Weekend Recap + Moving Weekend

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Hey all!  Sorry I have been a little MIA.  I thought I would get back into gear this weekend, but it took me an extra day, haha!  But today I have for you two weekend recaps - this past weekend and the one before (aka moving weekend!).  Kind of doing this backwards, but I am going to start with this past weekend.  (You may want to settle in, because this turned out a whole lot longer than anticipated!)

Friday was a big day at work, so I was up and in the office early.  By about 11:30 things had settled down so I grabbed some lunch and even treated myself to a coffee in the afternoon.  Even though the main thing I had on Friday was over, I still had quite a bit to do, so I worked all the way until my normal end of the day.  The evening was spent relaxing with some meats and cheeses, and a little bit of wine.

Saturday I slept in - no alarm, and it was glorious!  I started the Bikini Body Guide workout program last week, and since I started on kind of an off day, I needed to do one of the workouts Saturday morning.  Boy oh boy, has it been tough!  I had plans to knock out these errands right when the stores opened, but I needed a little recovery time after my workout, so I didn't get quite the head start I was hoping.  I did some returns (bought a cute little vase), stopped by the library, and picked up some coffee from the store.  
I had run out of my favorite K Cups a week or two ago and just never got new ones, but since I had a relatively low key weekend planned, I knew I wanted my coffee!  I made a cup and watched The Pioneer Woman...one of my favorite things to do on the weekend.  The rest of the day was cleaning things up, and then relaxing with pizza and a movie.  I was to bed early...

...so Sunday morning came early!  I was up around 5:20...by myself!  I decided to take advantage and get working on my bedroom.  It was a MESS and my closet was so disorganized, so I set to do that and knocked a bunch of things out before church.  It had been awhile since I had been to church and while I was getting ready, I listened to a few past sermons on my phone.  I LOVE that they put them out there.  Sometimes I even listen to the ones I was actually at, too - just reinforces the message and helps me get even more out of them.  It was super nice being back, although I felt like a total jerk.  Earlier this year I agreed to be a greeter.  And I have yet to do my weekend due to various reasons.  So I was ready this weekend, only to find out that I miscounted and was supposed to greet the prior weekend.  And I didn't even tell anyone because I didn't realize.  Ugh - this just tells you my state of mind here of late!  Forgetful, forgetful, forgetful!  The rest of the day was spent cleaning up my room, until it was time to go see a movie.  I hadn't been to the movies in ages, so it was a real treat!  We saw Antman, which was really good.  When I first watched a superhero movie, going in I kind of was like ehhh, but they are seriously so dang funny and good.  Obviously some are better than others, but I feel like they really are for everyone, so if you are ever like eh, this can't be my cup of tea, just give it a try.  Because they are funnnny!  Back home, it was another movie - this time a Hallmark one, sometimes you need a little cheesiness - and dinner, then a little more cleaning / organizing before bed.

It was such a nice weekend spent at home, and while it could have been a little more productive, I feel like I was able to relax, which has been really nice after the last few weeks!

Which leads me to a little moving recap.  Since I haven't been documenting things very well, I thought I would quickly share about my moving weekend.

Two Friday's ago, I 'officially' moved.  Even though I moved a bunch prior to then, I had movers come and do the big stuff.  My mom came down the night before, and helped me with the little stuff.  Which turned out to be no so little, since we made 3 trips with things - totally thought I had less than that left!  The actual moving part went well - the movers were SO great.  Definitely thing that is the way to go if possible.  They wrapped everything so nicely and were super quick and efficient.  I had to go back to work that afternoon, so I left my mom to it, and while I was gone my dad came down.  And then the cable guy came...early.  Thank goodness my dad was there, because my mom had ran out to get some things.  My mom and I ran some errands, because in all my forgetfulness, I forgot to buy what we were going to use to hang my plate wall.  So to Hobby Lobby it was, while my dad finished switching out my dining room light fixture!  

