Friday Favorites: Meeting My New Nephew

Hey all!  Happy Friday.  This week has been so nice, that Friday actually feels bittersweet.

Last weekend I made my way over to Indy to meet my new nephew.  I stayed with my brother and sister in law the majority of this week and it was so fun to hang out with them, help out, and get in some quality time with my nephews.

Here are the highlights:

Stopping at Firefly Grill on the way to Indy.  This has been a go to stop for the past few years, but the last few times it wasn't all that great.  This was kind of a 'one more time stop' before finding a new go to.  Luckily this time it lived up to expectations!

Meeting the baby.  He is seriously so precious.

And hanging out with both of my nephews together!

Grocery shopping with my brother and nephew.  It was an adventure, haha!

Venturing out to one of my nephew's favorite spots - Connor Prairie.  My brother and sister in law have a membership to Connor Prairie and it is so darn neat.  They have all these little outdoor areas that have different activities, and are different time periods.  There is also an indoor area, too.  It's so hard to explain, but it's really cool.  And it really has something for all ages.  My nephew, who is 3.5, had a blast at the Treetop area, and then he loves the train section, but there are tons of places that I would have loved to go through, too.  And they have a hot air balloon that you can go up in.  It's tethered to the ground, but you can still go up a little bit in it.  The staff was ridiculously nice and friendly, too.  Think Chick fil A, nice.  Everyone we saw said hello, and asked if they could help us.

I can't say it enough - this place was so neat.

Stopping to get ice cream at Greater's.  I had the s'mores ice cream and it was delicious!

Surviving the roundabouts.  I dislike driving, and roundabouts kind of throw me for a loop (pun not intended), because I am not used to them, and feel a bit unsure when driving around them, but I went through multiple during my time there, and survived!

Spending time with my brother's family + my mom and my grandma!  My mom brought my grandma over to meet the baby, and it was really nice to be all together, even if for just a short time.

Really the best was just getting to spend all the time together - racing / running around the house, holding the baby, reading ALL the Little Blue Truck books multiple times, getting up with my nephew for a little bit of one on one time one more, watching Indy car races, making playdoh cars, eating my brother's pancakes (SO good) - and so much more!  Lots of quality time together I will forever cherish.  

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What's Up Wednesday: March 2019

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March has been a good month.  As always, I am surprised to see that we are almost to April, and therefore a quarter of the way done with 2019.  Where does the time go?  That being said, March seemed like a full (and good) month.  Hopefully April will be more of the same!

What I'm eating this week...
Monday - Andrea's Pulled Pork, wheat buns and broccoli
Tuesday - Leftovers (either Baked Chicken Parmesan, or Pulled Pork)
Wednesday - Grilled Chicken, Asparagus & Pesto Sweet Potatoes

The rest of the week is a bit up in the air!

What I'm reminiscing about...
Really, not a whole lot!

What I'm loving...
So much - my bedroom redo, and lots of a family time this month!

What I've been up to...
Earlier this month, I was in sunny Florida for work.  Even though I didn't make it to the beach, I was able to sit outside during some breaks to soak in the sun, and we had the best dinner outside, watching the sun go down.  Post here.

The following week was my birthday!  I turned 32 this month.  I don't know how that is, because I still feel like I am in my mid-twenties.  For my birthday post this year, I shared a few of my favorite things.  Post here.  

My parents came down one weekend, and we went to work!  So much was done, and I am so thankful for them.  Post here.

I am finishing out the month strong with getting to meet my sweet new nephew, and another visit from my mom this weekend to do some shopping and decorating.

What I'm dreading...
The next 2 months (and a week) are going to be crazy with work.  The work itself is actually my favorite of the whole year, but it is a lot.

What I'm working on...

I am sounding like a broken record, but definitely my bedroom.  And of course trying to be more organized across the board.

What I'm excited about...
And the record just keeps on spinning, because it is my bedroom, haha!  As I get older, I realize more and more how my surroundings impact my mood.  Let me tell you - the difference in how I feel going in my room each day, and waking up each morning is like night and day!   

What I'm watching...
The only new shows on the docket are The Village and The Fix.  I haven't actually watched The Fix, but it has been recorded.  I did see The Village, though, and I think I am really going to like it.  It reminds me a bit of A Million Little Things, which I love.

