Friday Favorites: CYCLEBAR, Numbers, Leopard Shoes, Movies & TV Shows

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Happy Friday, all!  This week seemed like a long one.  Maybe because I knew I would be off Friday, so it was dragging to get there?  Who knows!  But it is finally the weekend, and I am ready!

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1.  I know I have mentioned my company's United Way silent auction multiple times, but it's still very much at the top of my mind and this favorite relates to it!  One of the items we had in the auction was CYCLEBAR rides.  I used to do spin right after I graduated and just loved it.  When CYCLEBAR came to town, I really wanted to give it a try, but I was a bit nervous to, and the price seemed a bit steep.  Fast forward to when we were gathering auction items - this one came in and it immediately caught my eye.  I knew how much I wanted to bid on it, but assumed that it would go for way over my bid.  I decided after a few days of the auction to just go all in with my max and see what happened.  Well, I won it!  So surprising to me, and honestly very unusual period, because normally I shy away from bidding on anything to win it.  I get a little burnt out during the auction from the whole gathering process and then taking pictures / posting them online.  I just don't really ever want anything, I more am focused on wanting to raise a lot of money.  But anyways, I won them, and I signed up for my first class on Saturday.  I am equal parts nervous and excited.  Although maybe I am a little more nervous than excited, because I still remember how darn sore those bikes make you!  I have a total of 10 rides from the certificate I won.  Not sure if it's better to spread them out, and just try for one class a week, or if I should go for two.  Decisions, decisions.  Also, a big thinks to Gwen @ Ginger + Co...she is a local blogger and I reached out to her with a few CYCLEBAR questions, since I know she has gone before.  She was super helpful, answering my questions, even thought some were probably like 'duh' questions - I just really like to know what to expect when trying things new, haha, so thank you!

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2.  I recently got an iPad, which I am really excited about.  One of the things I am most excited about?  The Numbers app.  This is an Apple app, that comes already on your iPad, phone...whatever it may be.  I have never looked at it before, but the other day I clicked on it to see what it was, and found out it's kind of like excel for Apple.  What I really like, is all the preset spreadsheets they have.  You can input your mortgage info, and it was create a schedule for you.  Or, what I plan to work on this weekend, is the personal budget option (complete with charts!).  I shared how I currently track my income / expenses in this post, but I am curious to see if this would prove to be easier / more efficient.  Also within the Numbers app are templates for checklists, expense tracking for a specific event...just lots of different things.  If you use the Numbers app, please let me know what for, and if you have any tips or tricks!   

3.  These leopard shoes are the best - I cannot say enough good things about them!  I know I have shared them before, but I have gotten a lot of compliments on them at work the past few weeks, and I thought it was worth it to share again.  One coworker even told me that after she saw me wearing these shoes, she hauled her kids to the mall that weekend in search of them.  And honestly I probably would have done the same thing if I were her, because they are that good!  She said she found a stacked heel version, too, which I think is a great option for people who may not want the skinnier heel.  Although, I will say I do think these are super comfy...even rivaling my go-to Calvin Klein pumps.  But anyways, if you are in need of a pair of leopard heels, I can't recommend these enough.  Especially this time of year - I think leopoard just goes so well with all the pretty fall colors!  

4.  It blows my mind how quickly Christmas is approaching.  I love all the cheesy Hallmark movies, and Countdown to Christmas will be here in less than a month!  And, not only do we have Hallmark movies to look forward to, there are good ones on Lifetime, too.  They depart from their somewhat disturbing movies to their more lighthearted Christmas movies.  I came across this article on E!, which lists all of the movies / dates (spurring this bring a favorite today).  This next month I will be busy clearing my DVR (which may still have a Christmas movie on there from last year!) to make room for all the new ones coming out, and trying to figure out how I am going to finagle my Sunday night show recordings to allow for movie recording, haha!  

5.  Like most people, I was super excited about the return of fall TV.  Thank goodness for On Demand, though, because of all weeks, my internet goes out, which impacted my cable as well.  There was some kind of outage in the area, but luckily the cable company was able to fix it that day.  As far as new shows go, I have watched New Amsterdam, Single Parents and A Million Little Things.  Both New Amsterdam and A Million Little Things had crazy twists at the end!  And the previews of A Million Little Things really threw me for a loop...I thought I knew which character was going to die, but I was completely wrong.  Single Parents was cracking me up...I am definitely looking forward to seeing where that shows go!  If you have watched any any of the new shows that you think are must sees, please share!  