Saturday we were up and out shopping.  My housewarming present from my parents (although with all the other stuff they have gotten / done for me for this move!) was a dining room buffet.  We headed to The White Rabbit when they opened and within a half hour, we were loading the buffet I found in my dad's truck.  It's an antique that the store refinished and painted, and I just love it.  Something special about it, too, is the fact that my mom said it reminds her of something her grandpa had built at one time!  We took a break in things for a little birthday celebration, the delivery of my washer and dryer, and then got to work.  The afternoon kind of derailed...while we got some things done, it just seemed like we weren't moving as fast, or getting as much done as we had planned.  I think part of it was due to the fact that I ended up going with a different living room layout that I had pictured in my mind.  So all the things I was kind of set on doing and had in place in my mind, were exactly what we were NOT doing.  So I feel like my direction was all over the place, haha, and it was hard to be like ok, we need to do this, this and this in an orderly fashion.  Not to mention, while I consider my mom and I pretty capable, my dad is the real handy man and we were trying to pull him in a million directions.  And everything was all over and we kept forgetting things - like the step stool to take the curtains down at my apartment, and the cooler to move my food.  Needless to say, by the time it was dinner time, we threw our dinner plans out the door and ordered pizza and picked up a six pack of beer.  My poor mom - she got the brunt of our mood, too!  Oh and to top it off, my cable stopped working.  So after dinner I spent some time on the phone with them figuring that out.  Which if you saw instagram, I have realized the way to handle talking to the cable/internet company...having a drink in hand.

The next day we all woke up refreshed and put my dad to work before he needed to head on back home.  He hung my plates, and then my window mirror above my buffet, and then pretty much headed out.  

My mom and I decided to do a little shopping, which ended up being an adventure.  We almost got into an accident on the interstate, so we enjoyed a little retail therapy at Pottery Barn - getting this adorable faux fiddle leaf plant!  We went to Home Goods next, and found a few things, but really not everything we were hoping for.  While I love stores like that, because you can get some good deals, I kind of hate that you have to always go since the inventory changes so much.  We grocery shopped, took a walk and decided to relax a bit.  I knew I had a tough week ahead of me at work, so it was nice to have a bit of downtime.

My mom was around for the next day, and she graciously cleaned my apartment for me!  And handled the cable guy...again.  When they fixed it on Saturday, I wasn't getting all my channels.  And they said they couldn't do it online, so someone had to stop by and take care of it.  So glad my mom was able to be there for it, since I couldn't get away from work.

She left first thing Tuesday morning, then the rest of the week was work, work, work, work, work.  I got a few things done, but kind of put off the big stuff until the weekend.  I was just plum tired by the end of the workday!

I can't thank my parents enough for helping with my moving weekend.  I honestly don't know what I would do without them!

Oh and I think I am going to have a constant reminder of moving weekend...I have terrible depth perception / am clumsy, and totally hit the side of one of my dad's toolboxes with my shin.  Leaving a nasty little mark.  It's looking so much better, but I think there will be some type of mark for the long haul, helping me remember my big move!    

Well...this turned into a book, haha!  You can tell I have missed sharing a bit!

I'll be back tomorrow with another recap - this time of my Michigan trip!

What's Up Wednesday: July 2018

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Last month I said that this post actually didn't seem like it was on top of the previous month's...but I'd say the opposite for today.  Where in the world has the time gone?

What I'm eating this week...

Monday: Sausage and Rice Casserole & Sweet Corn
Tuesday:  Leftovers
Wednesday:  Eggs & Bacon
Thursday:  Probably Pick Up / Delivery
Friday:  Pizza

I am hoping to remember to snap a picture of the sausage and rice casserole tonight so I can share it on the blog.  It's super good (one of my dad's favorites) and it is perfect paired with a veggie.  Definitely more comfort food, but not too heavy where you can't eat it when it's warm out, too!

Getting wild on Friday night - I picked up a frozen Quest pizza from Target this week to try out.  It's a 'healthier' option with lots of protein and a low amount of net carbs.