As, the new season of Very Cavallari is on right now, and I have a fun little fact to go with the show.  Matt, one of Kristin's employees, is the brother of my old suitemate in college.  It's so neat seeing him on TV now!

What I'm reading...
I was craving a 'comfort' book, if you will, which to me means a good love story, most likely written by Nora Roberts.  So I am reading one of her old trilogies - the Ardmore Trilogy - which is exactly what I am in the mood for, and even more so because it takes place in Ireland.  That place is pretty much at the top of my travel list, due to her books! 

What I'm listening to...
Nothing in particular! 

What I'm wearing...
I shared some of my work wear last week (post here).  

One of my favorite things from that post was this pretty floral blouse I got from my parents for my birthday.

What I'm looking forward to next month...
Honestly, I don't have much planned due to work.  I am kind of excited to get back into a regular routine and finally getting back to church after missing it due to various reasons this past month.  That being said, my parents are coming down for a weekend to check out the spring Vintage Market Days later in the month.  There are so many neat vendors and you just never know what goodies you will find!

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Two Money Saving Tips for Buying Furniture from Ashley Furniture HomeStore

Hey all!  Last week I purchased my nightstands and dresser for my bedroom.  In doing so, I discovered two tips on how to save money when purchasing from Ashley Furniture (and probably other stores, too!).  

And speaking of my bedroom, I am so very happy with how well it is coming together.  With the help of my parents, I made some major progress last weekend!  And each day I am loving it a little more.  

The last big items to buy were the nightstands and dresser.  I wanted two nightstands flanking the bed, and a large dresser for the opposite wall from the bed.  I looked a various places for these items - I wanted something a bit nicer than IKEA, yet I didn't want to spend quite as much as like a Pottery Barn.  Don't get me wrong, I do love IKEA and have had really good luck there, but I wanted something a little bit more grown up, if you will.  And, I did actually consider Pottery Barn, because I want something that would last me for years.  However, when I actually went to look, I didn't feel the quality matched the price on the specific pieces I was looking at, and after the whole debacle with ordering my chairs, I don't think I will be ordering furniture from them for some time.  But, back to the subject at hand.  I found a few options from Ashley that I liked, and then during one of my mom's visits we went to check out the various options.  The nightstands and dresser I loved the most were the ones from the Flynnter collection.  It had the look I was going for, I really liked the wood finish, and I believe it will be something that I will continue to like as the years pass.

Fast forward to last week, and I was ready to make my purchase.  Obviously, redoing a whole room where you need to purchase everything, is not cheap.  I have been lucky that almost everything I have purchased was on sale (bed, mattress & bedding and the paint!), or a good deal (IKEA curtains & the large mirror).

Lady luck was also on my side with the furniture purchase.  I was googling the dresser, because I couldn't remember what color the knobs were.  I typed in the name, and then all of these options came up.  And I noticed that they weren't all from the Ashley store.  They were selling the exact same pieces at Weekends Only and Hayneedle.  All at different prices!  And those prices were cheaper than what was listened online at Ashley.

When my mom and I had gone in just to look at the furniture, the sales associate told me that they offer different deals in store than online.  And vice versa - it may be cheaper online, than in store, which if that is the case, they will match it in store.  I wasn't sure if they would price match a different store, though.  

Looking online, they do give their price matching policy (link here).  If all requirements are met, they will price match the following sites: Amazon, Wayfair, Overstock, Target, and Hayneedle.  The lowest price I had seen for what I wanted was at Weekends Only.  Since that wasn't listed on their site, I wasn't sure what the verdict would be.

I went into the store, got a price on the items, then told them I had found it for cheaper at a different store, and asked if they would price match.  The associate asked if I was planning on purchasing that day, which I was.  After checking with the manager, he confirmed that they do in fact price match to that store (Weekends Only).  The associate pulled the items up on the Weekends Only website to verify the price, and I was on my way to buying some new furniture for about $600 cheaper than quoted!  What made it even better was the fact that the Ashley delivery charge is cheaper than Weekends Only, so that was about an additional savings of $30 from the lowest price found online.  I was just so tickled with the deal!

So, my two takeaways from this experience:

     1) If you find an item you like from Ashley Furniture (and really anywhere), always Google that specific item to see if it is available elsewhere, and take note of the price differences.  Then, be sure to ask about price matching when it comes time to buy!