Well, I am off to enjoy the long weekend.  Hope you all have a good one!    

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What's Up Wednesday: September 2018

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This month flew by!  How is it time for this post again?!

What I'm eating this week...

Monday: Southwest Chili Lime Salad from Panera.  I tried a new salad from Panera this weekend, but also got this one in case the other was a big flop, but I enjoyed it, so I was able to save this for a quick dinner.
Tuesday:  Deli meat & cheese wraps, salad.  I ended up going out to lunch this day, so my lunch became my dinner since I had another church meeting and needed something quick.
Wednesday:  Beef Fasolia.
Thursday:  Out!  Thursday is my Friday this week, so dinner is up in the air, but it will probably be something out!
Friday:  No real plans as of now, but probably something simple like a sandwich since I have plans to be out during the day.

What I'm reminiscing about...again, I can't say there is anything I am really reminiscing about.  I am just so looking forward to the cooler weather and all the fun things to come!

What I'm loving...FALL!  And specifically, fall candles.  I love candles all the time, but there is just something about coming home from a day at work and lighting a pumpkin or some kind of spiced candle that instantly makes me happy and a bit relaxed.  

What I've been up to...this was the first time in a long time that I was home for a whole month!  I was expecting things to be a bit more low key, but alas, that was not necessarily the case.  Labor Day Weekend, my mom headed down this way to help me decorate for fall.  We had such a good time!  It works out perfectly because my dad is always super busy that weekend with his car club, so it works out super well for my mom to come hang out with me.  And since I am one to want to enjoy fall as much as possible, I am always ready to decorate that weekend.

Sarah and I did our annual Fall Favorites link up this month, which started right after Labor Day.  We covered our favorite crock pot recipes, fall fashion, and then my favor post of the three - fall home tour.  And of course, the girls and I from the Girl Chat link up were all about fall too, sharing our fall bucket lists!

I shared a few house updates - new rugs, and one of the biggest bangs for my buck - new kitchen cabinet hardware.

Some friends held a shrimp boil, which was a blast.  And so very delicious.

My church is celebrating their 50th anniversary this year, and we kicked off the official anniversary weekend with a fun celebration - food trucks, bubble bus, mobile escape room, and really great music from a local, award winner quartet - Vocal Spectrum.  

This past week was a big one for me at work.  Not only was it 2.5 days of in house informational sessions and group activities, it was also the end of our United Way silent auction, a part of the overall United Way campaign that I head up.  We raised a record amount from the silent auction, which is always the goal!  And on top of that, I got the BEST news...I received a promotion!

I spent last weekend helping get ready for a church luncheon, browsing an antique mall, and then helping with said luncheon.

This week has already been off to a busy start with lots of church going ons.  I have plans to take off Friday, which I am super excited about, and then enjoy my last weekend at home before some travel and busyness at work. 

What I'm dreading...last month it was getting my license updated with my new address, and I have to say that is still something I am dreading.  But plan to hopefully accomplish this coming weekend.

What I'm working on...again, the same as last month - my condo.  I have a few organization projects I need to do, as well as some cleaning out.  The pantry is a mess, and the refrigerator could use a little TLC, too.  I want to move some of the shelves around in there, and I have a few containers I used in my old frig that aren't really being utilized currently, so I need to see what I want to do about that, too.  All in all, it's just some little things that after having lived there for a few months, I realize aren't quite working, or need to be tweaked. 

What I'm excited about...I am really excited about a day off.  A lot of my more recent days off have been related to house things.  And while I still may get a few things accomplished, this day off is more for fun than anything!

What I'm watching...I am super excited about all the new shows starting.  To prepare of them, I haven't actually gotten to really watch anything new, I have been more watching old stuff on my DVR to clear up room.  World of Dance has been my main focus.  I just love that show.  The dancing is amazing, and I think one of the reasons it takes me awhile to get through them is because I often rewind and watch routines over again.  They are just so good!  And of course, The Pioneer Woman is always watched during the week, usually while enjoying a cup of coffee.  

What I'm reading...Cavendon Hall by Barbara Taylor Bradford.  I will be honest, there were two reasons I picked up this book - first, I thought the cover was pretty, and second, because it was part of a series.  I love a good series, I often don't want stories about characters to end, so I am excited to get into this one.

What I'm listening varies - standards, oldies, country, hip hop...all over the place! (same answer as last month, but it still holds true.)