And if you need a little shake up and some good summer dish ideas, the topic of our Girl Chat link up this month was favorite summer recipes.  You can check out that post, and the linked up blogs here.

What I'm reminiscing about...not a specific time, but just when things were settled.  It feels like this whole entire year has flown by, and there has always been something going on, whether it be work, or moving, or what have you.  I have been so forgetful lately, and just don't feel quite on top of things...let's just say thank goodness my head is attached, otherwise, I would lose it, too!  Trying to live in the moment and enjoy all that is going on, but I am also looking forward to some slower times.

What I'm loving...being moved into my condo!  While there are some things that are still a crazy mess, having everything in one place is just awesome.  And I can start getting more and more settled in!

What I've been up to...the month started off with some electrical issues at my condo.  My mom came down to help with a few things, and we had a little scary situation where it looked like there was a glow coming from the electrical box where an electrician had taken out the breaker.  Luckily, I was able to get that taken care of through my home warranty, and it wasn't near as bad as I thought!

I shared some before and after pictures of my backyard, which I am still in love with.  We have even done a little more since these have been shared!  The only thing is I NEED to figure out a way to combat the bugs back there.  I have seen a few DIY concoctions on Pinterest, which I am hoping to try, but if anyone has any product or tips/tricks you like (other than the normal bug spray, citronella candles, etc.), please let me know!

before / after

Before things got too crazy at work, I snuck away to Michigan with my family for our annual family vacation.  I still need to recap that - should be coming next week.  I started to write it out, only to realize I forgot half the things.  Have to consult my mom so I don't forget any of the good stuff!

I got back to St. Louis, and the next day work really picked up.  Between work and moving, that's pretty much sums up the second half of the month for me!  

I officially moved in this past weekend - moving all the small stuff the weekend before, and throughout the week (and did 3 big loads the night before my moving, because I totally misjudged how much I had left!).  Now it's just getting things in place and organized and making my longggggg wishlist of items to complete my home!

What I'm dreading...kind of similar to my reminiscing answer - just feel like there is so much to do and I am just a bit overwhelmed by it all!  

What I'm working on...getting my bedroom organized!  So my kitchen, dining and living room area are kind of set...my living room needs a few pieces of furniture, but as far as being cleaned up and having things in their place, it's pretty good to go.  My room on the other hand, it's a complete different story.  I should have done this before I moved, but I want to go through all my clothes as I hang them up, try to figure out the best place for things...just really get organized in there and my bathroom.  That way in the mornings I am not tearing through all my boxes / bags because I can't find the correct color of heels for work!

What I'm excited about...FALL!  While I am not in school, or have any kids going back to school, I love this time of year because it represents the start of fall for me.  Granted, that seems to be earlier and earlier, but when I start hearing people talk about back to school it instantly gets me in the mood for fall.

What I'm watching...I started watching Very Cavallari this past week and I love it.  I didn't have super high hopes for it - I feel like the commercials don't do it justice, but it's good!  By far my favorite scenes are with Jay...he is hilarious in a very dry, dry sense of humor way.   

What I'm reading...I am still making my way through Bobby - a book about Bobby Kennedy.  This was my answer last month, and I have to say it is the same this month.  I ended up having to return my original book and check out another, because I had renewed it for so long.  And now I only have two days before it has to go back and I think I have read maybe one chapter.  Gotta get on that!  I am also reading an Elin Hilderbrand book - Island Girls.  I feel like I have read this one before, though, so it's kind of throwing me for a loop, because I just cannot remember!

What I'm listening to...too funny - I keep referring back to last month's post but it doesn't seem like much has changed at all between the two.  I mentioned my intercom and I figured out how to make it so that when I have the radio on in the kitchen, I can hear it through in my bedroom.  Mainly listening to country these days, but I got in a top 40 kick for a week or two...kind of makes me feel out of touch because I don't know half of the popular songs! 

