Girl Chat: Best Gift Ever!

Hey ladies!  We are on our last Girl Chat post of the year - thanks so much to everyone who has linked up with us over the months!  

Today's topic is the best gift we have ever received.  If you ask my mom, she will tell you that her best Christmas for me was the year I got my American Girl doll.  Which, of course, is an amazing present.  My first doll was Samantha, and then I also got one that looked like me.  I LOVED those dolls and have them tucked away for the time when I can hopefully pass them along to my future daughter.  I am not sure what my dad would say, but it could be the year he got my brother and I cell phones (and a pink cover to go with mine!).  I was one of the first of my friends to get one, so it was pretty neat.  But when I think of Christmas, I more think of the time spent with family.  I know it sounds cheesy and I don't want to discount any gifts I have received, because my mom is like the ultimate gift giver, and I have gotten some amazing presents over the years, but when I think back, that is what stand out in my mind.  Not necessarily the things per say, but sitting around opening gifts, eating monkey bread together, going to my grandparents, visiting, eating and playing cards.  On my dad's side, growing up there were so many of us, so we would pick a name and get one gift.  Again, what stands out to me is all of us being out at the farm, spread out between the living and dining room, with wrapping paper and tissue paper all over the place.  Just so many great memories!

Since I don't have one specific gift to share, I will leave with this funny story about a gift I received one Christmas.  As I was talking with my mom on this subject, she reminded me about the time I got coal.  I learned the hard way that when my parents said that if you aren't good, you are going to get coal in your stocking, they mean business!  Because sure enough, one time when I was little, I went to pull out my last stocking stuffer from my the toe of my stocking...and it's a piece of coal. 

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  1. I love it! I remember getting my first American Girl doll and I took her everywhere! I was still playing with her when I was in the 6th grade haha!!
    Sarah at

  2. Ahhhh you got coal?! I was always afraid of that haha! My best friend got coal when we were in jr high, I'll never forget it! So awesome getting the American Girl dolls, those are something you can never forget!

  3. I've had some pretty amazing gifts throughout the years, but I agree, like you the best is family and times spent together. Not knocking presents, especially the favorites, I just can't think of one thing. For me, the best Christmas [so far] was my first married Christmas. It was pure joy and magic.

  4. I love that your mom got you coal one year. I threaten my girls with it, but they don't quite understand yet. Family is the best gift.

  5. If I'm being honest....the best gift to me would be to have my kids feel the way you do! I hope I've created memories for them of our Christmas time together they will always cherish.

  6. Oh my goodness, I always wanted a Samantha American Girl doll! She was my favorite! I loved your post today. It really hit home with me because that is exactly the way I feel about my family. Our parents worked so hard to create beautiful memories for us, and we are so blessed to have had such amazing childhoods!

    And hilarious about your parents putting coal in your stocking. That's awesome! haha.

  7. I always wanted Samantha but had Molly! What fun memories.