned up was really nice.  The rest of the day was pretty low key...just getting the house back in order and getting ready for the week ahead.

Here's to hoping we all have a wonderful Monday!

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Friday Favorites: Comfy Clothes, A Cleaning Tip, An Easy Dinner, Weight Loss, The Weather, Very Cavallari & Twitter

It's Friday!!!  This was one of those weeks were I was really off on my days, so I couldn't be happier that it is in fact Friday...because I thought it should have been yesterday.

ONE - I think part of the reason I was off this week was because the start of the week was really busy, with back to back church meetings.  I can be a bit of a homebody during the week (heck, I am on the weekends a lot of time, too!), so by Wednesday night, I was glad that the only thing I had planned for after work was a quick stop at the library, and then time at home, in my sweats.  I really like dressing up for work, wearing heels - all that, but also really like getting home, and putting on my comfy clothes.  It's like a big exhale, ahhhhhhh, the work day is done!

TWO - One of my favorite things to do when cleaning, is use a timer.  I don't mind the actual cleaning, but just starting it is the thing that I tend to dread and put off.  It's silly, because I know that doing it will take no time, and I will feel so much better after, but I still have a hard time getting motivated.  The timer is my signal that ok, it's time to get going, time to get it done.  Once it goes off, I complete whatever task, tackle whatever room I had in mind, then go back to my leisure activity (usually reading), set another timer, then get back up when it goes off, and so on, until the cleaning is done.  Granted, there isn't always time to do that, but it's definitely my preferred way when there is time.  And even if there isn't, I will still set that initial timer to get myself movin' and groovin'.

THREE - I made a really quick dinner on Monday and Tuesday, that was just so easy, and super good.  I had some meatballs in the freezer, and some asparagus in the frig.  I cooked both in the oven at the same time, and within 15 minutes (prep and baking!), I had a relatively healthy and delicious dinner.  I always think of meatballs in spaghetti, or in a sauce for an appetizer, but I need to remember they make a pretty good dinner, too.  Perfect for a night on the go - required barely any prep work, the meal was pretty healthy, it kept me from grabbing something out, or just snacking instead of having a true dinner.  Something to remember going forward!

FOUR - Speaking of healthy, the first weigh in for my weight loss challenge was this week.  I lost 1.6 pounds, which I am pretty pleased with.  I touched on this a bit last week, but my goal for this challenge is to obviously lose weight, but do so in a way that is sustainable.  Going all in on a diet that requires me to cut carbs, or something of the like, would definitely give me some results (and quicker results at that), but I would never eat like that forever.  Instead, I am just trying to eat better, watch my portions, eat more fruits / veggies, drink more water, exercises more, etc...and so far, so good!

FIVE - We have had some foggy / rainy days this week, and while I love a good sunny day, I also don't mind those rainy, gray days.  I tried to snap a picture before I left for work one morning, but of course it doesn't do it justice.  It was so neat with the swirl of the fog, and pinks and greens of the trees.  And it's always neat at work on these days - we have a bunch of windows and when you look out, it's just gray.  Kind of makes you feel like you are in your own little world for a minute!

SIX - If you watch Very Cavallari, and a fan of Jay Culter, or one or the other, you need to check out the articles on The Ringer.  They started this with Season 1, where each week they post an article called 'The Most Jay Cutler Thing That Jay Cutler Did on Very Cavallari' after every episode.  I had totally forgotten about it since Season 2 started, but came across it on Google News, and caught up earlier this week.  The articles just crack me up!

SEVEN - The St. Louis Blues are playing the Dallas Stars in the NHL play offs, and both the St. Louis Public Library and the Dallas Public Library have been talking smack via twitter.  I heard about it on the news yesterday morning and had it look it up myself - how fun and clever is this little faceoff?  

That's all for today - hope everyone has a great weekend.  My parents will be in town, and I can't wait to see them!

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Roasted Asparagus & Tomatoes

I have another recipe to share, compliments of my sister in law!

