November & December 2017 Book Review + Christmas 2017 Reads

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Class Mom by Laurie Gelman.  This book was pretty entertaining.  It takes you in the life of a SAHM, who is the class mom.  It's very sarcastic and funny, and while I am not sure if this is how things are (where class mom's even a thing while growing up?), it does seem pretty realistic!  There were a few parts to the book that I just didn't think were necessary, but if you need a more light-hearted read, I would check this out.  

Look Behind You by Iris Johansen & Roy Johansen.  This is a book for thriller / mystery lovers.  Another one that freaked me out - I had to start reading a Christmas book right after this, to get it out of my head before going to bed.  The book is about a woman who helps the police with murders, because she has a way of seeing things others don't and reading people well.  It's kind of gruesome, but I thought it was well written and I had NO idea whatsoever who the killer was - it really was a surprise.  Definitely plan on checking out this author again.

Seeing Red by Sandra Brown.  I usually like Sandra Brown books, so when I saw this in the new releases shelf at the library, I grabbed it.  From what I have read, her books always have some mystery and love in them, two things which I love in a book.  A woman wants to interview a man that has not spoken to press in some years.  The estranged son gets involved and this whole corrupt world is revealed.  They are trying to stay alive and figure out what is going on, while falling in love with each other, of course.  It was a good read, and would suggest checking it out if you are a fan of hers.

One True Loves by Taylor Jenkins Reid.  I had heard so much about this book and I finally remembered to request it from the library.  It was SO GOOD.  I feel like it totally lived up to the hype, although all throughout the book I was felt like the choice was so obvious and I don't know why she was waffling.  A woman's husband is lost at sea and pronounced dead.  She has finally moved on with her life and is engaged, when she comes to find out that he survived.  The question is, does she choose her husband or her fiance?  I loved this one, definitely a must read.  

A Gift to Remember by Melissa Hill.  This book was cute, and it actually was made into a Hallmark movie that came out this year.  I haven't seen the movie, but the book was good.  A woman runs into a man with his bike, and he loses his memory (temporarily).  She feels terrible, so she tries to help him figure his life out.  Her findings lead them in one direction, and at the end they find out, that isn't him, at all.  Cute book with a surprise ending (at least in my opinion), which I feel like it hard to come by in most Christmas books.    

Sleigh Belles by Beth Albright.  This book was ok - the writing wasn't the best in my opinion, so it wasn't as easy of a read, although the actual story was.  Not something I would really recommend.

Winter Solstice by Elin Hilderbrand.  The fourth book in her Winter Street series, Elin does it again.  This may have been one of my favorites, as she entwines some characters from her other books in the story, too.  It's really sad, but so very good.  This series is definitely a great read.

Just a Little Christmas by Janet Dailey.  Girl scorned comes back home to the place where she couldn't want to leave, only to run into her ex, who has since been married, had a little girl and is since widowed.  It's a cute read, and if the premise sounds interesting to you, I would check it out.  

Merry & Bright by Debbie Macomber.  This book was cute.  It's about a girl and guy that fall in love via an online dating website, only to realize that they work together, and their work impressions of each other are not the best.  I like how the story went, although parts of me throughout the book was like, why don't you just tell him?!?  A good Christmas read.

A Husband for Christmas by Diana Palmer.  This book actually has two stories.  The first one I don't quite remember how it works with Christmas, but it's about two people so stubborn they just get into each other's way, instead of giving into to be together.  The second story I liked a bit more, so I would say it would be worth it, if nothing for the second story.

The Trouble with Mistletoe by Jill Shalvis.  I am glad I found this book, because I felt like it was a different type of Christmas book, which was good.  Of course, you have the love story, but it's a bit different.  The main character is a pet owner, and her love interest remodels homes.  Both are gunshy for different reasons, but you know they should be together.  It's cute and fresh.  Although, with all these books, if people just communicated better, they would save themselves a lot of heartache!

Christmas Bliss by Mary Kay Andrews.  Mary Kay Andrews is one of my very favorite authors, and I was super excited to see this Christmas book.  She revisits two of her characters from other books, and carries on with their stories at Christmas.  I would suggest reading the other books first, just for a little background, but it could definitely be a standalone book, too.  While I do like some of her books more than others, she really can do no wrong!

Christmas in London by Anita Hughes.  I am in the middle of this book right now, and really like it.  As I write this, I am just realizing that this is the same author of Christmas in Paris which I read and loved last year, so it's not wonder I am a big fan of this book, too!  There are a few stories going on, and I think I like what may be considered the 'side' story better, but really, the way she paints a picture of London at Christmas is just amazing!

If you have any great Christmas book recommendations, I would love to hear them.  Still plenty of time to get in a little holiday reading before Christmas!

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  1. I think I have Class Mom on my list to read so I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it and Merry & Bright sounds good too. I'll definitely have to remember that for next year when I'm looking for Christmas books.

  2. I just started Merry & Bright, happy to see that you liked it. I SO agree though, in many books if people just communicated there wouldn't be so many problems ;)

  3. I loved One True Loves also! I'm curious who you thought she should choose? :)

  4. One True Loves is on my list! I'm so glad it lives up to the hype!

  5. I want to read Look Behind You. I will be adding it to my list.

  6. Adding Look Behind You to my reading list! I'm actually really looking forward to January when things slow down and I can read more!

  7. I just read Dashing through the and light Christmas book that is also a Hallmark movie. Have a good week!

  8. I'm just about done with the third Winter book and I'll be starting Winter Solstice! I'm so excited! But noooo I don't want it to be sad!!

  9. I have one true loves on my list and already grabbed winter solstice...can't wait to do some holiday reading

  10. Winter Solstice is calling my name...I just need to sit down and read it! Maybe if I move it from my bedroom to my reading chair in the living room that will help out!