What I'm wearing...well, as much as I am loving on fall, the weather hasn't quite gotten there consistently.  We have had a few cooler days, and today is actually supposed to be high of 71 (!!!), but for the most part it's still been pretty warm.

This post has a few transitional items, but for the most part it's a whole lot of things I wish I were wearing!

What I'm looking forward to next month...really, just the continuation of my favorite time of year.  I have plans to see some family, go to a few different markets (flea market / vintage market), and hopefully make a dent in my fall bucket list.

What's my favorite pumpkin thing to eat/drink...pumpkin squares and pumpkin spice lattes!

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Recipe Round Up: September 2018

One of my goals this month was to make some new crock pot recipes.  My hope was for four, which is still doable with this weekend, but I wanted to share what I have tried so far.

Sweet Corn Chili from Mix and Match Mama.  This was a good chili recipe.  I didn't add in the extra corn at the end, but I don't know how much of a difference that made.  I am glad I tried it, but I don't know if I will make it again.  While it was good, I know I have had better - my mom's recipe, which I just realized I haven't shared on here yet, and then I really love the chili recipe in Kris Jenner's cookbook.  

Chicken a la King from Mix and Match Mama.  Guys, I cannot say how much I LOVED this recipe.  I honestly had low expectations - not sure why, but I did.  It was beyond delicious, though.  It's super easy to make, the chicken is super flavorful, and the corn just adds something extra, too.  I like that you get two veggies in this with the corn and peas - I also think you could add in green beans and that would be good, too.  I served this on top of a split biscuit (refrigerator biscuits from Trader Joe's cut in half), and it really was just so delicious.  I cannot say it enough!  It was so good!  Definitely one I plan to make again and again.  

Slow Cooker Quinoa Enchilada Casserole from Damn Delicious.  I was so set to be in love with this recipe, but it was terrible.  Like so much so that I (who normally doesn't like to waste food), ended up just throwing it out.  I followed the recipe to a T, but it was a big, mushy, tasteless mess.  The quinoa was cooked to a mush, which was something I was worried about making it in the slow cooker.  I don't know if it was overcooked, or if that is how it was supposed to be and I just had different ideas?  Not sure - the picture shows it still in tact, but that's not how it came out for me.  It was really bland, too, which I was kind of surprised by, but there was just no redeeming it.  I feel like this is a bit harsh, but I often look to people's reviews when trying new recipes so I just want to be honest that this was pretty darn bad.

I still have one slow cooker recipe to try in order to meet my September goal of 4 new recipes...any suggestions?!  I am all ears!    

Weekend Recap

Hey all!  Happy Monday. Per usual this weekend just flew on by!

Friday morning was spent dealing with the aftermath of the United Way silent auction. I mentioned on Friday that we were able to raise over 15,000 for the United Way of Greater St. Louis via the silent auction, making it another record year!  While that is just a drop in the bucket compared to our entire fundraising efforts, it’s still pretty darn awesome. I caught back up with ‘real’ work in the afternoon before it was finally the start to the weekend.  To celebrate my promotion and the great auction results, we did a quick happy hour after work at one of my favorite places.  The rest of the evening was spent relaxing. 

I woke up to the best weather on Saturday morning!  I had decided to try a new crockpot recipe this weekend so I headed to the store first thing to get the ingredients before I got outside for a nice walk to enjoy the crisp air. As soon as I got home from my walk, I opened the was amazing.  Since Panera doesn’t have their pumpkin bagels yet, I tried Einstein’s to statisfy ,y craving. It wasn’t quite as good, but still not bad. Before I know it, it was time to head to the church to set up for the lunch we were holding the following day.  While I was out and about, I headed to an antique mall to wander a bit and see what was new.  By far one of my favorite ways to spend a Saturday. You just never know what you’ll find!  One of my friends had said that all the Magnolia stuff was on sale at Target so I went there after, but that just must be her store because everything was still full price for me!  And my mom actually looked at a store she goes too and found the same thing - no sales.  I start laundry and caught up on some shows before calling it a night. 

Sunday was another early morning since I wasn’t quite as productive the night before as I had hoped. I wasn’t sure how long the church lunch would take and knew there were a few things I wanted to check off my list for sure.  I got going on laundry - I had plans to do the majority of it the night before but it was late before I even remembered about that first load. Whoops!  I did take a bit to relax with my coffee and an episode of The Pioneer Woman. Then it was off to church. 