Last week it was roasted pesto sweet potatoes, and this week it is roasted asparagus and tomatoes.  Such an easy and fresh side for any dinner!

Roasted Asparagus & Tomatoes
1 bunch Asparagus
2 handfuls Grape or Cherry Tomatoes
1-2 Tablespoons Olive Oil
Garlic & Herb Seasoning
Grated Parmesan Cheese

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.  Line a baking sheet with foil.  Lay asparagus on the foil, in a single layer, then drizzle with olive oil, tossing to ensure the asparagus gets covered in oil.  Add tomatoes, toss.  Sprinkle both asparagus and tomatoes with Garlic and Herb seasoning.  Bake for 10 minutes, toss, bake for another 10 minutes.  Sprinkle with grated parmesan cheese.  Enjoy!

What's Up Wednesday: April 2019

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This one snuck up on me - I totally thought there was a whole other week left in April!  Since that is not the case, here is what has been up in April...

What I'm eating this week...
Monday - Meatballs & Roasted Asparagus
Tuesday - Meatballs & Roasted Asparagus
Wednesday - Fajitas
Thursday - Grilled Chicken & Caesar Salad

The meatballs and asparagus were kind of just thrown together - I hadn't gotten groceries before Easter, so I was just trying to make due with what I had.  I was on a bit of a time crunch, and when I opened the freezer, I saw the bag of meatballs, remembered the asparagus about to go bad, and viola - a super quick and easy dinner!

I am trying out a new fajita recipe, from the Skinnytaste One and Done cookbook - hopefully it's a winner.

And Thursday, I am keeping things super simple with chicken and salad.  If you haven't tried marinating chicken in Italian dressing, then grilling, I can't recommend it enough.  So simple, yet so very flavorful!

What I'm reminiscing about...
It seems the older I get, the faster time goes.  This time last year, I was house hunting!  Hard to believe it's been a year already!

What I'm loving...
Even though there are still some things to be done, I really do love my bedroom.  It's pretty amazing the impact it has had on me.  Because I love being in it, I keep things neater, I go to bed earlier - it just has been great.

What I've been up to...
Honestly, I had to look back at the blog to see what has been going on.

While I decorated for spring back in March, I shared my spring home tour in April (post here).  The pops of green are just so fresh and exactly what was needed after a long winter!

I got full on sick, and lost my voice.  That had never happened to me before, so it was quite the experience!  Luckily it only lasted about a day!  

I spent a Saturday doing one of my favorite things - checking out the local antique malls (post here).

I went one some major shopping sprees this month - new shoes, new clothes, house stuff...I just kept buying and buying!  Definitely will be reining that in - at least once this weekend is over.  It's the Vintage Market Days antique / flea market and you know I cannot say no to that!  I shared many of my recent purchases in this post here.

Of course, last weekend was Easter.  While it didn't quite pan out as I had hoped, Sunday came through with a wonderful church service, and a late afternoon spent at the park (post here).

Overall it was a pretty good month.  The weekdays were busy, and the weekends more low key.  But it was kind of nice how that worked out - gave some time to relax from the busy week!

What I'm dreading...
Not a whole lot!  The only thing would be painting my bathroom.  I really want to do that soon.  My bedroom looks so nice, but then you go into the bathroom and all the imperfections seems to stick out even more.  While I would love to do an actual remodel, that isn't going to happen any time soon, but a fresh coat of paint would truly do wonders.  I keep thinking I should try and tackle it, but I really do dread it.  Not to mention, I am not near confident enough in my skills to do it by myself.  There would be so much edging, so much cutting in...I just don't know!

What I'm working on...

Consistency - consistently making my lunch the night before, consistently addressing the mail as it comes in, consistently putting my clothes away as soon as I change, consistently working out and eating better...the list could go on.  Consistency is key and I am trying to be better about it.  Because let me tell you, when I am, I feel so much better about life in general!

What I'm excited about...
My parents are visiting this weekend!  As always, we have a laundry list of things to do.  I cannot wait to see them.