     2) If you are unable to find an item elsewhere, make sure you price out the items in store and online to ensure that you are getting the best deal.

The nightstands and dresser are set to be delivered in just over a week.  I cannot wait to see them in person!

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Friday Favorites: (Another) Bedroom Update, Sports Bras, Pillows, Blizzard Cake & An Easy Weeknight Dinner

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Happy Friday!

1.  You all are going to be sick of me going on and on about my bedroom by the time it is actually complete, but I can't stop because I just love it!  As I said on Monday, throughout the weekend I was having a love / hate relationship with the paint color.  In some lights I loved it so much, and in others I was worried it looked a little periwinkle (pretty, but not the color I was going for).  Well, as the week has gone on, all negative feelings about it have disappeared and I love it more and more each day.  

And not only that, but the new bed is SO comfortable.  It's been a struggle to get up each morning.  The mattress is so comfortable, and the sheets feel so luxurious.  I didn't realize how much of a difference both the new mattress and the new sheets would make.  But trust me, it is like night and day!

While a lot has been done, there are still a few more big things coming in - namely the nightstands and dresser.  I am set to get those delivered next Saturday.  I went with the Flynnter nightstands and dresser from Ashley Furniture.  I got them for a really good price (more about that on Monday), and cannot wait for them to arrive.  I do plan to update the hardware to black knobs, instead of the silver it comes with.  I absolutely love the black handles I did in the kitchen (post here), and I think in my bedroom it will help tie in the black curtain rods and any black accessory I bring into the room.  Once they arrive, then it will be time to figure out the little details to tie the room together - lamps, wall hangings - all that fun stuff!

2.  I saw Natalie's Amazon Fashion Finds on Monday, and couldn't order the sports bras she recommended fast enough.  It's embarrassing how long I have had some of mine.  I have added some new ones to my collection in the past few years, but I still have some old ones that probably just need to get pitched.  I always hate buying them, though, because I feel like they can be so expensive.  And they just aren't something I enjoy spending my money on, if that makes sense.  But, with these from Amazon, you get 4 for $28!  I feel like that is quite the deal!  

And, as I was buying these, Amazon also recommended these strappy back sports bras.  I have this style in a different brand, and really love it.  You can get 3 for $22, which is another great deal.  I haven't bought them myself, so I can't speak to the quality, but if you are in the market, I'd say for $22 for 3, it is worth a try!  And perfect to wear if you have any of those fun tops that have the cut outs in the back!

3.  The past few weeks I have felt like my living room needed a little change.  Ever since I got my blue chairs, I feel like my pillow game has been a bit lacking.  The orange plaid has felt a little blah, and I wanted to bring in some darker blues to pop a bit more and to help tie everything together.  I ended up ordering these blue striped grainsack pillows and these blue jacquard pillows from Pottery Barn.  The jacquard pillows won't be arriving until April, but I should be getting the grainsack pillows any day now.  My plan for the couch is to have both of the darker blue pillows, one light blue, one grainsack, and then the lumbar pillow I currently have.  For the chairs, I plan to do one chair with the light blue pillow, and one chair with the grainsack pillow.  My chairs are the smaller ones, part of their apartment line, but I kind of love the way the pillows look oversized on them.  The cream pillow I originally had on one chair is so neutral, it can really go anywhere.  And it will probably end up in my bedroom, once I found a little chair for the corner I like.  I do plan to share pictures once I get all the pillows in, but I am just too excited about them to wait, haha!

And just a few things about buying from Pottery Barn.  If you do credit cards, I really like the PB card.  You earn rewards, which then turn into cash you can use at the store.  They also will send you additional coupons / rewards if you are a cardholder.  I think it's worth it if you shop there frequently, or are planning on making a big purchase.  Also, they have sales quite often so it's worth while to check throughout the week to see if you can get any type of discount.  That being said, if you are looking at seasonal items, those tend to go fast so you if you feel it is something you must have, then it might be worth it to just pay full price.  But, they do normally have those items on sale early on, if you plan ahead.  Just a few tricks I have learned from shopping there, because let's be real, it can be expensive!

4.  I kept the birthday celebrations going this week with a mini blizzard cake.  I just love ice cream cake, and it hadn't worked out the week before to get it, so it was a nice treat this week!