What I'm wearing...while I haven't actually worn any of the items yet, I am eager to break them out.  If you saw Friday's post, I shared my thoughts on my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale purchases.  I had gotten most of them in the mail and tried them on, so I was giving my opinion them.  I was between a few items, but ended up keeping the AG Farrah jeans and the Blondo booties.  While it's a little too warm for booties, I plan on breaking in my jeans soon, and this awesome black faux wrap dress I got.  Oh, and an update on that tunic I had ordered...not cute.  It was not flattering in the least bit on me.  The fabric was super soft, but one I just looked like I was wearing a bag, hah!

What I'm looking forward to next month...a wedding, and some birthdays!  My nephew turns 3 and my grandma turns 85!  I am also looking forward to knocking a few more condo projects off my list - my parents are planning on coming down again next month and I am sure we will have a long list of things we will try to accomplish!

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Moving Hangover

Hey all!  I hope you had a great weekend!  I feel like I am experiencing a moving hangover today.  This weekend was busy and while we got a TON done it feels like there is a TON still left to do.  And I am pretty sure that feeling of having a ton to do isn't going to be going away anytime soon.

After being pretty much go go go all weekend, I choose to sit down and enjoy an episode of Very Cavallari last night with my mom, instead of putting a blog post together.  Between work and trying to get my place in order, this may be another week of light posts, but I should be back to my normal schedule by next week.  I still want to recap my Michigan trip, as well as share some condo progress.  And a little ode to my apartment.  I am pretty sure I mentioned this before - while I am SO excited to have a place of my own, it was a little bittersweet to move out of my apartment.  And I thought I would have time to enjoy the last few days there, reminisce a little, but I was sorely mistaken, haha!  

But enough rambling - just popping in to say hello and hopefully I will be back sooner than later!

Friday Favorites: Thoughts On My #NSale Purchases

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Hey all!  Happy Friday!  Today is moving day!!!  I am so excited.  It's going to be a bit of a crazy day as I am having movers coming in the morning to move all my big stuff, then going back to work and my (wonderful, amazing, hard working - every great adjective you can think of) parents are going to hold down the fort for me until the end of the workday and then all this weekend we will be whipping my condo into shape, and getting my apartment all set for me to be officially moved out.

I am back today with my thoughts on the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale items I shared with you last week.  I received almost everything in the mail on Wednesday (yay!) and spent some time trying things on and seeing what I was actually going to keep.

BP Booties - These were a no.  I opened them up, only to find the top parts were floppy.  From the picture, it seems like they hold shape, but in real life it's just a thin piece of suede that is kind of droopy.  I wasn't a fan of that personally, but I still did try them on, and felt they were true to size.

Sam Edelman Booties - I really, really liked these.  They seemed comfortable when I tried them on, and I like the color a lot.  My only hesitation is that sometimes suede doesn't do well for me.  Still deciding on these.

Blondo Booties - I forgot to mention I ordered these last Friday.  I liked the shape, the color, and especially the fact that they are waterproof.  Gotta love that!  I need to try them on again, because the first time they seemed like they rubbed one of my ankle bones a bit.  I am leaning towards keeping these, though!

Sam Edelman Tall Boots - I didn't love these boots like I was hoping.  The suede was really soft, but almost too soft - like I felt that I would mess them up so easily, even after spraying on a protectant.  They came up to a weird place on me, too.  Not over the knee, but not quite under enough to be comfortable, if that makes sense.

UGG Tall Boots - These weren't my favorite either.  They felt more substantial, and I really love all my UGG shoes, but they were kind of tight around the top of my calves, but super loose and bunchy around the ankle.   

NYDJ Jeans - I thought for sure these would work, but they did not fit like my others.  They were baggy around the ankle, and I wasn't sold on the wash, either.

STS Blue Emma Jeans - I was hoping I would love these for the simple fact that they were the cheapest jeans I had bought!  They were cute, but a little tight around the thighs.  I just needed a little more stretch in that area for them to be super comfortable.

BP Cutoff Jeans - I really, really liked these.  The dark wash is my favorite, they were super soft and fit so well.  They almost seemed more like jeggings, than jeans.  