What I'm watching...
So much - sometimes I think I watch wayyyy too much TV, but I just truly love it.  Game of Thrones is back on, I cannot get enough of World of Dance, Real Housewives of New York...the list goes on.  I also watched the first episode of The Code - I think it's going to be a good one!

What I'm reading...
I just finished Sandra Brown's Fat Tuesday, and am about to start Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens.  I have only heard good things about that book, most people saying that it is one of their favorites, so I am excited to dive in.

What I'm listening to...
On Pandora, I am still stuck on Beats for Studying and Jazz for Studying.  I also love the Golden Oldies station.  Usually in the car I listen to country, but I have been expanding the stations I flip through in the morning to pop/rap.  There have been a few dance parties in the car on the way to work - definitely a great way to start the day.  

What I'm wearing...
Well, as I mentioned earlier I have been on a bit of a shopping spree here of late.

I am still loving my Calvin Klein pumps - I bought the black and grey blue earlier this month.  I thought about returning the grey blue when I realized they were more light blue than plain grey (which I thought in store), but they are pretty much a neutral with how much blue I wear.  And they are eye catching - I have gotten a few compliments on them at work!

I purchased a pair of white Natives (thanks to Lindsay), and they are awesome.  I know they are so popular with kids, but they should be just as popular with adults, because they are insanely comfortable and cute!

I wore this gingham dress from Draper James for Easter and I can't say enough good things about it.

I did a whole post on my favorite workout clothes (post here), which I am been rocking almost everyday, as I try and up my workout game.

What I'm looking forward to next month...
A service project at church, the Indy 500, and my cousin's wedding.  It's going to be A LOT with work, too, but it's going to be good!

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Weekend Recap: Easter 2019

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Hey all!  Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend, and a great start to their week.  I was moving a little slow on Sunday, so I am recapping the long-ish weekend today!

I say long-ish, because I ended up going into work on Friday for a bit.  I got what I wanted accomplished, then went out for a relatively quick lunch, plus dessert.  There is a cookie dough place that opened up either earlier this year, or towards the end of last year that I had been wanting to try.  Well, that was mistake that kind of colored the rest of the weekend - I think I had a bout of food poisoning!  I felt kind of blah afterwards, but not bad enough to stay home from church Friday night.  As soon as I got home, it really hit and I just felt terrible the entire rest of the night and into Saturday morning!

The weather was absolutely gorgeous on Saturday, but I didn't want to get too far from home in case I started to feel poorly again, so I made do with opening up the windows, and enjoy the weather that way.  I did get a few things done, like adding my new pillows to the couch and switching my jewelry from my jewelry box into drawer organizers, but the majority of the day was spent curled up on the couch and eating toast and other bland things.

medium jewelry organizer - The Container Store

medium necklace jewelry organizer - The Container Store

I was feeling much better Sunday morning, so I headed to church for Easter service.  I am not usually around on the holidays, so it was crazy to see how packed the church got on Sunday - my goodness!  The music was absolutely amazing - we had brass, percussion, bells, organ, piano, flutes, the just really was a wonderful celebration.  I had made plans to go out to lunch after church, but ended up skipping out on those - I was still a bit weary about eating and my stomach.  I got start on laundry, and opened up the house again for another gorgeous day.  I didn't want to waste this one, so later in the day, we headed out to Forest Park.  Forest Park is this huge and gorgeous park in St. Louis.  There is where the zoo is housed, the art museum, the history museum, a golf course, a boat house with paddle boats - it's just insanely huge (even bigger than Central Park!), and so very gorgeous.  We spent some time walking around, getting in a little exercise and soaking up the sunshine.

Of course, I started to feel a bit off again, so it was back to the couch for me Sunday night. 

Not exactly the Easter weekend I was hoping for, but what can you do.

A few other random things from the weekend to share:

My dad has a 1963 Corvair, and after so much hard work, it's all back together and looking shiny and even better than new!  He attended a car show this past weekend, and my mom snapped some pictures to share with me and my brother.  It looks so good - can't wait to see it in person next time I am home!