5.  I wanted to share one of my favorite easy weeknight meals.  This meal always tastes good, and it pretty easy to pull together.  The star of the show?  Oven Fry.  It's sooooo delicious.  I use it with pork, and it always turns out so well.  You just dip the pork in egg, dredge it in the Oven Fry, and then bake.  I pair it with roasted potatoes - cut into bite size pieces, tossed in olive oil, salt, pepper and garlic powder, then baked - same time and temp as the pork.  I put them on two separate rimmed baking sheets, lined with foil for easy clean up, and dinner is done in about 20 minutes.  For the veggie, I throw together a quick Caesar salad while everything is baking.  So good, and so easy!

That's all I have for today - hope you all have a great weekend!
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Work Wear for the Week: March 2019

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Spring has sprung (finally!) and St. Louis seems to be on board.  While the lows are still a bit chilly, the highs are in the 50s-60s (well, it was supposed to be highs in 60s...but now it's just 50s, which I will still take)!  Pretty perfect weather to ring in spring...and to start transitioning into lighter and brighter attire!  

Here's what I am wearing to work this week (if items are current, they have been linked):

Sweater: LOFT | Sleeveless Blouse: LOFT | Pants: LOFT | Shoes: Calvin Klein (on sale!) | Earrings: Kendra Scott

Sweater: LOFT | Floral Blouse: LOFT | Pants: LOFT | Shoes: Calvin Klein | Earrings: Charmed

Sweater: LOFT | Dress: LOFT | Shoes: Calvin Klein | Earrings: Kendra Scott



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Shades of Purple Bridal Shower + A Fun Bridal Shower Game

Last month was my cousin's bridal shower, hosted by my mom, my cousin's aunt, and my grandma.  It was such a wonderful shower and there were so many fun details.  

The shower was held at Brio, which was a wonderful venue.  Their party room was booked, so they sectioned off a portion of the restaurant for us, which worked out wonderfully.  We had an area that was large enough for 3 round tables, a small table for gifts, and then we were flanked by empty booths on each side.  It really felt private, even though we were in the main dining area of the restaurant!  My mom worked with the Brio staff to set it up, and thought they were really great to work with.  Service throughout was pretty good, and the food was absolutely amazing!

My cousin's favorite color is purple, and it only makes sense that it is her main wedding color!  Knowing that, it was incorporated into the shower details.

For the gift table, my mom made a little banner, using ribbon in different shades of purple to dress it up.  In addition to the banner, a decorated lantern was placed on the table, along with a basket for cards and recipe cards.

My grandma was a florist, and she made the centerpieces.  They turned out beautifully!  She used round vases, a variety of flowers, and then added in ribbon.  The restaurant actually offered to bring in colored napkins, and the light purple color was the perfect option to go with.  It went so well with the varying colors of the flowers and just added in another shade of purple!  At each place setting was the menu, and then a favor - a large mint meltaway from Fannie May with the saying 'mint' to be!

The cake came from a local bakery, and was were my aunt's cookies!

One of the best parts of the shower was the game.  It's kind of funny - I actually am not a big game person at showers, but this one everyone really enjoyed and got into!  It was a game of 'he said, she said'.  My mom had sent off some questions to my cousin and her fiance, and asked them to both respond.  For 'voting' on who said what, my mom printed out little dresses and tuxes (with purple bow ties), cut them into hearts, then attached them to the top of a pencil.  As she read the questions, we would have whichever side we thought was correct, facing front.  Then, using the pencils, we would check / circle either the smiley face or frowny face to keep track of if we got it right or not.  Then at the end, whoever had the most right, won a little prize!  Like I said, it was really fun!

The best part, of course, was being able to see my cousin and celebrate her upcoming wedding.  She lives a plane ride, so the times together are kind of few and far between.  Especially the times when we all (the girls on my mom's side of the family) are able to be together!

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Weekend Recap: Bedroom Redo

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Hey all!  Happy Monday!  I am coming off this weekend tired, but so very happy.  