 The lunch we had was India inspired. We had Indian dancers and the someone came to talk about their non for profit organization, Happy Bar, that helps people in India. It was really interesting to hear about.  I think everyone was pleased with how the event went, which is always a good thing. I was a bit worn out by the time I got home so I gave myself a bit of time to zone out before heading out. I am in my cousin’s wedding next year and wanted to get my bridesmaid dress while it was still on sale.  I think working st a bridal salon would be so fun surrounded by all those pretty dresses!  I was dragging so I tried my first iced pumpkin spice latte. Oh my goodness was it good. For some reason I didn’t think I would like a cold version but I was totally wrong because it was delicious.  The rest of the evenings plans are to finish getting ready for the week ahead. It’s going to be another busy one!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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Friday Favorites: Work Talk, Amazon & More Fall

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Happy, happy Friday!  I think Mother Nature is happy it's the weekend, too, because after a HOT week, we are finally below 90, and even looking at 70's this weekend.  Perfect welcome to the official start of fall!

1.  Big news on the job front...I got promoted!  I a new title, moved up a level and will be making a little bit more money.  While that is really awesome, the best part by far is knowing that my hard work is being appreciated and recognized.  I obviously think I am a good / hard worker, and getting this just helps reassure me that my boss sees and appreciates that.   

2.  This week was a busy one at work.  During the first part of the week, our whole area got together for lots of topical information sessions, team building, and fun.  To end the few days on a high note, we had an event at the Anheuser Busch Brewery.  If you are familiar with St. Louis, then you know AB is an institution, and the brewery is a must see place for locals and tourists alike.  I have been a few times, but it had been awhile, so I was excited to go back.  Our event was held in the restaurant area, and we sipped on drinks and dined on some super yummy food.  It was a buffet, which sometimes I think can be hit or miss, but everything was SO good!  And to top it off, they had a Ted Drewes (another St. Louis institution) custard bar for dessert.  The brewery offers all different types of tours, and we actually got to go on a mini tour while we were there.  As I said, I have been a few times, but it had been awhile, and I had never been in the evening, which added an extra bit of fun to it.  I mean, how often do you get to walk around a brewery at night?!  Below are a few pictures from the was mini, so only a few stops, but still lots of fun!

3.  I feel like I mention this every time I preorder something on Amazon, but it is because each time I am so amazed at the savings.  When you preorder something on Amazon, you get the lowest price.  From the time you order it, to the time it ships, whatever the lowest price is during that time period, is what you are charged.  So, for example, I preordered Reese Witherspoon's new book, and by doing so, I had it on my doorstep the day it came out, AND I saved $14.00.  I do realize you could just order it now for that lower price, and get it in a few days, but it's just something to keep in mind - a super nice little perk.

4.  This week concluded the Fall Favorites link up Sarah and I hold each September.  Week 1 was crock pot recipes, week 2 was fall fashion, and finally, week 3 covered my favorite - fall decor.  I actually have updated my post to include a little extra commentary.  My mom suggested doing so, and mom knows best, right?  So if you want to know where I got things, or if you missed the post all together, earlier this week, you can check it out here.  And, for fun, I have linked my previous fall home tours below.  The previous posts are from my apartment, and it's fun to look back and see my old place, as well as how my tastes have changed over the past few years!

And I can't not mention yesterday's Girl Chat link was all about fall, too!  Specifically fall bucket lists.

5.  I have another work related favorite to end this post.  I am pretty sure I have mentioned this before, but I head up the United Way silent auction at my company.  I always get so worried as the end of the auction nears, because every year I have been able to raise money than the year before.  And I do not want to break that streak.  This year was no different than prior years in the worry department...literally 5-10 minutes before the auction ended I was almost positive we wouldn't hit last year's amount, let alone exceed it.  Well, ye have little faith, because sure enough, the auction raised over $15,000 for the United Way!  Over $1,300 more than the prior year.  You cannot beat that!

That wraps it up for today.  I hope you all have a great weekend!

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Girl Chat: Fall Bucket List

Hey all!  Happy Thursday / Friday Eve!  This week has been a long one already, and I am counting down to the weekend (per usual).

The girls and I are joining together for our monthly Girl Chat link up.  This month we are sharing our fall bucket list.  I don't always do seasonal bucket lists, but I am excited to do one this fall.  I am hoping that it will provide a bit of accountability.

Without further ado, here are my fall bucket list items in no particular order.
Take a fall drive.  Missouri's bluffs and trees and windy roads really shine in the fall.  Like many, I love all the colors of fall, and it's always fun to take a drive to soak it all in.