No Easter would be complete without my mom's lamb cake.  Since I wouldn't be having a taste this year, I got a picture instead.  Too cute!

Friday Favorites: Highlights from the Week & Recent Purchases

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Happy Friday!  Today was supposed to be a holiday, but work is calling my name.  Hopefully it will be a shorter, but productive day.  It will be nice and quiet, which will be good for getting things done.  And it's supposed to rain anyways.  

Can you tell I am trying to look the bright side with it all?

Overall, this week was a good one.  We started our weight loss challenge at work, which has gone good so far.  I say that, only 4 full days in, but hey, it's a start!  I am focusing on portion control, as well as eating more veggies, and less potatoes and rice.  I am not cutting anything out, because usually that is a disaster for me, but instead am just trying to eat better, and more balanced, with the scale tipping more towards the 'good' side of things.  I am doing morning workouts, and then getting in a few walks a week after work.  Hopefully I can stick with it and feel better both inside and out!

This week also brought a lllllooooottt of packages from my spending spree in the last week or two.  

While I was looking at those shoes, I saw that Nordstrom had some Madewell on sale.  I really like that brand, and saw this super cute top for less than $15.  I don't have a ton of 'nicer' casual tops, and really liked the stripes on this.  I sized up for a looser look, and it fits just the way I was hoping.  I will say - in person it way more ivory, and the red is more of an orange.  But I really like blue and orange together (my old school colors), so I didn't mind it at all.

MADEWELL Whisper Cotton Stripe Crewneck Tee, Main, color, BRIGHT IVORY

I ordered the gingham circle dress from Draper James last weekend, while they were doing a 25% off sale, and I am so glad I took the plunge on my first Draper James buy, because I reallllly like it!  The gingham is so classic, as is the cut of the dress.  It's so very flattering, and I really like how it can be dressed up or down.  I can see it super casual with my Natives, or dressing it up with heels or wedges for work / church.  I am going to be on the look out for the next sale to hopefully grab another circle style dress!

I ordered two books that came in - the Skinnytaste One and Done cookbook, and Where the Crawdads Sing.  

The cookbook I originally checked out from the library, and after looking at it, I knew I needed it for myself.  With my whole weight loss kick, I am looking for healthier dishes, and a lot of these recipes seem delicious, healthy, and relatively simple.  It's called one and done because each chapter is about the one kitchen vessel you use to make the recipe - a sheet pan, a skillet, a dutch oven, an Instant Pot, and air fryer, etc.  And if you don't have an air fryer or an instant pot, she gives alternative instructions on how to make the dish.  Love that!  Also, if you are interested in this, I would suggest buying from Target, because it comes with a few extra recipes.  And if you have a Redcard, then you even save a little extra money.

I had a gift card to Amazon from Steph and Jana - they gave some away during their Show Us Your Books weekend earlier this year, and I was lucky enough to be a winner!  I ended up getting Where the Crawdads Sing, because it seems like everyone who has read this book just loves it so much.  I finally got it from the library, after being on the waitlist for months, but had already decided that if it was that good, I wanted to own a copy myself.  I am hoping to start into it this weekend, so it should be in my next book review!

I got in my Natives, which I LOVE.  They are so cushy and comfy, and really easy to slip on and off.  I can't wait to start wearing them on a regular basis!
I also got the espadrilles in that I ordered from Nordstrom.  I am on the fence about them.  Walking around the house, they seems to be extremely comfy, but I am concerned that my feet might be too wide for them.  Also, this is my first pair of platform type shoes and even just walking around the house in them, I kind of tripped over my feet.  I would hate to do that while wearing them out - 1. because it would be kind of embarrassing, haha, but two I think that would really mess up the toe and material.  I am going to wear them around the house a bit more before I make a final decision.