I worked from home Friday, because I had someone coming over for some house maintenance.  It worked out perfectly, because my parents were coming Friday afternoon, too.  They got in just as I was finishing up work - great timing!  After unloading their car, we got to the first highlight of the weekend (other than just seeing my parents), my birthday presents.  Last month, my mom told me she didn't need anything birthday ideas, because she already knew what they were getting me.  It was a bit unusual, because I normally give her a specific item, or a list of ideas to choose from.  I was totally stumped, and thought of all these different ideas - none of which ended up being right.  I ended up getting a pretty blouse from Loft (the one item I kind of knew about), and then my very own drill and drill bit set AND the various sizes of these Pottery Barn frames I have been in love with for years.  Talk about great surprises!  After oohing and ahhing over my presents, we got to work.  My dad trimmed a branch for me, and then we moved to the biggest project of the weekend, painting my bedroom.  After moving my bed and nightstand to the guest room (no more air mattress for guests!), my mom and I headed out to grab paint.  I purchased paint from Sherwin Williams, and the paint guy had me look up a coupon, which ended up giving me 30% off.  So note to self (and anyone else buying paint from there), always check for a coupon online!  My dad was at home getting the room ready, and shortly after the trim got a fresh coat of paint, and we patched and sanded various imperfections on the wall.  When my parents come we almost always have Pi Pizza one night for dinner - it's so good!  And to top off dinner, my mom made my very favorite cupcakes for dessert.  Yellow cake, chocolate frosting and round sprinkles - YUM!

We were up relatively early the next day, and got in a good breakfast before it was time to paint.  The room was deceivingly hard - lots of edging to be done - and it took us quite awhile to get that first coat on.  Part of it, too, was the fact that I have a cathedral ceiling in my room.  It's really nice and makes the room feel big and airy, but it's a pain in the butt to get up there with paint!  All weekend my mom kept saying, 'what would we do without your dad?', and that is the truth!  He is beyond handy!  It took us a good 3 hours to to finish up that first coat, and then my mom and I took the in between time before the second coat to get all my winter decor items put away, and my house ready for spring.  I really loved how it all turned out - I cannot wait to share the pictures!  We had hoped to do a little shopping, but there just was no time.  And it turns out it wasn't needed, because we were able to get everything decorated with that I already had.  It was time to paint shortly after that, and this time, the second coat went on in a flash it seemed!  The white got touched up, and then after another favorite dinner (beef stew), we put together my new bed, and figured out the placement of the curtain rods.  It was a FULL day, but such a good one.

I think we all slept pretty soundly Saturday night, and were ready to finish things up in the morning.  My mom got to work on hemming the curtains, while my dad and I secured the big mirror against the wall.  We ended up moving the curtains up an inch, which luckily was pretty easy to do.  And shortly after that, my mattress arrived!  They had it set up in a flash, and I was so very excited to get my new bedding on!  I feel like adding the curtains, the mirror and the bed / bedding just really made it come together.  The paint color is really pretty, but with different lighting, it can kind of lean towards periwinkle, which is not what I was wanting to go with.  It was like all throughout Saturday, I would love it, then worry it wasn't right, then love, it then worry and so on.  But as I add everything in, and once I get more furniture in, I know it will warm things up even more and be perfect.  At least that is the hope, haha!  We still had a few random things to do, like get the platter rehung on my plate wall, and then my dad tightened up one of my toilets.  (Seriously, what would we do without him?!).

bed - Target | navy shams & quilt - Pottery Barn | sheets, comforter & decorative pillow - Macy's

I always feel a little guilty about all the work my parents do when they come to visit.  I know that they enjoy doing it, and will always help when possible, but it always feels like it's work, work, work, work, work.  I so appreciate it, though, and know how lucky I am to have parents that are able and willing to come and help out.  And we do make so many great memories doing these things together.  When my brother and sister in law moved into their house, we went and painted, and then painted the nursery again when they were pregnant with my first nephew...and those are times that I will always remember.  Which there are two specific things I want to remember from this weekend - the new paint brush my dad got for edging and how much joy he got from it, and that the old wooden ladder we used to get to the tippy top of the room was a gift to him from my grandma and grandpa (Martina) when he and my mom moved into their home in Flanagan.  I can't remember anything, so I wanted to make sure I had those in writing.  Of course there are a million other things to remember, but I definitely don't want to forget those!

My dad did say though that one time he is going to come to visit, he's not going to bring any tools, my floor will not be covered in all the stuff they thing, and we are just going to sit and have a visit.  I told him that was never going to happen, haha - kind of joking, kind of not!  But hopefully one day that will be the case.

