Stylish Organizational Supplies for Paperwork & Two Organizing Tips

One of my goals for the past few months (I say few, because it literally took me three months to get it together) was organizing all my paperwork.  Bills, banking information, car paperwork, misc...the list goes on.  I originally had one of those plastic accordion filing containers, but it was just not cutting it anymore.  I had too much paper for it, and it wasn't exactly cute.  Since my space is limited, I wanted something that could be a little more decorative.  That way I could put it on a bookcase, or leave it out somewhere, if I so chose.   I headed to Target and found two super cute products!

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1.  Marbleized Hanging Folders.  I honestly was just going to go with the regular green hanging folders, but Target did not have any in the size I needed.  I found the marbleized folders and decided that even though they were the less 'practical' choice, they were too cute to pass up.

2.  Wooden Filing Box.  I was looking for something more decorative and smaller than a filing cabinet, and this fit the bill.  It looks more like a crate that you would keep blankets in, rather than something for files!  I grabbed it up, and headed home.

With having just organized my papers, I had a few tips that might make your organizing go a bit easier.

Shred folder.  As I was organizing my papers into piles, I had a folder set off to the side for things that I wasn't keeping and needed to be shredded.  Using the folder keeps it from getting mixed in with the other piles, and helps you to remember, oh yea, I did look at that already, and it's not needed.

Categorize.  Instead of having one hanging folder for every single pile, I used plain manila folders, then put the like folders in one hanging folders.  For example, all my utilities are separated into individual manila folders - electric, cable / internet, water / sewer / garbage - but they all are in the same hanging folder labeled 'Utilities'.  It cuts down on the amount of hanging folders you need and keeps things together categorically.

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  1. This is a cute way for filing all of your necessary paperwork! I used one of those plastic accordion filing things for awhile too and you're right, they just don't cut it after awhile.

  2. Holy chic organization!! I love it all, Emily! Those folders!

  3. Those file folders are so cute and I love the idea of a wooden box! Sierra ~ Beautifully Candid

  4. You and Dustin should be married because y'all would be so well organized together and I could admire from a distance haha!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  5. Love this file box! My stuff is in a crate and I have been wanting an upgrade. Thanks for sharing Emily!