VINCE CAMUTO Breshan Ankle Strap Espadrille Wedge, Main, color, MOONSTONE SUEDE

And finally, the pillow covers I ordered during a sale at PB made it in (and they are actually on sale now, too!).  I grabbed these along with some others, but they didn't ship until now.  I plan to put the pillow forms in them today, and am excited to see it all together.

I have been on a bit of a shopping binge lately, and I ended up ordering one more thing this week - jewelry organizers for my nightstand drawers.  After my parents are here next weekend (we already have some shopping planned), I need to cut myself off for a bit.  May might just be a no spend month.  Hopefully it will go better than it did in February...because it didn't really go at all! 

Sadly, I won't be heading home this weekend for Easter.  I am going to miss everyone (and the food!) so much!  That being said, the upside is that I will get to experience the holiday at church.  Very rarely does it happen that I am in town, so I am excited to see what it all entails.  Things already kicked off last night with a Maundy Thursday service.  Which, when they spoke about this service a few weeks ago, I had no idea what Maundy Thursday was.  I know I've had to of heard of Thursday referred to in those terms before, but any memory of that flew from my mind!  I had to look it up, so if you are like me and at a loss, this is what I found.  Maundy comes from a latin word that means commandment.  And Thursday is referred to as Maundy Thursday, because this is the day that Jesus gave the disciples a new commandment - to love one another as he had loved them.  Learned (or relearned?) something new!   

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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My Favorite Workout Gear - From Sports Bras to Socks

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With starting the weight loss challenge at work this week, I have been in full workout mode.  And that means allll the workout clothes.  Here are some of my favorites!

I needed new sports bras for awhile, and while I had gotten one here and one there, I needed quite a few more to replace my old ones - it'd be a bit embarrassing to admit how long I have had some of them.  I came across these on Natalie's blog, and couldn't order them quick enough.  For $28, you get 4 sports bras which I think is such a steal for quality sports bras.  And I really do think they are quality.  They are just as nice as the name brand ones I have gotten from Dick's that cost at least $28 for just one.  The bonus, too, is that they are from Amazon, and if you have Amazon Prime, you can get them in just a few days.  Can't beat that! 

With the weather warming up, it's been time to break out the tank tops.  I really like these Reebok ones because they have a high neck, are looser around the waist, and they are also a bit longer.  They come in a ton of different colors, too, so you can basically wear the rainbow!

Again with Reebok, they have great tees.  I have quite a collection of v-neck tops that are more of a dry fit material, but I also picked up some new tees that are cotton.  Super soft, super light, and very comfortable.  They have both crew neck and v-neck, in solids and stripes, too.  

Unless I am outside when it is cold out, my preferred leggings of choice are capri and 7/8s length.  I like that my thighs are completely covered, but they aren't as warm as full length leggings.  Reebok has really great, high waisted pants that are my favorite.  I prefer the more shiny material, but they also have cotton options, too.  You can get all kind of colors, and different patterns, too.  I have your classic navy and gray, but also some other fun patterns thrown in there, too.

Long Sleeve Tops.

Sunday let us know that we aren't quite done with the cooler weather (although today is supposed to hit 80!), and for those days, I really like half zips.  They are good by themselves, and I also like to layer them with a tank, too.  The ones I have are way old, but they are the Ideology brand available at Macy's.

Nike Multiplier No-Show Socks (2 Pair)
I can be a bit picky about my socks.  My favorites lately, are these from Nike.  I like that they have the little extra padding and height on the back, because I hate, hate, hate when socks fall down in your shoes.  The only thing with these is they have the little L and R marker on the socks.  I always forget it is on there, so I end up with the R on the left and L on the right most of the time.  For whatever reason that bothers me, haha, so I always have to take an extra second when I put them on to make sure they are on the right feet.  Although, really, does it even matter?  I am sure not, it's just one of those things that it matters to me, haha!


Honestly, I haven't found a good pair of shoes that I just LOVE.  Right now I am wearing some old Nikes, but my mom gave me a pair of shoes that didn't work out for her, which I plan on trying soon.  I just love that my mom and I wear the same size shoes!  