Saturday morning at the Botanical Gardens.  I'd like to go to the botanical gardens for basically the same reason I want to go for a drive - to see all the fall foliage!  And I say Saturday morning specifically, because St. Louis City / County residents get in for free then - can't beat that!

Carve a pumpkin.  I have had a pumpkin craving kit for literally years.  YEARS!  It's ridiculous.  I want to put it to good use and actually carve a pumpkin this year.  Ideally, I would like to go to a pumpkin patch to pick out one to carve, but I am not trying to be too overly ambitious, haha!

Go to a winery.  Obviously wineries are great year round, but there is something to be said about going to one on a lovely fall day.

Go on a hayride!  I actually already bought tickets to one of the local hayrides...super excited about it!  

Make a pumpkin dish.  I made a point to do this either last year or the year before, and really loved making some new fall dishes.  I love to cook so it's an easy way for me to feel festive.  And it's really great for those times when you can't get out to actually do a fall activity (pumpkin patch, apple picking, etc.), but you can still enjoy the season, just in a different way.

Handout candy on Halloween.  I am super excited about this - I hope I get some takers!  Living in an apartment, there was no real trick or treating, but I am hoping now that I am in a condo, in a neighborhood, I can hand out some candy.  I don't know if people will actually venture into the condos for trick or treating, but if they do, I will be ready!  And if not, then I will just bring all the candy to work to get it away from me, haha.

Enjoy many, many pumpkin spice lattes.  Ever since I tried my first pumpkin spice latte I have been hooked!  I really enjoy the Starbucks K Cups, and this year I plan to stock up so that I can enjoy the goodness long after the fall season has gone.

I think that's a pretty good fall bucket I just need to start checking things off!  

For the link up - just grab our graphic, link up and let's get to chatting!  Make sure to stop by a few others linked up for an extra bit of girl chat! 

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Fall Favorites: Fall 2018 Home Tour

This is my very favorite 'fall favorites' post.  I love decorating, period, and when its for the seasons it is the best.  The addition of fall decor instantly adds a cozy element to any space.  This year was even more fun since I got to decorate my new place!  Even though my everyday stuff isn't done, being able to layer in fall to the existing things I do have, made it feel more like home.


Sorry for the poor photo, but I was to excited to show off my wreath!  It's been so long since I have had a wreath on my door, and I love it.  What's even better, is that this is a hand me down from my mom - she got a new one last year, but kept this and was generous enough to give it to me.  Thanks, Mom!

Living Room

I love that my new place has a fireplace.  I have always loved the look of a leafy garland on fireplaces and was super excited to be able to do one myself!  I wanted to incorporate wheat somewhere, and this glass bottle was the perfect spot.  My mom and I found this faux wheat at Michaels (along with the garland), and cut it down to size.  My mom pointed out that this would be less messy, and would keep forever, too!  We finished dressing the mantle with a few pumpkins I already had, added my oldie but goodie twine pumpkins on the hearth, along with a galvanized bucket full of pumpkins / gourds to balance it out.  The pumpkins / gourds are part of some filler bags that I got at Hobby Lobby some years ago.  To add enough height, we stuffed plastic shopping bags in the bucket, then topped with the pumpkins / gourds.

The glass bottle was my grandma's that I happily took off her hands.  I already had a few books stacked, so I added one more for height, a few pumpkins and a crock.  From left to right, the burlap pumpkin is an old Target dollar spot find, the twine pumpkin is actually a pick, but with the 'pick' part broken off, and the velvet pumpkin was a Home Goods find.

Candle holders are from Hobby Lobby (new this year - we found them in the fall section), and the flameless candles are from World Market.  I have them scattered all around my place!  And to make it even better, I set all the timers so that they go on right before I get home, so I always come into a cozy space.

One of the next things on the to do list is adding some wall hangings above the couch!  But for now, I think it still looks pretty darn cozy.  On the trunk end table, I have little mercury glass candle holders from the Target dollar spot.  They came in blue, too, so I grabbed those to go with my everyday decor.  All the pillows are my everyday pillow covers, too, but since there is some orange in there, it lends itself to feeling fall-ish.  

A few pumpkins on an orange plate adds a little something something to this end table.  Again, those twine pumpkins where picks that I got at Hobby Lobby, and just cut off the 'pick' part.

