What's Up Wednesday: November 2017

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What I'm eating this week...no meal planning this week.  With it being a short week due to the holiday, it's just a bit of a wash for me.  

What I'm reminiscing about...last year's Thanksgiving / Black Friday / Small Saturday shopping.  I am super excited to do it all again this week!

What I'm loving...having all my Christmas decorations up!  I know some people are strict with only decorating after Thanksgiving, but I think doing it ahead of time so as soon as it because the Christmas 'season' you are all set, is the way to go!

What I've been up to...my memory is seriously fading, because I cannot tell you what I did this month off the top of my head, other than last week, which I recapped on Monday.  It is hard to believe we are already to the day before Thanksgiving.  
What I'm dreading...same as last month - how quickly the next month / holiday season is going to go!

What I'm working on...my Christmas list and my Christmas shopping list.  You can see my gift ideas for kids here, and ladies here!  Also, I am guest hosting The Most Wonderful Time of Year link up with Sarah and Victoria on Monday, December 4th, where I will be sharing my own Christmas wish list.   

 photo christmaslinkupgraphic_zpsmmje3vrc.jpg

What I'm excited about...seeing my family for Thanksgiving!

What I'm watching...Fixer Upper started last night!  And of course, all the Hallmark movies.  My DVR space is filling up FAST.  

What I'm reading...Merry & Bright.

What I'm listening to...Christmas music!  I also picked up the new 98 Degrees Christmas CD to listen to while my mom and I do some shopping this weekend.

What I'm wearing...I mentioned my Hunter boots last month, but I feel like they were worth mentioning again, since they were life savers this past weekend.  Saturday was so gross and wet and windy and cold while running out and about with my mom.  We both had our Hunters on (I have the tall, packable ones, and my mom has the short, shiny ones), and while our hair may have been a mess, our feet were nice and dry!  Also, I shared two Thanksgiving outfit options in this post.  I am going with the sweater / plaid / jeans combo, rather than the sweater dress.  Figure it will be much better for getting on the floor and playing with my little nephew!

What I'm doing this weekend...SHOPPING!  Black Friday & Small Business Saturday.  I am ready!

What I'm looking forward to next month...all the Christmas things!  I also have a fun trip planned to Chicago.  It is my very favorite city and it's been awhile since I last was there, so I am pretty excited to be going back.  Even more so to enjoy the holiday cheer there!  

Elf on the Shelf ideas...growing up, we never did Elf on the Shelf.  I am sure my mom would have done some really super cool things with it, though, because she is so creative.  My brother and sister in law picked one up for my nephew, so I am curious to see how it goes with them!

This is it for me this week - I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!  I'll be back on Monday recapping the holiday!


  1. Yes to shopping!! Will you be in town at your parents for the whole weekend? I hope you have a happy Thanksgiving girl!!

  2. That Merry and Bright book looks so good!!! Let me know if you like it! Too bad we didn't live closer to share it haha!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  3. This month went by sooo fast, it's hard to remember anything we did either! We've slowly been putting up a few Christmas things around the house and it makes me so happy. Yay for a trip to Chicago- I haven't been in years, but always say we should take a trip there. That book sounds so festive- I've been finishing up a few holiday books too.

  4. this week was a bit of a mess re: meal planning for us too. it's like, fend for yourself and then eat leftovers after thursday haha. we never did elf on the shelf growing up either, i think it's funny but i am way too lazy to do it with my future kids lol. happy thanksgiving!

  5. YES to decorating for Christmas early!! We put our tree up two weeks ago and I'm loving it. The longer we get to enjoy it, the better. ;)

  6. So many fun things here!! I love my Hunter boots and am SO glad Fixer Upper is back!!!

  7. That first dress - oh my goodness I need it! Hope y'all had a fabulous Thanksgiving!