I sat down with a cup of coffee after they left, watched some tv, picked up, did laundry and tried to mentally prepare myself for the week ahead.

All in all it was a really great weekend.  Here's to hoping the week follows suit!

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Friday Favorites: Old Pictures, Birthday Celebrations, Half Priced Books & This Weekend

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Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes - each one really made my day even more special!

1.  When I was putting together my birthday post (post here), I asked my mom to send me a few pictures from when I was a baby.  And she came through!  For the post I picked the picture of me opening presents, because I thought it went best with the post.  But I couldn't pass up sharing the other pictures.
I had the CUTEST bear cake.  I mean really - and look at how intent on it I am.

Again, very intent on my food, haha!

My mom also sent me these two pictures, and I just melt at how sweet my brother looks!  And how much I can see the resemblance of my oldest nephew in my brother.  Too cute!

2.  I took my birthday off, and it was just one of the best days.  I took zero pictures (of course), but I wanted to recap it quickly anyways.  First up was breakfast at Half and Half.  This was a place I wanted to try years ago - it's super popular in the area, and it was good!  We had the doughnuts and ham biscuit to start with, and then I had the Cali omelette.  The doughnuts were AMAZING.  They were covered in cinnamon and sugar, and came with a yummy dipping sauce.  Crunch on the outside, and soft on the inside.  The flavor reminded me a bit of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, which is one of my favorite cereals.  The biscuit was ok...I don't think I would order that again.  And the Cali omelette was so good!  I love any type of Mexican-ish meal, and this omlette had pinto beans, gauc, and pico with it.  It was really fun trying a new place.  They had so many amazing things on their menu, it was really hard to chose what to order.  After that, was a quick trip to IKEA to get some curtains and curtain rods.  My parents are coming this weekend and my to do list for us is superrrr long.  As my dad reminded me, there are only 24 hours in a day.  But I am hoping hanging curtains is one thing we will check off the list.  It had been ages since I've gone to the movies, so that was high on the list of things to do for my birthday.  We saw Captain Marvel, which was pretty good.  Not my favorite of all the movies, but it was neat to see how certain things began, and tie up a few unknowns.  It was a bit of a dreary day, so after the movie it was nice to relax at home.  I did have to work a little bit here and there, but nothing too major.  Oh and one thing I did want to note was that the first person to tell my happy birthday was my brother!  I woke up to a text from him.  Which is a BIG deal, because he isn't the biggest texter - he's more of a phone call person - so that just meant a lot!  All in all it was a great day, and I hope 32 has more great days ahead!

3.  The birthday celebrations continued on Thursday.  I came into work to donuts from my favorite place, a funny card, and some other treats.  Work is definitely better when you have coworkers like mine!

4.  Earlier this week, I headed to Half Priced Books after work.  I decided I wanted to reread the Harry Potter books, and thought it would be worthwhile to check out those prices, because to get a full set of the hardback books, it is not cheap.  I didn't end up purchasing any Harry Potter books, but I did get A Simplified Life by Emily Ley.  I reviewed this book earlier in the year (post here), and as I said then, it's a great read when you need a little extra motivation to simplify your life.  And it's pretty, which means it can double as decor.  I came across it for cheaper than on Amazon, so I was sold.  It's not a place I always think to go, but it's always so neat to browse and see what is available.

5.  My parents are coming this weekend!  This visit serves two purposes, one to celebrate my birthday, and two, to get some condo things done!  My mom teased me with a picture of my wrapped presents, and I am soooo excited to see what they got me.  Anymore, I kind of have an idea of what I am getting present wise, because I ask for specific things.  But this birthday my mom told me no list was needed.  So we shall see!  My mom is also making my favorite cupcakes - yellow cake, chocolate frosting and round spinkles.  My mouth is just watering thinking about them.  I am also so excited for us to get to work this weekend.  We will be painting my room, which will be a huge transformation in itself, but I also will be getting my new mattress, and hopefully doing a few other odds and ends.  And because I am getting my new mattress, and setting up my bed, my current bed will be going into the guest room.  It's going to finally look like a bedroom in there, rather than a catch all.  The weekend should be a great one all around, and I will be back on Monday with hopefully lots of pictures to share.

Happy Friday!

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