AG Farrah Jeans - I also really, really liked these jeans.  They fit really well, and the wash isn't something I have.  There is a bit of whiskering and they are a little lighter than my normal.

Between the BP and the AG jeans, I am torn.  I really like both and since they are pretty different from each other, it's hard to choose!  I am going to think on them.  Decisions, decisions!

Wubby Sweater - I was SOOO excited about this.  I lusted after it this past winter, and when I saw it was part of the sale, it was one of the first things in my bag.  Well, when I put it on I felt like I looked like the abominable snowman from the old Christmas claymation movies. 
Image result for abominable snowman
I was expecting it not to be flattering, but it wasn't even a little bit cute.  And I didn't really like the zipper - you have this super cozy sweater, and then a hard metal zipper around your chest - I don't know, it just didn't live up to the hype for me.

Black and White Striped Tunic - My order for this actually got cancelled.  However, I was able to grab it in black this week (to be delivered soon!), and I am hoping today it will be restocked so I can try out the striped, too.

Ruffled Turtleneck Sweater - This sweater is super soft and cozy.  It didn't feel constricting at all, either, which was something I was worried about with the turtleneck.  It's a bit looser fit, and the arms are a bit longer, but I personally like sweaters like that.  My only concern is that the fabric could pill, so I am going to have my mom take a look at it since she is in town.

Button Front Skirt - This was SO cute.  However, it was a little tight on me, so I ordered one side up to see if it fits better. 

Floral Dress - When I pulled this out of the box, I instantly was kind of put off.  I feel like the colors/print looked better online than in person.  I thought that it might look better out of the bag so I went ahead and tried it on.  I had trouble with the zipper, and it was not flattering at all around the stomach.  I loved the neckline, but it was a big no.

Navy Bell Sleeve Dress - Another dress I was less than impressed with.  The fabric seemed really cheap, and I again had trouble with the zipper.  Once I got it on, the fit was really cute, but I knew that the sleeves would be too much for me if I wore this at work, and again I didn't like the material.

Black Faux Wrap Dress -  I LOVED this dress.  By far my favorite thing I bought (other than the lotion).  The fabric feeling so nice, it zipped up without catching and fit like a glove.  The faux wrap is so flattering and I cannot wait to wear this to work.

I should be happy, because I feel like this time it was easier to pick out what I really liked and what would be going back.  But it was a little bit disappointing, too.  My wallet thanks me, though!

Hope you all have a great weekend!  

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Girl Chat: Favorite Summer Recipes

Today is our monthly Girl Chat link up.  For the first half of the year, we have 'chatted' about a bunch of different things, which if you want to catch up on, you can see the posts below.

This month's topic is one of my favorites - recipes, specifically summer recipes.  I absolutely love to cook and talk/write/read about recipes.  If you are like me, summer is when I want things lighter, and usually quicker, too!  Below are a few of my favorites.

Bachelorette Party Dip 
This is the perfect summer dip!  Really, it's perfect for anytime of the year, but even more so I think in the warmer weather.  It's full on flavor, but feels lighter, so you don't feel blah after eating a ton!

Chickpea Summer Salad 
I just shared this last week, but it's worth mentioning again.  Great as a full meal, or as a side to something from the grill.

Kidney Bean Salad 
Another yummy bean salad!  This is one my aunt makes for holidays and it's always such a treat!

Sausage Broccoli Pasta
Pasta is one of my weaknesses, but usually in the summer it feels like too much.  This is a great lighter pasta - even more so if you squeeze a little lemon juice in the 'sauce' mixture.  Yum!

Green salads are something I crave when the weather is warmer, and I actually shared five of my favorites in this post.  And I cannot get enough of Panera's Southwest Chile Lime Chicken Salad.

You can't beat the grill in the summer.  Burgers are always a go to.  I like mix ground beef with Montreal Steak Seasoning (per Mix & Match Mama's recommendation) - super simple, but great flavor!  And one of my favorite ways to cook chicken is to marinate it in Italian dressing, then grill.