If you have any recommendations for shoes, please let me know!

And, I am curious, is there any brand of workout clothes you are loyal to, like I am with Reebok?
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Roasted Pesto Sweet Potatoes

I have a super easy and delicious side for you today - roasted pesto sweet potatoes.  Goodness, my mouth is watering just thinking about it!

This is a recipe from my sister in law.  It seems like it was years ago my mom mentioned Jen making this recipe when she was over one time.  She said how good it was, and that is saying something, because my mom isn't really a fan of sweet potatoes.

When I was staying over a few weeks ago, I asked Jen if she would teach me how to make these potatoes, since I had heard my mom rave about them before.  

The ingredients are minimal, it's as easy as can be, very delicious, and healthy, too!

Roasted Pesto Sweet Potatoes
3 Sweet Potatoes
1-2 Tablespoons Olive Oil
1/2 Container Jarred Pesto (from the refrigerated section)

First, preheat the oven to 375 degrees.  Line rimmed baking sheet with foil.  Peel the sweet potatoes, then dice into bite size pieces.  Add to a bowl, then toss with 1 Tablespoon of olive oil, and the pesto.  The olive oil helps to loosen the pesto so it covers better - if it still seems thick, add in a bit more.  Place on foil lined baking sheet, and bake in the oven for 15 minutes.  Flip potatoes, then back for another 15 to 25 minutes.  Enjoy! 

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Weekend Recap: The Weekend of Cancelled Plans

Hey all.  I hope everyone had a great weekend.  Mine got off to a bit of a rocky start...

Friday, on my way to work, I almost got in an accident twice - within seconds of each other!  I was turning onto a road that had two turn lanes.  Well, the car turning next to me decided they wanted to turn into my lane.  Thank goodness I was paying attention, or else that could have been really bad.  Then this driver got back into the other lane, only to decide a few yards down, they wanted to get over into my lane again.  Thankfully, I was coming up to another two lane turn area, and was all the way over, but had I not, it would have been an accident for sure.  One of the things that bothered me the most was the fact that this car looked to be an unmarked cop car - it had the extra mirror, and badges on the license plate.  Of all the drivers, I felt like this person should know how to drive safely.  It just really freaked me out, and really made me angry, too - someone really could have gotten hurt!

After I simmered down, I got down to work.  I ended up working a little later, but still was out be 5:00.  And just barely made it to the library to pick up a book I had on hold before they closed.  When I got home, I saw that my second hosta was coming up - two for two!  Pretty darn excited that all of the new things we planted last year made it to spring!  The night was spent reading, relaxing, and doing a face mask (my favorite way to unwind).

Saturday I set no alarm, and while I was still up kind of early for the weekend, it was blissful to just wake up at that time on my own.  My original plans for Saturday got cancelled, but I didn't mind so much given how busy the week had been.

I head out to Dick's in the morning to stock up on some workout clothes.  I am starting a weight loss challenge at work this week, and realized I didn't have enough workout clothes to get me through the week if I continue to workout both in the morning and then walk in the afternoon.  And, I feel like new clothes always provide a little extra motivation.

I had a few things arrive during the week that I hadn't gotten put away (one being a new glass bottle for my bedroom), so I spent some time doing that, but overall Saturday was pretty low key and relaxing.

I woke up Sunday morning to the forecast calling for snow!  I could not believe it.  I think by the time I was leaving for church the forecast had changed 3 different times - such a mess.  It was a pretty big bummer, because the church's Easter egg hunt was scheduled for later that day and with the weather as it was, they ended up cancelling.  The weather actually got better throughout the day - chilly still, but it at least got sunny and the sleeting and rain ended.

I spent the majority of the day cleaning and doing laundry, then watching the last few Game of Thrones episodes to prepare for the final season!  I've missed the last season and a half, but thank goodness for the internet - lots of summaries and 'what you need to know before the final season of Game of Thrones' articles out there.

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