Thanksgiving Recap

My Thanksgiving 'break' started on Tuesday after work.  For some reason, Monday and Tuesday were both kind of crazy at work, so I was tuckered out come Tuesday evening.  I am pretty sure I snoozed on the couch on and off throughout the night.

Since I slacked off the night before, Wednesday morning was full of packing to go home for the holiday.  I swear, everytime I go home it seems like I am moving in - just so much stuff!  And I somehow always bring back even more with me!  I got in town, ran up to Charmed to try on a sweater (which unfortunately did not look as cute on me as it did the model in the picture!) before enjoying a late lunch with my parents.  I helped my mom cook for the next day and spent the evening working a little bit on Christmas lists.  

On Thanksgiving we headed up north to my grandma's.  We usually are the first people there, but somehow were the last to arrive this time.  It was great to see everyone, although we missed my cousin and her fiance and my uncle the first part of the day.  My grandma has these little decorative eggs that my nephew just loved.  We used to play with them growing up and it was so fun to see how much enjoyment Jack was getting out of them.  No need for fancy toys, just some eggs and a basket to keep him occupied!  We visited and visited some more before enjoying a delicious meal.  My grandma had set out the below picture of my grandpa recently - how handsome is he?!  One of my favorite things to do when we are at my grandma's is look at the old pictures.  I have seen them too many times to count, but always enjoy looking at them each visit.  My uncle had to work, so he missed the meal, but came right at the end and was able to get in on some late dessert.  I took a quick walk around the block with my brother, sister in law and nephew to burn off some of the food we ate, and to allow Jack to burn off some of his sugar high.  We sat around talking before we all dispersed for the evening.  Once we got home, my dad and I braved the crowds and headed out to Wal Mart.  We had a very few small things to pick up, and honestly I was just curious to see what it was like, shopping there on Thanksgiving evening.  I am happy to say that we were probably in and out in about 15 minutes and it wasn't nearly as much of a madhouse as we were expecting.  My mom and I prepared for our Black Friday shopping and then it was time for bed!

We didn't get as early of a start on Black Friday as some other years, but we were at Target shortly after 6:00.  Along with Christmas gifts for others, we also did a little 'Christmas' shopping for ourselves.  We were done at the mall early for us, so headed to Portillo's for lunch to reenergize before making some other stops.  I don't know what it was, but we were seriously dragging after that.  It was one long day, albeit a successful one!  Last year, my dad and I checked out the light parade in my hometown, but instead of having our 'Hallmark moment' as we referred to it, we just enjoyed a Hallmark movie together after my mom and I got home.  Along with some of my favorite pizza - Mario's!  Both my mom and I did some additional online shopping to round out our Black Friday.

Small Business Saturday is another favorite of mine.  Obviously, I really like shopping.  Our first stop was Charmed - it's a local boutique that has the cutest things.  I picked up a super comfy and cozy green sweater, and one of my favorite holiday / winter candles - Frasier Fir.  The downtown area also has a Hallmark, where I found the cutest snowflake wrapping paper.  I love to use theirs since it is such good quality.  And it's usually on sale!  My mom and I came back home to grab my dad and then we headed on to our next stop - The Spotted Owl.  From there, I got these really neat bracelet.  It's a beaded bracelet with two charms.  One is a cross and one is a little pendant that has scripture engraved on it.  I went with 'Love never fails'.  Lunch was Meatheads, a burger place which is super good.  We actually went there last time we were shopping together and it was even better than I remembered.  We shopped some more, then headed to a local brewery, Destihl, for a drink.  If you are local to that area and have not been, you need to go, now.  It's such a neat place, with a really great atmosphere.  The beer is really good, too!  We grabbed drinks and shared a pretzel, which had yummy white cheddar beer cheese to go with it.  My mom and I spent some time crafting when we got home - DIY ornament to come! 

My mom and I got a quick walk in before breakfast on Sunday.  It was COLD!  As warm as the days were, the morning sure was not.  I think it was below freezing when we actually went out.  Brr!  I loaded up my car and headed on back to St. Louis.  Luckily, it was a pretty uneventful drive.  I got home, unloaded and spent the rest of the day trying to catch up from being gone and prepare for the week ahead.  

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  I can't wait to catch up on everyone's blogs since I was a bit MIA last week.

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  1. After mom and I got home Friday, I did some online shopping too--but just for me ha! Love that bracelet that you got! And I can't wait to see what kind of craft you and your mom make--Happy Monday! Here's to us surviving a 5 day week!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. What a wonderful long holiday you had with your family! So awesome that you had a couple extra days off to enjoy all the food and time with your loved ones! xo, Biana-BlovedBoston

  3. Sounds like it was a wonderful holiday weekend with family.

  4. Sounds like such a fun weekend with fam!! I can't wait to see the wreath!

  5. Looks like a wonderful weekend! And your Thanksgiving plate of food looks delicious! Happy Monday!

  6. You guys had the best time!! I love that you and your dad watched a Hallmark movie together... that is just so sweet! And I can't wait to see what you and your mom came up with!! I'm sure it'll be beautiful!

  7. Your Thanksgiving Day plate of food looks so yummy! Is it odd that I'm still craving Thanksgiving food. I never want to overeat, so I feel like I under-eat on Thanksgiving, and then I really enjoy the leftovers for a week!

  8. How fun to go home to spend Thanksgiving with your family and to have an extra long weekend to enjoy it so you don't feel rushed!