December 2017 Goals & Gift Guide Round Up

This month's goals looks a bit different from normal.  But before I get to that, let's see how I did in November.

November Goals:

1.  Christmas cards.  Done!  I really am happy with the ones I chose this year and will be sharing them next week!

2.  Christmas shopping.  Almost done!  I still need to purchase three more presents, and there are a few things that need to be wrapped.  All in all, I would say I was pretty successful in getting things done early this year!

3.  Cube clean up.  Nope.  This did not happen at all.

4.  Be thankful.  I did really well with this at the beginning of the month, but about 10 days in I kept forgetting to write things down each day.  This is why I would love a gratitude journal, because I really think having a specific book to record these things in would be helpful and keep me on track.  

Now for December...

December Goals:

1.  Make a master to do list.  Only one goal for this month, but it's a big one.  I would like to make a big master to do list of all the things I want to accomplish - whether it be small projects around my apartment, specific things for the blog...I want to make a list of that in one place.  I have really been wanting to clean out and organize every single thing lately, and I think having an overall list will help me get my thoughts organized and actually knock things off my list.  And while I mentioned I have been wanting to get things done right now, it just isn't going to happen with the holidays, so having this list complete this month will be a great kick start to the organizing and cleaning that always comes in the new year.

Moving on to my gift guide round up!  The Most Wonderful Time of the Year link up is all about gift guides.  I have already shared mine, so check out the links below to see the full guides.  And I am including my wish list, because I feel like those always give great ideas, too!  



As a side note - does anyone else wish we shared gift guides / wish lists in October?  I am one that fully enjoys fall and thinks that the Christmas season comes earlier and earlier each year, but every gift guide / wish list I see, my gift giving ideas change and my own list grows and grows.  The problem with this, is I like to buy early and we always share our lists with family at Thanksgiving.  So I am often done with gifts before seeing some of these great posts.  I guess that helps with shopping for next year and for birthdays, but it has just been something I have been thinking about this year.  Anyone else?   

Linking up with Sarah, Victoria, Erica and Kristen.  


  1. I think I'm pretty much done with Christmas shopping for this year! It's a lot of fun, but it also feels good to have the presents all wrapped and ready!

  2. Yay for Christmas cards! And a big to do list is daunting, but helps you stay focused I think.

  3. I have a master to-do list like that and it makes staying organized SO much easier! I tried little separate lists but it made me feel way too disorganized. I am loving the holidays but I can't lie...I'm super excited for the beginning of the year purge, get healthy and organize everything kick I get on each January!

  4. I keep a wish list and update it whenever I see things I like on Amazon year-round lol. I also keep a list of gifts I see for others on a separate Amazon list so when Christmas or birthdays (or a really good sale, let's be honest) come up, I'm ready! Slippers, ornaments and candles are some of my favorites to give and get. I need a master to do list too. I'm done Christmas shopping so I'm hoping once I get everything wrapped and in one place I can organize the rest of my apartment. Good luck to both of us!

  5. So many things to say!! First of all, we received your card this week and it is so beautiful! I love the one you chose!

    Second of all, I made a master to-do list several years back and it is awesome to have!! It's literally every single project/organization/cleanup/idea that I have for everything all in one place. It is a bit outdated, so I've been slowly going back through to reorganize it. It had pretty much been abandoned for these last few years because I've been too busy to do anything with it. I'm looking forward to whittling away at it in the new year. It's going to feel so good!

    Finally, yes to the gift lists in October! I always start shopping super early, so by the time the gift lists pop up, I'm already done!

  6. wow, good job on the cards and gifts! i seriously need to get on it.. i'm super behind this year. love your master to do list, i love lists so i'm always making them, but a big master one is so smart. and yes so with you on sharing gift guides early. maybe that would help me buy my gifts on time next year haha. but i'm with you, i end up adding things to my own list rather than for other people. oops!

  7. I'm with you on wanting to post gift guides early! I often think about the bloggers that do giveaway and they don't even end until right around Christmas or even after, and I'm always thinking "how does that help anyone?" I might have to do gift guides earlier next week. I didn't really plan on doing any this year, but then I thought it would be fun!


  8. Great job with your Christmas shopping and picking out and ordering your cards- I can't wait to see what ones you picked out! I think a big reason people don't share as much about gifts guides too early is because people seem to get really annoyed if Christmas is talked about too early, but I think it makes sense so you can prepare.

  9. I like the idea of a master list.

    The only person I buy for in December is myself. Sometimes my husband. But everyone else is done by Thanksgiving - December is my worst time for work, I can't mess around with holiday stuff too.