Girl Chat: Tips for Juggling the Holiday Season

Hey all!  Happy Thursday!  It's time for this month's Girl Chat link up.  I will be honest...this reallllly snuck up on me.  I can't believe it is already the third week in November.  It's going to be the new year before we know it!

Here is what we have been chatting about throughout the year...

And today, it's all about the holidays.  It seems like the Christmas spirit has hit people even earlier than normal!  I don't know how many people I saw on social media decorating for Christmas, days after Halloween.  I am all for decorating early, but for some reason that first weekend just seemed TOO early for me, haha.  But, the bug bit me shortly after that weekend, because now I am chomping at the bit to get all decorated for Christmas.  Luckily, that is on the agenda for this weekend!

The holidays can tend to get crazy (an understatement?).  For me, it means travel, lots of gift buying, and scheduling - Christmas parties, and any other fun festive activities I want to do...which is pretty much all of them!  What helps me keep a handle everything?  Lists, lists, and more lists.

Lists for travel - I like to make a list of everything I need to pack.  From outfits, to toiletries, to all gets written down.  When I just think of things in my head, I tend to get overwhelmed, and usually I forget something (or multiple things, haha!).  I write out the days, then think about what will be going on that day, check the weather...all that good stuff.  And, when I do think of things that I need to take with me (other than clothes / toiletries), I grab them while I am thinking of it and make a pile.  This makes it easy to review my list if everything is in one spot, and (usually) keeps me from forgetting things.

Lists for gift buying - I LOVE gift giving.  It is one of my favorite things.  I come by that honestly, because my mom is the same way.  To help keep track of the people I buy for, and how much I spend, I create an excel sheet that has a column for the person, the item, the actual cost, the budgeted cost, and the variance between actual and budgeted.  I'll be honest, I am not the best at budgeting for Christmas presents, but this year, with all I'd like to buy for the condo, I need to be better about sticking to an actual budget.

Lists for holiday fun - This is where a planner / calendar comes in handy, along with a list!  The holiday season seems like it gets shorter and shorter every year.  There is so much fun I want to fit in, but it never seems like there is nearly enough time to do it all!  One thing that helps is creating a bucket list - all the things I hope to do.  Usually that gets pared down a bit to be more realistic, but you gotta start somewhere!  I get out my planner / calendar, write down the events I know I have on specific days (Christmas work parties, church stuff, etc.) and then figure out where I can schedule all the other things in at.  It may be as simple as blocking off a night to go look at Christmas lights, but I find if I don't plan it on specific day, or write it down, odds are it probably isn't going to happen.  And even if it doesn't happen on that day, it's still at the front of my mind, simply because I wrote it down.  

Other than lists, I try to be early with things.  I know I mentioned above that I felt like people were decorating SO EARLY this year.  But honestly, doing the decorating early is so nice, and then you can just sit and enjoy during the holiday season.  And if you decorate early, you get more time to enjoy it.  Who doesn't want to that?!  (My family, that's who, haha!  They are fully in the 'you don't decorate until after Thanksgiving' camp.)  For me, having everything festive is something I make sure to do prior to Thanksgiving.  

Same goes with shopping - it always helps to get my shopping done early.  I have started shopping already, but I like to get the bulk of the items during Black Friday / Small Business Saturday when there are sales.  Although it does seem like there are some pretty darn good sales prior to Thanksgiving.  But my mom and I always go out the two days after, so that's why I say those two days specifically.  This way I can get things wrapped and under my tree.  Besides, if I am buying for co workers, or adopting a family, those things have to be done well in advance of Christmas anyways.  And, while I love the rush of all the people out shopping on Black Friday, any other day I would rather do without fighting the crowds for any last minute shopping.  So getting my shopping done early is key!    

Basically, making lists, and getting things done sooner than later are the two ways I juggle the most wonderful time of the year!

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  1. I make a list, like you, of who I'm buying for, how much I've budgeted for them, what I actually spent, and what I bought them. But I just do mine on paper and keep it with me in my purse. I'm so ready for this holiday season!!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. AMEN! Lists are life. Lol I have lists for EVERYTHING!

  3. I need to be better at list making this year!! I already have a closet full of gifts but not even sure which kid they're for LOL

  4. Lists are my best friend and they keep me sane! I can't wait for the Ornament Exchange!

  5. Can I just say Yes to all of these! Lists are basically life! Love it! :)

  6. I am all about the lists too. I should make a list for packing for Thanksgiving though. Thanks for the reminder.

  7. Oh yes, I am a list girl too! I actually make a mini list each day with the things I want to accomplish.

  8. Lists can be such a lifesaver! I've tried to do both handwritten and now electronic on my phone so I have everything when I go out. The worst for me is leaving it sitting on my kitchen counter and forgetting to bring them along. Sierra Beautifully Candid

  9. I agree 100%! It really does seem like everyone is extra in the spirit this year! I told B just the other day that I feel SO JOLLY and festive this year. And I'm always jolly and festive, but this year it's like jolly and festive on steroids. Lol. I don't know why, but I love it! I think last year the holiday season had a damper on it because our 2017 was just so awful and I had just quit my job and there was a lot of uncertainty. This year has been great and everything is stable so I think that makes all the difference.

    And I agree with you about starting early! That is SO important!