I also really, really love a plate of tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and pesto.  Yum, yum, yum!

Really, the list could go on!

I am excited to check out all the posts on this topic - while I have all these favorites, sometimes you just need to switch things up and the summer is a time where I sometimes struggle with new things to make / eat.

Now for the link up!

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Weekend Recap: Condo Work

Happy Monday!  I hope you all had a great weekend.

My weekend was full of condo work.  I did a little yard work on Friday evening.  There is one section of the yard where grass and weeds just pop up all over.  I need to figure out a way to keep that in check.  And the darn bugs.  They are too much!  After I caught up on Southern Charm and Shooter.  Two of my favorite shows right now.  I am super excited for the Southern Charm reunion - I can't wait to hear what is going on with Thomas and Ashley.  I know he won't be there, but I would assume they would discuss them still.

Saturday I was up early and tried to take advantage of it with a morning walk/run.  I sure miss Michigan mornings, haha, this muggy mess in St. Louis is kind of miserable.  I had a few errands to run, so I did that and then got to work on moving some things over to my condo.  It was also carpet cleaning day - I was SO excited for that, because then I could really start to move things over.  While the carpets weren't super bad before (although there were some spots), it's just nice to know that they have been freshly cleaned.  And they really do look better.

My refrigerator was set to come sometime on Sunday, so I stayed home from Sunday school and church, and started moving things right away.  I was a little nervous, because the sales associate told me that I would be getting a call at 7:30 that would give me my two hour window.  Well, I finally got my window at 9:30.  I was getting worried that something had happened!  I was able to get a lot moved in the morning and before I knew it, the delivery people calling that they were on their way.  I had this crazy fear that the frigde wouldn't fit through the doors, but with the handles off, it squeezed through just fine.  And now I have a refrigerator!  It finally starting to actually feel like a home.  A few more loads in the afternoon, and then before I knew it, it was 5:30.  The day just flew on by!  And today I think I will be paying for it, because Sunday night I was already feeling sore.

It was a super productive weekend, and I am getting closer and closer to being fully moved over to the condo.  I was getting a little emotional on Sunday - just excited to be moving and all the fun stuff ahead (decorating / organizing), and kind of sad at the same time.  Taking down the decorations just reminded me of when my mom and I came up with them when I first got my apartment.  I think moving is just a bittersweet thing in general, and I was definitely feeling that!

Posts are going to be a bit light from me this week.  Between moving and work - I am feeling stretched a little thin.  But I will for sure be back on Thursday, for July's edition of Girl Chat.  We will be sharing our favorite summer recipes, and we would absolutely love for you to join in and link up!

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Friday Favorites: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

This post contains affiliate links, meaning that any clicks/purchases may result in a few cents of commission at no additional cost to you. 

Hey all!  I hope you have had a great week.  I was on vacation for the first part of the week, which was sooooo nice.  I will be recapping that next week, with lots and lots of beach pictures.  It was tough coming back, but the highlight was that Thursday was the start of early access for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  So while I was bummed not to wake up in Michigan, at least I was waking up to do some serious shopping.

I'm sharing some of the items I purchased yesterday at the sale, and then once I actually get them in and am able to try them on, I will report back on what worked / what didn't.  

1.  Booties.
I have quite a few booties, but I am missing a cognac color.  I feel like the sale always includes lots of cute shoes, especially booties, so that was the first thing I looked for.  I purchased the BP Brice Notched Booties (originally $119.95, on sale for $79.90), as well as the Sam Edelman Maurine Booties (originally $169.96, on sale for $99.90).  I am hoping one of them works!

2.  Tall Boots.  

Along with booties, I was also on the look out for tall boots in a tan / cognac color.  These will end up being a Christmas present, but I wanted to take advantage of the pricing now.  I got two to try, the Sam Edelman Caprice Boots (originally $224.95, on sale for $149.90), and UGG Daley Boot (not part of the Anniversary Sale, but still on sale - originally $249.95, on sale for $149.96).

