What's Up Wednesday: December 2017

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What I'm eating this week...no meal planning this week.  With it being a short week due to the holiday, it's just a bit of a wash for me. (I didn't even change this from last month's because it is the exact same situation for me this week!)  

What I'm reminiscing about...how it is almost Christmas?  I swear the time has just flown by, even more so than usual.  I am thinking back to just a few weeks ago and feel like I was going to fully enjoy the season, but it seems like it has gone with a blink of the eye!

What I'm loving...candles.  I am still in love with the one Lindsay recommended, Cinnamon and Clove Bud, and then one of my favorite ladies just hooked me up with some of her favorite candles for Christmas!  I cannot wait to burn those, too!

What I've been up to...since last month's post, we celebrated my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, which I recapped here.  I also took a trip to Chicago, which was so nice!  It's my favorite city and I love spending time there.  Especially when it includes time with some of my favorite people.  I shared one of my favorite posts of the years - my Christmas home tour.  It's always so fun getting a peek into homes, especially all decked out for the holidays.  I have been a reading machine when it has come to Christmas books - I shared them yesterday, with a few non-Christmas books, too!  I checked two of my favorite Christmas activities off the list recently - looking at Christmas lights and building a gingerbread house.  Or rather, attempted to build a gingerbread house.  After it fell apart a couple times, we told ourselves good try, and next we are definitely going to bust out the glue gun for the actual construction of the gingerbread house!  And of course, watching lots and lots of Hallmark movies.

What I'm dreading...filling out my evaluation at work (seriously, does anyone like those things?!), and also taking down my Christmas decorations.  My collection grows more and more each year, so it makes it a bit of a job to take down and fit into the tiny big of storage space I have.  

What I'm working on...having humility.  This weekend I was getting ready for church and had the TV on for background noise.  Joel Osteen's show came on and he was speaking about humility.  Basically, he spoke about how you have to be the one to make the first move, you need to treat others with respect to gain respect, etc.  He talked about how sometimes you feel like the other person in whatever situation you are in needs to change in order for you to change...but really, you need to be the 'bigger person' and take the first steps.  For example, he talked about how something he did really annoyed his wife (washing his hands in the kitchen sink after working out, rather than in the bathroom sink like she would prefer), but he didn't see anything wrong with it and he didn't want to change, so he just kept doing it how he wanted.  Then one day he decided to put her first in this situation and even though it was such a small thing, it changed their relationship for the better.  He likened it to a story in the Bible, which I am not near knowledgeable enough to speak on, but I thought the takeaway was really good.  And it can be very broadly applied, probably any relationship you have, whether it be at work, with your friends, or even your family.  It made me that I could improve on that sometimes and am going to make a conscious effort to change my thinking.  

What I'm excited about...seeing my family for Christmas!  I am also really excited about the new year.  I know everyday is a new start, but the new year just brings extra motivation and a renewed sense of wanting to improve on things.  And for some reason (I am not quite sure), I am even more excited this upcoming year.  Hopefully that's a sign it's going to be a good one! 

What I'm watching...Hallmark.  And Lifetime.  With two Hallmark channels, I forgot that Lifetime also does Christmas movies! 

What I'm reading...Christmas in London.

What I'm listening to...lots of Christmas music!  

What I'm wearing...I did some super last minute shopping for myself on Monday during my lunch break and found some super cute things at Loft.  I wanted new pants for my Christmas outfit, and while I was there, I couldn't resist picking up two sweaters.  Funny story - Sunday, I went shopping in the afternoon and had TERRIBLE luck.  I decided to give it another go on Monday, and was in and out of the store within 20 minutes.  I went to one of the same exact stores I went to on Sunday.  How does that work?!  But luck was with me on Monday and I found a great pair of black dress ankle pants, a super soft mock neck sweater and a shimmery sweater.  

What I'm doing this weekend...celebrating Christmas and hanging with my family!

What I'm looking forward to next month...a fresh start, a fresh year.  I am also beyond excited to start using my Essential Planner!  I kind of fizzled off with my planner this year, and I feel like my life would have been much more organized if I had stuck with it.  This one pretty much covers all my needs, and I am ready to get organized!  Side note: Peacock Paper & Gifts is running their 12 Day of Christmas Deals, so each day there is a different deal in case you are looking to pick up a planner!

Looking ahead to the rest of the week, I know some people may be taking breaks in anticipation of Christmas, but I will be back tomorrow sharing my mom's cheeseball recipe (so good and so easy!), and then on Friday, it will be my usual favorites.  Happy Wednesday!


  1. I love those soft sweaters!! I have been trying to do and act of kindness for someone eat day. Humility is a dying art and we need to model it. Proud of you!! YUM! Looking forward to your moms cheeseball recipe!

  2. I am watching aaaaaaaaaallll the Hallmark movies too! I'm loving them this year!! I use to DREAD filling out my work evaluation, so I feel you girl!

  3. That paragraph on humility really hits home with me. I have been the worst lately and one of the things I want to focus on for 2018 is putting others first and trying to put myself in their shoes.

    On another note, I'm dreading taking my Christmas decor down, too. I put up so much stuff that it takes forever to get it down. In addition to that, this year I want to clean it all out first, so it's going to take even longer. EEK!

  4. I've been burning all my chirstams-y candles right now and loving it! It's amazing how much I love starting a new planner LOL! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. I'm dreading taking down my Christmas decorations too! How is it almost over? And agree with you on humility. We are born with pride and selfishness, but have to die to self every day to walk in love and try to glorify Jesus. We have to put on love and love is an action - serving others as Jesus did. I've read a lot about this because I love studying Christian marriage books and also read Humility by Andrew Murray. Talk about an eye opener!
    Merry Christmas!
    -Rebecca @ EveryPieceFits.com

  6. My meals were the same!! It's been a crazy few weeks. Isn't it crazy how your mood can affect the shopping? Heck that happens to me with stuff in my own closet! I'll definitely be back to check our that cheese ball tomorrow!

  7. I am dreading taking down our decorations too. We always try to leave them up until after the new year but it's always a pain packing them away. The house feels weird for a few days after like it's missing something. Sierra~Beautifully Candid

  8. I almost bought that mock neck sweater but in green!!! And you know I've been watching ALL the Hallmark movies and so I haven't read a single book this month (or last month :( haha)