One of my favorite fall candles (William Sonoma), plus my recycled glass pumpkin (from Pottery Barn - still in love with it!) complete my coffee table decor.  We took some leaves (from the filler that the pumpkin / gourds from my fireplace game in) and added them inside the pumpkin for color.  My mom said she saw this at the store, and it was a great way to pair something new with something old!

Some more new items this year - pumpkins / gourds from Pottery Barn.  They are so nice and classic - I know I will use them for years to come!

Dining Room

The buffet was one of the most fun areas to decorate.  We did that first and I feel like it came together so well!  A few leaves for color (again all from that filler), a little white pumpkin, my favorite pumpkin bowls (from Pottery Barn), and tiny pinecones.

This area got a bit of fall with a new pumpkin (from Pottery Barn), and then a wooden charger leaning against the mirror (also from PB).  The lantern and greens are part of my everyday decor...the lantern is a Hobby Lobby find, the greens are from IKEA, and the container I got at one of the Vintage Market Days flea market here in town.

Pumpkin plates and napkins are from PB, chargers from Hobby Lobby, runner from The White Rabbit, cake stand from Magnolia, candle wreath from Three French Hens, hurricane from the Dollar Store / Tree (one of those places - I have had it for years!), and another World Market flameless candle.  Not much has changed from last year, with the exception of the runner.  I decided to keep my 'normal' runner in place of the orange one I normally have - I just liked the contrast of color! 

A fun little vignet here - pillow from The White Rabbit, pumpkin from Target dollar spot a few years ago, and a bucket full of pinecones (from the Hobby Lobby filler!).


The board and batten wall got a little dressed up for fall with all my fall favorites - rain boots, my rain coat, felt hat, blanket scarf, and military jacket.

I know it's a terrible picture, but I added just a grapevine wreath to the backdoor with some fall ribbon, and then another pumpkin bowl to the wire basket to corral some odds and ends.

It wouldn't be fall with out my pumpkin spice lattes (and the cute little pumpkin bowl to hold the packets)!  I also got this cute little kitchen towel from the Target dollar spot.  

Hope you enjoyed a little peek inside!

Thanks to everyone who participated in this year's Fall Favorites link up.  Sarah and I just love fall, and it's so fun to share in that with you all.  Until next year!

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Weekend Recap: 50th Anniversary Celebration & A Simple Favor

I hope you all had a great weekend!  Mine was a good one - it's hard to believe it's already over, though!

Friday I had my church's 50th anniversary celebration.  I quick changed after work, then headed on over.  There were food trucks, a bubble bus, and an escape room on wheels.  The kids absolutely loved the bubble bus - heck, I did, too!  The escapt room was so neat - it was the first time I had done one, and my group set a record time for completion.  After all the outdoors events, we headed inside for a musical treat, Vocal Spectrum, a barbershop quartet.  It was really neat hear them - they all sang so well, and just how they arranged the songs to fit their style of singing was really cool, too.  I actually plan on ordering their Christmas album - I can only imagine how great that is!  You can find some of their performances online...they didn't do the Aladdin arrangement for us Friday night, but I listened to it online and thought it was so cool!  As I was walking out, I stopped to help with getting the chairs inside, and goodness was that an ordeal, haha.  We had such a hard time rolling them in...made for some good laughs!

Saturday I was up and at 'em early since I didn't stay up too late the night before.  I started cleaning a bit, took a walk, and spend the rest of the morning alternating between cleaning and making a dent in my DVR.  I had plans to go see A Simple Favor that was SO good.  From the previews I thought it seemed more like a Gone Girl type movie, which it kind of was, but this movie had lots of humor and while it was kind of dark when you think about it, it wasn't as much as I was expecting.  And, one of the main characters is a vlogger, which was kind of neat, too!

I didn't wake up quite as easy Sunday morning as Saturday, but I was still up and got an early start on laundry.  I even had time to enjoy an episode of The Pioneer Woman before getting ready for church.  As I mentioned, this weekend was the church's big 50th anniversary celebration, so we had the bishop in for service, which was neat, and our music director went all out...there were bells, the choir, brass, strings, flutes, piano / organ, was so good.  Sometimes, like yesterday morning actually, I think to myself all the things I could get done if I were at home, instead of church (I am way more productive in the mornings).  I never, ever regret going, though.  Kind of like that saying about working out.  I spent the rest of the day trying out a new slow cooker recipe, doing laundry, and prepping for the week ahead.

Hope you all have a great Monday!  And don't forget there are some fun link ups this week - Wednesday, Fall Decor, and Thursday, Fall Bucket List.

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