3.  Jeans.  

I decided to try out a couple pairs of jeans, with the plan of keeping one pair.  I have only heard good things about AG jeans, so I ordered a pair of the Farrah jeans to try.  They are still really expensive on sale (originally $225.00, on sale for $149.90), but I feel like all I do is wear a few pairs of jeans over and over again, so price per wear would be minimal at the end of the day.  I also went for these STS Blue Emma jeans, which are at the other end of the price spectrum (originally $59.00, on sale for $38.90).  Another relatively well priced pair are these BP Cutoff jeans (originally $65.00, on sale for $42.90).  While I wouldn't usually for go for something with a raw hem (not really practical for work), I saw them cuffed and they were too cute!  I figured for the price, I should at least give them a try!  As my 'safe bet' I ordered a pair of my tried and true NYDJ jeans (originally $119.00, on sale for $78.90).  I got a pair during the sale last year, as well as another for Christmas and just love them.  

4.  Wubby Pullover.  
I feel like this was super popular this past winter and I really liked it then, but I think when I wanted to buy it, it was sold out.  What I love about it is it just looks so darn comfy and cozy!  The original price is $78.00, and it is on sale for $51.90.

5.  Dresses.  

I like to use this sale to grab a new dress or two for work.  I really like the Eliza J. brand, and ended up grabbing three different dresses to try out.  The first is this navy Bell Sleeve Fit & Flare dress (originally $148.00, on sale for $98.90).  I actually got a dress super similar to this last year during the sale, but it didn't have the bell sleeve.  The second was this Faux Wrap Ponte dress (originally $138.00, on sale for $91.90).  I feel like it is classic and I am thinking the faux wrap will be flattering...at least that is the hope!  I don't really have a ton of patterned dresses, and this Faux Wrap Collared dress (originally $118.00, on sale for $78.90) stood out to me.  The colors are really pretty!

6.  Tops.  

This Halogen Ruffle Neck sweater (originally $79.00, on sale for $49.90) originally caught my eye in the catalog.  I loved the green color, but I ended up ordering it in the gray.  I have a green sweater, and while my sweater isn't kelly green, I was still worried it would be too similar.  And I feel like you cannot have enough gray sweaters!  I am a little nervous about the turtleneck, because sometimes those make me uncomfortable, but I am hoping the fact that it is ruffled at the top will make it feel less constricting.  I also saw this super cute Calson Tunic (originally $49.00, on sale for $29.90) in the black and white striped later on in the day and picked it up.  I think it'll be great dressed down with tennis shoes, or up with some booties and a fun necklace.  

7.  Button Front Skirt.  
I have been needing some new skirts for work, so when I came across this skirt (originally $79.00, on sale for $49.90), I thought it would be really fun to try.  I like the button detail, and the navy color - it goes with a ton of things I have.  I think the A-line style is classic, and I am hoping flattering, too!

8.  Lotion.  
The Creme de Corps lotion (originally $75.00, on sale for $52.00) is a must purchase for me.  I got my first bottle last year during the sale, and fell in love.  So much so, that I bought one full price earlier this year because I ran out.  My skin gets super dry in the winter and this is the only lotion that I have found to help it.  The price seems crazy at first, but a bottle lasts me 6+ months, making it less than $10 a month, which really isn't bad.  I grabbed 2 to last me until the next sale.  

Whew, that's a lot!  I always way over buy during the sale and have lots of returns.  Which, honestly, I feel kind of awkward about.  I just get embarrassed dragging all this stuff into the store to return.  But I also feel you have to grab what you even 'think' you may like to try it, and if you think too long about it, it will be gone.  And things you think will for sure work out, don't, and it's nice to have options.  So lots of returns it is!

If you have shopped the sale, I am curious to hear what you have gotten, or what you have your eye on!  It's fun to shop vicariously through others, haha!

Hope you guys have a great weekend.  I am hoping to make some progress at the condo, and enjoy a little down time, too!